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  1. Right off P town. They were there both times I was heading out and back in.
  2. What’s this about climate change ...Never heard of it???
  3. I don’t really care about the tournament or anything just glad they finally did away with the kill part of it.
  4. Whoops. Sorry Tim. On the water is eliminating their kill tournament portion of the Striper Fest. I’m sure most of you got the same email I did from OTW or else I’m sure you smart internet types could find it if need be...
  5. Saw ya out there today. I was in the 20 foot CC with my wife. Some crazy feeds out there today. Gotta love it. Tuna fishing tomorrow. Hope my arms hold up. They are pretty tired right now.
  6. Looks like a schoolie bluefin almost. Would love to have a go at one that size on light gear.
  7. Some absolute monsters out there. Had a beast come at my plug right at the boat as I was just about to take it out of the water. Scared the crap outta me as the noise it made was nuts. He seemed to be stunned a bit after he didn’t get it too. Didn’t take right off right away. I was mad I missed it for a second then realized I would have had my butt kicked by that fish if I had.
  8. Beauty. Nicely done.
  9. That does suck. Of course, watching the show and seeing his “issues” several times a season....not too surprised.
  10. Lovin it. Been spending more time freshwater fishing this year than salt. Once commercial season starts I hardly ever target stripers from the boat. Tuna time is next. Nice fish ratz.
  11. I can’t believe so many are surprised about this. I’ve seen people cast over, at and just as boats pass. Even heard people offering to meet people in the boats at the marina to have a unit measuring contest. People suck.
  12. There’s nothing there right now and I want a beer so you win tonight.
  13. Nice. I’ll take the ride out to get beer in my working travels and keep the walk to the canal right behind my house still though.....