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  1. I can offer 200.00 shipped
  2. just serviced mechanically 10 cosmetically 8 loaded with 30 lb braid 120.00 shipped firm
  3. no name I an very sorry for the delay in getting back to you I have been out of state ( thank you Tim for doing the post ) I was hoping for some used with a price brake ( 10 to 15 ea ) I will need to pass on these please over look any trouble I have caused .
  4. any size or color , thank you
  5. its the steller light model by star rod co
  6. imho ( the only rod I would buy) is a star rod , 7 1/2 ft 3/8 -2 oz very sensitive tip and the lower 2/3 has balls and it dose come in a 2 piece price 79.00 - 124.00 I have lobed 2 lb bunker , thrown up to 4 oz plugs and landed bass up to 52 lb from a boat this is the rod for you ! your welcome
  7. can you please elaborate about the work being done
  8. Thats what I thought , mine have nails . good luck on the cape
  9. willing to pay or trade
  10. Pete , what is that metal bar on the right sticking out ? I have lots but none like yours
  11. I think I have something you'll like paid 175.00 never used should hold 200 or more 18 w 11 d 10 h
  12. I bought these a while back the original , have been nerves about using them / blue fish if someone wants to use these to make copies maybe we can work something out
  13. 14 ft , 2 big storage compartments , seat, carbon fiber paddle , anchor , cart , rudder , this kayak has been in my basement for the past 8 years 600.00 very firm pick up in piscataway nj
  14. any one have one ? saw a new one for 1400.00 with peddles and rudder , 14 ft looks like a grate deal compared to a hobie what do you guys think ?
  15. just finished these two the top one has turquoise inlay