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  1. 7 mins ago, chessie_yaker said:

    And for the record the coroner said he couldn’t breathe because of the massive heart attack he was having with 5x lethal dose of phentanyl in his system :read: 

    Please stop with the facts. Smh

  2. On 6/2/2024 at 8:32 PM, Sandflee said:

    There is a big difference between a pit “mix” and full breed pit 


    what is out there today usually aren’t full pits, they cross bred the **** out of them that they look like British bulldogs, or crossbreed with a mastiff to give them size. 

    back 40years ago a Pitt female was likely 30-40 lbs a male maybe 60 lbs tops

    the standard for the breed has gone out the window, it would be like creating a 200# German shepherd and still claim it’s a German Shepherd 


    now you see 100lb pits that’s BS 

    There's no difference. My rescue pup has a little pitt in her I think. I keep her on a lease or in her crate around people. You're an idiot if you don't take precautions. 

  3. 18 hours ago, HopHead said:

    I simply don't believe your story. And if I remove a genital wart it will be a first and I'll save it in a jar for you. 


    PS....did this mauling with subsequent lifetime disability make the news? Link?

    I see your ignorance and lack of a clue hasn't changed. Please eat a bag of dicks.

  4. 20 hours ago, rosbertos said:

    My folks just told me this afternoon that my cousin who's in his early 40's with three kids who lives outside Atlanta was mauled by his family's pitt mix on Thursday night.  Mangled and broke both hands and arms and punctured his chest, major blood loss.  Gonna have a long road ahead of IV antibiotics and surgeries at best, possible amputation should infection occur and regardless will likely be disabled the rest of his life.  Typical story...dog was a sweetheart until that DNA switch got flipped and it wasn't.

    Exactly. Stories like this are too common. Hope your cousin makes out ok.

  5. On 5/30/2024 at 6:58 AM, Caddyonthebeach said:

    All of my pit bulls must be broken, they have never and would never hurt anyone. Just because you’re a little bitch and scared of dogs doesn’t mean you need to be an **** for no reason. 

    Until it rips out the toddlers throat. :bigeyes:

  6. 7 hours ago, StealthModes said:

    Obviously, she lacks build & strength, so defensively, she could be a liability in the NBA as a 6th man.  The ball is 1" larger for men's - which maybe makes this a moot point in my case, but I still vouch for her shooting prowess.


    College bball is up & down ball(you see full court press at times) - where NBA is a shooter's league.


    But, her shooting is what stands out the most.  And, on a team, for instance, like the Nuggets having Jokie - most teams have to double him often.. and this is actually where Jokie shines.  He makes the next play happen, instead of a lot of big-man centers going to the hoop most often, or pass back out - which is what most centers do due. 


    ^^^A team like the Nuggets, that can pass well, and get her quality shots.. could benefit from her.   Of course, opposing teams would try to put pressure on her, but she can pass & has vision to create the next 2-on-1.  


    Caitlin has ice in her veins.. she could drop those shots right before half or at the end of the game. 


    ^^^Making her an assett on certain teams in the NBA.  She could be a 6th man on some teams.


  7. 2 hours ago, StealthModes said:

    During her ‘23 March Madness run.. you could see she was special, not just by her shot, but her mere focus on the court to push the ball.  Before that - I only knew about her from a couple SportCenter clips that season.


    But watching her.. I said this last March madness - to a couple of my buddies who I consider to know basketball.. she could play in the NBA as a 6th man.


    One friend was quiet, the other buddy kinda agreed, but then told me just as a shooter.

    I’ll say it again - she could be a 6th man for some NBA teams.  And, I guess I’m sexist or that’s what today world would label me as - but I don’t watch the WNBA.  And, Caitlyn last year made me watch her team 3x.. instead of usually only watch the Men’s March Madness.

    She has greatness in her.  I’d rather see her have a try at the NBA.. then the WNBA >>> she’s that good.

    NBA? She's good, but that's utter nonsense. Reign it in there fella.

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