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  1. drc

    Dow 40,000

    Few will appreciate this
  2. If there were more females in the secret service this wouldn't have happened!
  3. The kid looks like little twat. How does he manage to get past all the security? Crazy
  4. I have to say when he pumps his fist and the crowd starts with the USA chant, that's some made for movies chit. Pretty emotional.
  5. Mumbles alotumous.
  6. Take your hemorrhoid issues elsewhere!
  7. My mother has a duffle bag full of them. Wat da fug.
  8. I sent tim a donation for the most awesomest striper site on the web. Seriously, where can you get this kind of content for free!
  9. Please stop with the facts. Smh
  10. Excellent work. Kill those vermin.
  11. Start your own thread Ted. Pfft
  12. Little bastards messing up the front lawn.
  13. No wnba rookies were invited on team USA. I think it makes sense. And eff flyangler!
  14. There's no difference. My rescue pup has a little pitt in her I think. I keep her on a lease or in her crate around people. You're an idiot if you don't take precautions.
  15. I see your ignorance and lack of a clue hasn't changed. Please eat a bag of dicks.
  16. Exactly. Stories like this are too common. Hope your cousin makes out ok.
  17. I canceled my land line last week. Cox is all upset and wants to talk about it. Cox is stupid, not sure how they survive.
  18. They are wonderful family pets and would never hurt anyone. Until they inexplicably bite their owners face off
  19. Yea, that's my concern. Supposedly it's 5g now with good coverage in RI
  20. $115/mo for phone and home internet. And they'll pay off my Verizon phone. Hmmm. What's the catch?
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