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  1. A membership with blm New York. Enjoy.
  2. He's a congressional lifer because of votes from heavily populated welfare counties. Oh well.
  3. Sheldon Whitehouse, woke, Dem rep from RI, in the cross hairs for typical hypocrisy. Why doesn't his all white beach club allow members of color? Uh, well, um, yea but.
  4. Grown men with there panties in a bunch over fishing lures. there's a gazillion plugs that catch fish.
  5. With, NY, RI, and MA releasing drug dealers, rapists, mobsters, etc, etc from prison, I doubt poaching is a high priority for those states. At least DEM and fed authorities are making an effort.
  6. Rioting, burning, looting, violently confronting police...she looses her rights as a peaceful protester. Or is all of that ok now?
  7. Report was she was pushed in the back of the head with the baton, in the middle of a riot, to keep her down. But excellent exaggeration.
  8. Aside from business owners loosing everything and danger to normal residents, I approve. Without the riot squad, imagine the destruction the scummy hoodlums will get away with. Good wake up call for the lib govt.
  9. She's just very unlikable and fake. Hard to take her seriously
  10. Just as embarrassing for the country's VP is that she doesn't have a planned response for that question. How about a cogent response that show's a minimum level of intelligence. She's useless.
  11. I don't think he could explain them because it's gibberish nonsense.
  12. 10s of thousands of Guatemalans support our hospitality and agricultural industry. Kamala promised the northern triangle a wapping 6000 work visas, like that's going to make a difference.
  13. Cost of all goods going up weekly. Go Joe go. Do you pay more taxes when prices go up? Hmmm.
  14. Yup, started with the flip flopping on masks then went herd immunity. First it was 60%, then 70%, it changed weekly. The guy is a politician masquerading as a doctor.
  15. CNN is focusing on his work on AIDS now. Such a wonderful man. What coronavirus.