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  1. I'm considering using an unscrupulous CPA that can advise me on ways to avoid parting with 30+% of what I earn. 30%! Doesn't seem right.
  2. You know you need to make payments on credit cards right?
  3. Took apart my grandfather's. Put it in a uhaul. Removed the wooden stairs going from my garage to my basement to get the slate slab down there and reassembled in the finished room. Its never leaving. I had 5 guys that thing was heavy.
  4. Take this aau talk to the sporteh. I call a foul.
  5. And eff quest450
  6. My bad. Go B's.
  7. Wow. It's like Jr hi all over again here. Dont lookit muh thread.
  8. Explains alot.
  9. Tic tac goal. Bergie is back.
  10. Hey mr quest450. Are you the hall monitor?
  11. Why

    I agree!?
  12. Why

    Saw magic a couple years ago. Never know he had the aids. My kid has his autograph on a basketball with worthy, moses malone, dr j and doc rivers. All but dr j were pretty approachable at a this charity event. Magic was good with the kids.
  13. Timmeh misrembers cappers ban. But it's ok he re-registered as seal cuz he doesn't post kiddy pics sans clothes any more. Now it's bad cops, all day every day. But he's expressing his opinion so lay off. Well done seal. Troll on my man, you've got the boss and some new folks fooled.
  14. Why

    That baby hook still hurts.