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    Grammar and roller blading.
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  1. Do you have any baggage to donate?
  2. If you are defending his mental state your dumbassery is next level.
  3. What did that twat brandel chamblee say about this? And who names their kid brandel?!
  4. Do states in all other countries host pride parades? Have a pride month? Probably not. Latin, black, white, Irish, Italian, English, gay, trans etc. Have a day and enjoy it. Why so difficult.
  5. If your kid falls in this category, other good kids will accept him/her for who they are. Bad kids will always be bad. All this nonsense makes it worse.
  6. Joe: I have 2 questions for two reporters that have been pre selected. I know the questions and I have been given a script to read in response. PBS go. Reporter: Mr President, this question has been previously approved. Bla, bla, bla, bla de bla LGBTQ. Joe: zzzzz, uh yes that's important. I will let our guest from the UK take it from here. I hate my wife.
  7. drc

    The Golf

    For sure. You can make par from the left
  8. drc

    The Golf

    Bunkers! Drivable par 4. You can hit 4 iron off the tee and take your par , or hit the driver. If the wind isn't in your face maybe you've got a putt for eagle
  9. To briefly summarize. Biden can't talk coherently. Press conference is staged. And, whoever is running the country must be a trans, male furry, that identifies as a Ukrainian.
  10. PBS reporter with a pre selected question about the atrocities falling on trans people. He's now reading his response. Friggin embarrassing.
  11. Joint presser with the UK prime minister, Rishi Sunak
  12. I can't tell. Lol. Ukraine. Canadian wildfires. He's now READING the answer to the first question by the press. I think the press guy was drunk too.
  13. It's 2:20pm in the afternoon. He sounds like a drunk person that knows what he wants to say(read), but unfortunately, the words just don't come out the way you want them to. I feel a little bad for the guy. I'd really like to know who is actually running the country.
  14. drc

    The Golf

    10 yards right of our 18th fairway. Weird weather this spring, cold, dry, smokey.
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