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    I don't have any alergies
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    Grammar and roller blading.
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    Wall Street

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  1. Watched last night. He is a funny as hell.
  2. Times 1.5 at least.
  3. At work I had a 25 ish blonde call me a dilf in an elevator . Tough being married with kids.
  4. 57 but I identify as 69.
  5. Went to grand Cayman in March. Holy crap it's expensive there. Had fun but it hurt. If you're looking for something affordable check out the Azores. Great trip and super cheap.
  6. Not admitted or in a cast. First injury in several years. Just hoping he heals up ok. Steel toe shoes probably would have prevented it.
  7. Ha, I hit a usfl bet too. Waiting for the final injury report for the Celtics tonight.
  8. My mechanic crushed his foot today, hoping he's ok. Random accident. Chit happens unfortunately. We called the amberlamps but the cops come down too. I'm expecting OSHA will be next.
  9. But he's never been wrong. That's pretty impressive.
  10. How/why do you merge multiple threads into 2 threads? That makes no sense. Lies!
  11. @TimS is ok with that. Nobody is stealing anything.