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  1. So now they WANT segregation.
  2. the nanobots now control your basement
  3. Will he bring the spoon ?
  4. If you're realistic about the current climate, you know that's never going to happen. But you sound tough though.
  5. Covid and paying people for not working will be front and center till at least the 2022 election.
  6. $600 or $700 a wk to do nothing. Why would any service industry folks work. Drop it by $300 and you'll get some people moving.
  7. That's crazy. My thought with this whole thing is it's a strategy of the left to get businesses to increase hourly wages. I'm sure it won't lead to increased prices.
  8. The fed unemployment add on is killing businesses. If you think it's best to do nothing, you're part of the problem.
  9. It's everywhere. A Marriot in RI has 100 open positions.
  10. Probably tough pulling the rug out without a transition back to normalcy. Seems like a decent idea.
  11. No. They're getting people back to work by offering a one time bonus.
  12. Instead, to get people off the couch, they'll offer a $1200 payment to employees after they complete 4 weeks of work. Hopefully other red states follow suit and get people back to work while businesses continue to die in blue states.
  13. You should Ignore everyone in the pg. Problem solved.
  14. Looks completely normal, old people get smaller. Don't question these photos please.