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  1. Smokin Tuna had pretty good live music each night. Key west pro guide's Capt Anthony is a good guy if you like in shore fishing.
  2. Celts, Pats, and B's all lose. Tough 24 hrs. Now I know how it feels to be a ny fan
  3. We see a lot of families from the naval war college in Portsmouth. Theres some military housing here which is pretty nice, just a little tight. Good schools here. Jamestown is very nice. North Kingstown has good schools too. Don't know much about Narragansett but beach traffic can be tough.
  4. 5k for 69% of the company. That's pretty funny. There's a few laughs in this show.
  5. Beer and bikinis. What could be better.
  6. Rut roh.
  7. Except, most men would be in the nut house. No way I'm surviving in a classroom with 25, 5-10 yr old kids.
  8. Sneaky hot>overly hot.
  9. Know a 25 yr old woman with her masters. Upper middle class school system in RI. Elementary special ed. 56k. Hardly makings of a millionaire, but not bad. I could never do it, the kids would make me insane. I give most teachers credit.
  10. I was up at 2am. I checked it out. l lol'd. Sneaky hot girl too.
  11. Hear it all the time. It was a wonderful family pet, never hurt a fly. Till it inexplicably mauls the baby. Try googling pit bull mauls baby.
  12. My mom had some crap scraped out of her spine to relieve pressure on a nerve. Pretty high level stuff. She's been better aside from some numbness. It's all about the doc. Get a good one. Good luck.
  13. The parents should ride the bus home after having lunch with their kids.
  14. This. Kinda like walking dead. Turning good action TV into endless, mind numbing, senseless dialogue. Get to the fight scene dammit.
  15. Helicopter parenting is the appropriate verbiage I believe. My wife did the room mom thing a couple times a month. But a cafeteria full of parents. No, that's a time for spitting food at friends.