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  1. Regardless of the score the canes goalie should get run over asap.
  2. Below her mouth I concur with mind hunter, ozark, first narcos
  3. Apply as labeled. I suppose its POISON to the weeds it's meant to control. Dont think your organic gardens will feed the world but it's a cute story.
  4. Because you say so. Got it.
  5. No proof of that. It's the most widely used herbicide in agriculture. Better not eat any vegetables.
  6. PSA for college bound kids. I'm always skeptical with too good to be true stuff. But my kid racked up 50k in "micro scholarships" for getting good grades, extracurriculars, community service, sports, etc, while in hs. Have to apply to the school to find out for sure but looks legit. You wonder though if its added to or just becomes part of whatever merit or sports scholarship they'd award anyway. We'll see, it suddenly makes his first choice affordable. Not all schools participate in the program.
  7. Traveling with my daughter a few weeks ago. Walking down the isle looking for a single to sit with. I go past the creepy fat guy but my daughter says, dad how about here. Ok. Turns out he's got a flesh eating rash on his arm and he chooses to wear shot sleeves. My daughter learned a lesson that day.
  8. What's the issue with tall people? They fit in the seat. Can we ban the idiots that bring a stinky ass full pizza on an 8am flight?
  9. Whatever they give you for a colonoscopy. Go with that. Most restful nap I've ever had.
  10. Pain sucks. Losing sleep makes it worse. Since we're opening up, I've been constipated lately for no apparent reason... man talk about uncomfortable. I'd give my left nut for a healthy dump.
  11. You got a shot for your pain then wanted pain killers for the shot you got for your pain.
  12. Placed 1 bet for $100 during ncaa's and won $94. Yawn. It was more interesting watching the strung out degenerates betting on some random soccer game in Afghanistan.
  13. Did that. It's dark now. You must find Chuck attractive?
  14. I miss tim russert. Chuck's comb over and lefty bias sucks. So much for unbiased reporting. Used to be a show where you could get a snap shot of what was going on.