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  1. Capper trolling.
  2. Yea, if they can cause another surge in the virus maybe the govt will extend the $600/wk. Win win.
  3. It's 1:30 pm and there's 1000's gathered it Brooklyn. Does anyone work?
  4. My Portuguese wife does. Shrimp, steamers, hot dog, sausage, whole onion, chorrico, old Bay, crushed red pepper, not sure what else. Calls it a clam boil.
  5. Let me know when you're in RI so I can tell my family to Uber that day.
  6. RI rolled out the national guard on day 2 and shut down the infidels. Yea, probably a little easier job than NY or Philly.
  7. They arrested 65. Most were released this morning. None of it makes sense.
  8. They rolled into Providence, RI last night. Came armed with crow bars and gasoline. Burned and looted. Cops confidently said antifa backed.
  9. 65 arrests in Providence last night. Burning cop cars, looting, etc. Most released on bail this morning.
  10. Halogen headlights? You can piss off the neighbors and cut at night even.
  11. No fish on the ones I've seen guess I gotta move around.
  12. Providence looted last night. Still going on at 5am.
  13. Peeps throwing rocks off overpasses at cars on 195 in MA near New Bedford. That'll ruin your night.
  14. The little old, 90 lb lady getting beat with a 2x4 while trying to protect her little shop was disturbing.
  15. He could loot faster if he pulled his pants up