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  1. Check your wheel wells. had a car that had rusted wheel well and if you drove in heavy rain the tires would throw water into the car. Rear ones. You can use the hose to shoot water up.........
  2. It is a LIS76MLF so rod is 7' 6" Really great rod for a non custom
  3. I have a St croix legend onshore that is 8' i think with a "standard size" butt to reel length handle. I will pull the specs for ya It is an awesome rod for finesse applications like light surf and back bay fishing
  4. My orayers go out to her and you and your family. Stay strong
  5. Saugeendrifter knows his stuff! One thing i would add (and i am by no means a trout troller expert) Big browns are apex predators and they are nocturnal They will readily hit a plug cast to them especially at night. Dont be afraid to get off the troll and cast plugs. I like suspending jerk baits in shallower water or sinking plugs a little deeper.
  6. Use the thin freshwater hooks. Specs have soft mouths so a heavy rod and thick hooks will lead to lost and missed fish. 10lb braid to a 15 lb leader. Number 2 Doulock clip or small Fasttech clip because you are light lures. They sit real shallow at night like 2 feet of water some places Specs are great fun and great eating
  7. FinS and ypur gulp. Go light as you can at night they sit shallow Fresh water rod and reel in ML. I use 7 foot rods you want finesse All my big Specs have come on suspending jerk baits. Twitch and pause
  8. Nope I think the leader is all that matters
  9. Chickens They may eat it
  10. You should post this in the lure making forum
  11. I really like century rods as well. If you can get to one of their demos and test cast a few. I use a 9' slingshot for inlets and such and it is a pure pleasure
  12. As i posted some use the hold the spool method some do not. I have never had any issue breaking off by holding the spool. You can do it with an open or closed bail. No right way or wrong way. What ever works for you just dont cut the damn line
  13. Gotta be a yakker or small boater who wants to troll these between spots? Anyone fish inlets and need to get the plug down?