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  1. Is you are just bay fishing there is a ramp in the back of ocean pines as well
  2. This Lots of places to try at night if you are quiet Maybe you will find weakfish as well. Think pink
  3. Just use live bluegills etc. Bass love em
  4. Winsted commercial dogfish boats in VA. 55 gallon barrels filled with doggies They said that since croaker is scarce thats what they fish for
  5. I like flat black for anything surface or just subsurface. Poppers etc. Bombers are just subsurface 3 feet down or less so rattle can flat black it is. My best fw lure is a flat black sammy style made by Rico
  6. I use 3m 5200 with great results
  7. You are catching fluke in the CC canal? No real trick, just adjust weight for current and get the fly and worm in the seam where the bass are waiting. i like a 4 to 6 foot leader for the fly to get it really flutter with the current Somedays it works great other days so-so
  8. Scooby rig em
  9. Long-lined the cc canal De style before with large flies Good results!
  10. Happy mom day. Good day to remember all she did and does
  11. Big bunch of prayers sent
  12. New De state record
  13. Very cool stuff.
  14. Do not be afraid to go extra large when the bait you see is small. I think that while you see small bait and bass this also means there are other small fish (like weakies, shad etc) also around eating the small stuff. A large profile that imitates a 8 to 10" predator can get the really large bass. Worked slow and over the edges of any structure or depth change area.
  15. VT 11" 1-3 for the beach Century 845 for fresh custom built with longer handle so it cast like a mini surf rod