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  1. Braid will jump the gap like was said above but only if you have a really nice fish on Change the tip and go fishing
  2. Ship them off to Ca. They are great with service there. Do not be afraid to call them as they usually will take care of everything right on the phone for you not a huge automated system or anything weird
  3. Everything has a time and place and it all depends what the bass want to eat. Additionally it's hard to beat the excitement of seeing a nice bass smash a metal lip crawled across the surface. for me anyway part of the excitement of fishing is that rush you get. I am sure that using fresh live bait to catch the most fish but the least challenging way to do it
  4. I have had the same experiance. Caught my largest nj surf bass on one (+ 30lbs)
  5. I add it to my cereal
  6. Dessert beaches and lack of bass dont care what you do
  7. Does this work for the entire wind knot or just the last little bit.
  8. Over under is now?
  9. This
  10. Well not in nj or near the salt but stop in Back to the 80s Bar in Jim Thorpe Pa and we can swap fish stories. Especially from the 1980s lol
  11. I use 10lb braid and vary the leader for most fw applications. Anything smaller in braid is like trying to fish with spiderwebs. But trout in sub freezing 4 or 6 lb mono. Above freezing i just use long floro leader
  12. What species? Lake pond river? Lures or bait?