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  1. Not really. Usually takes a little longer. How are you supplying the water? Muffs? Get it running and if it does not pee after say a minute (play with muffs too as they need to be correctly placed) shut it down. Do not overheat. DO NOT REV ENGINE Be careful using starting fluid as there is no oil
  2. How do you know its not peeing if you cannot get it running?
  3. It is a Tuscon with the rear hatch turned into a pickup. My Tuscon works on sand air down go slow
  4. Thank you you zerostripes and surfdaddy. My son will put them to good use!
  5. Carbon County PA - near Jim Thorpe Willing to pay and pay for shipping
  6. For my 11 yr old son. Need a surf top men's med or small and waders again med size Thanks
  7. Short cast !! Are you gonna be around Tuesday?
  8. I use an Akios LC and it is solid with great drag!
  9. I have caught some of biggest bass from smaller ponds. Big lake does not always equal big bass. I firmly belive that here in SE Pennsylvania the big girl bass in the small pond gets that way by being the only really big predator in that body of water. Usually all the other bass are rather small and are likely on the menu for the queen Catching her is certainly a matter of very off hours fishing with larger baits as she did not get so big by eating the baits the daylight crowd offers
  10. I cannot see how anyone could come up with those numbers or odds. I do not weigh my fish nor do many others. Maybe from tournaments? Or those that keep the fish?
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