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  1. Even if you use a plasic or rubber washer you are gonna have metal to metal contact. I have a 1974 aluminum boat with tons of stainless nuts bolts screws etc. Use in both fresh and salt and the amount of galvantic corrosion is minimal. Anything below waterline has sealant over it usually silicone or 5200. BUT never ever never use steel on anything. That will cut right through your aluminum hull in short time. Even dropping a steel part on the hull will do it
  2. Not really deck material. It is used for trim etc. But it is pvc
  3. Thankfully you used that grip and did not touch it. They are vicious and nasty. Be careful!!!!
  4. Any plug builder can do this for you. I have had some crazy cool paint jobs done by some real artists
  5. I like when i can cast to where th e fish are lol
  6. If you only need to drive one nail you can use a rock. I like to catch lots of fish
  7. Ski racks. If only a few times a year tie them to your roof rack
  8. So people traveled around the world to pick up 2.5lbs of trash each????? The could have picked up more outside the airport terminal
  9. Jetties in NJ Weakfish all summer Parking Never seeing a video of the canal
  10. I did the removable lights and they were a pain. Just get LED lights and you are done
  11. I used azak board sandwiched with sheet aluminum when i redid my transome. i think something like that is a better solution and never rots. Mount inside and seal with 5200
  12. Get LED lights And check all your grounds. 99 percent you have a poor ground some where. Take it off clean with sand paper and try again
  13. Not arguing about lights?
  14. I think it is why we are all on this web site!
  15. Awesome lure. Fw pencil poppin