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  1. This is the begining. Moratorium not far away
  2. Azek board all the way. No painting and no rotting. Ss bolts and screws I redid my tin boat with it used it for decks and everything else
  3. Jointed bomber slow rolled in current. BAM!!!!
  4. New Castle means De River and tribs. If the big D bloodworms are gonna be the way. Look for some of the tribs for action on plugs at night. As anywhere else on the east coast access is always the issue. In that area you may have to try some more "sketchy" spots especially at night. You could also take the ride to the coast and hit the inlets Tight lines
  5. I would use it whenever they are possibly feeding on herring, shad or the like. Early spring type stuff or late fall
  6. Great now i am hungry and deceived
  7. Super G turned me on to those years ago. I second this option. They work awesome
  8. When the earth flods again high plugs will become the new money. I am rich!
  9. Anywhere there is bunker. Fish it like a danny. Slow slow and slower Do not like the 3 sets of hooks but would need to to see how it swims
  10. There are a million topics on here about that reel and Rod. Use thes search feature. That being said do you plan to immerse the Reel in water as part of your fishing technique? If you don't there's plenty of other options out there that might get you a little bit better bang for your buck. I have set ups that i can use in the water and some that i cannot. I think any quality reel will work and tend to put more money in the rod
  11. Got a really nice Brook Trout about 25" fishing for striper in a De tributory on a bomber one spring. Not weird but certainly unexpected in that location. Also got a huge needle fish while casting for football yellowfin of the coast of virgina.
  12. Got my sons decent rods and reels. Did not work put as they always gravitate to my most expensive outfits lol Oh color matters on a rod and reel (and line) to a 6 year old
  13. Yes they are around now
  14. Sorry meant "run" lol. Nothing free here haaaa
  15. We run a 30-foot North Coast with twin inboard diesels really a tank of a boat