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  1. 11 ft rods fit inside my SUV to store if I need to 2005 GMC Yukon. They all ride outside in ski racks or in the cooler rack (only on the beach). But if I leave the truck I can slide them into it no problem for safe keeping
  2. Get some swim baits in trout patterns! I think 90% of stockies do not make it 1 year no matter where they are put. Rubbed off fins and such make them easy prey for everthing
  3. Is that to beat them?? Lol
  4. Chased the shad yesterday and manged around 50 all hickory. Got some interesting by-catch including a 30" walleye a few flathead and a few huge carp
  5. True Will report back if I get around to testing it. I am thinking of a way to rig it so the hoo will swim and still be castable. Might just chin weight it like we do for tuna. If I get that out in a current from an inlet jetty hmmmmm
  6. Related kinda Anyone ever use them for striper? From shore? I often thought if I wired one to a jig head it might work
  7. Female channel to be exact
  8. We cast netted what looked similar to ballyhoo late fall in back bay areas in Deleware years ago. Never got a good ID but they were some species of halfbeak for sure. I think most are caught much further south but I am sure they are present in the Gulfstream off of NJ.
  9. I an gonna try carring a cheap pair of readers for knot tying I do have glasses but only wear them for driving occasionally. This year I am having issues when tying with very fine lines and leaders getting older sucks
  10. Oaks Clairiere (5-1) Derby Hot Rod Charlie go make loot
  11. The brown lens color seems to work better over brown bottom / water like is most fresh water and inshore salt. The blue and Grey I like better for offshore blue water conditions But everyone's eyes are different so whatever works best for you
  12. Thanks I got ideas
  13. Thanks, did not know I guess just stay back ? I just looked at video where they are crushing bass with gators all around so I guess they do not get in the way too much?
  14. Feed it some of your catch and it will likely go away to digest. Wack the fish to stun it and toss it in front of the gator. Works for blue heron in stream lol It is spring so I would watch for any Gator nests and give those a wide berth.
  15. Bump 20.00