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  1. I just picked up this 250 VTR the other day. Bone stock and sitting for about 15 years in a garage. They only made this model for 3 years, so I am gonna go through it and see what happens...
  2. Thanks! It's a good way to get me through the winter, I guess. Even though I weld like Helen Keller......
  3. Ya, I'm working on that part. It's a bit hairy right now - I welded a stop on the shaft and fitted an aluminum release on it. It's kind of a hair trigger setup right now. I've got some small pulleys I'm gonna mount for a cable release, so I can sit in my kitchen and launch squirrels in comfort.
  4. Now that I finished the chopper I've moved on to other things...namely, a squirrel launcher. Still tweaking in my spare time, but when I'm done, I'll post a video.
  5. 96" shovelhead .030" over. S&S heads, big Crane cam. My buddy Rob and I built it at his place in Ontario.
  6. Finally got it fired up. A few little details and then it's off to Mass State Police to have the sled inspected and (hopefully) get a title for it. Gotta get all my receipts together and cross my fingers. Can't wait to move out of Massachusetts and live in America! 20180519_082501.mp4
  7. That is a 21" wheel - 40 spoke. The back wheel (200 tire) is a 60 spoke, so they don't match. I was gonna get a matching front wheel, but the dual flange 60 spoke wheels are around 200-250 bucks...Maybe next year..
  8. Well, it's nearly done! Just waiting on some pushrods and a speedo, which should be here this week. Then it gets a once over before we fire it up.
  9. So - Been working away on this project for awhile now. I'm into final assembly - waiting on paint, deciding if I wanna run blinkers, etc. Lining up the drivetrain has been a bitch, spacers on the rotor, sprockets, and primary, but got it good and straight now. Cam and ignition are in, motor and tranny ready to go and torqued down, gotta finish the coil and key switch and make a chainguard and some other stuff. No wires yet (hate that part) and no oil lines either. Not sure if it's gonna be up and running before the summer ends, but I'm making progress...
  10. I'm guessing he would tell you to get on it. It's what we do......
  11. So, based on popular opinion I used the Superglide tank. The mounts are tacked in and will be finish welded before powder coating. In the meantime, I have been making what I can - including a front seat hinge made from a muffler clamp, some flat stock, some round stock I turned and bored, and a shoulder bolt. I made the muffler (no mufflers!) brackets out of flat stock that I bent the way I wanted, the rear fender mount, and a whole bunch of other stuff, too. Almost ready to take it apart for powder and paint, just gotta test fit a few more things.
  12. If you ride long enough, it's not if, but when it happens....There are lots of nice trikes out there now. Have you considered getting back in the wind? Glad you came through it, though!
  13. Pretty sure it's an old Superglide tank, I've had it forever. The consensus seems to be that everyone likes it better, so I guess I will run that one. Thanks for the input.
  14. I'm kinda leaning that way now. I think I might just weld in a mount for the Sportster tank and that way I can use either one.
  15. Put this tank on for mockup. Pretty sure I am gonna run this one. Have to move the bung for the petcock and make a different mount for the back.