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  1. Sold, PM coming!
  2. I intended it to be "plus shipping" as noted in my initial post, but I did not specify with my updated price. Would you split the shipping and add $10 for USPS priority as I should be able to get it all into a large flat rate box?
  3. Closing to move elsewhere.
  4. No interest? Going to move if no offers by EOD.
  5. It would probably help if I said it's the 8 weight rod.
  6. Haven't put this to as much use as I'd hoped as it has only seen water twice, looking to trade for a Euro nymphing rod. Looking for a 3wt, 10'6" range. Can post photos if needed but comes with original case, etc.
  7. Bump/price drop, how about $200 for the lot? Would like to move them as they're not doing me any good right now.
  8. Not looking to break up the lot, $250 picked up in CT, or will ship for an additional $20. Well over $300 worth of parts. Some used, most new.
  9. Sorry for the cop-out answer, but it really depends on the spot. I find that Jay's heavier needles have more swim to them than the lighter ones, but you can coax swim out of the lighter ones depending how you rig them. They all swim best with a single treble on the belly (usually a 4/0 but a 5/0 works on the bigger ones if you need more depth and 3/0 on the smaller/lighter) and a dressed, hookless flag on the back.
  10. While I have zero intention of ever selling any of mine, you might want to specify which JLH needles you are looking for as he makes several sizes and uses different wood types for different applications.
  11. Yeah, it feels good and will be built as a back-up to keep in my truck with the option to see more use if I like how it fishes. Love my GSB's but it's also fun to change things up from time to time.
  12. I just looked more closely at the tip section and it does have grey & black graphite. Thanks for the help!
  13. It looks like a standard factory ferrule. It might be a tri flex blank as the guy I got it from said he thought that's what it is. Trying to track down specs on that direction now.
  14. Sold, PM coming.
  15. If you're open to other brands, I have this reel. Similar size-wise to my Stradic 5000 and Evict 4000 yet lighter at just 9.9 ounces.