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  1. Could not agree more. Bill is a great guy, who makes great products that work.
  2. + 1 on the Peets, they work great especially on those cold mornings in November nothing like stepping into dry waders
  3. Old school, Honey Lami MB108 3m a great 5 inch redfin rod.
  4. Luke, I was fortunate enough to get your belt on the Buy/Sell/Trade forum here. My question is what is the best way to care for the belt. Is it good practice to hose it down after every outing and hang it up to dry ?
  5. I used a high speed burr to open it
  6. I have had good luck using the Mustad 3407 O'SHAUGHNESSY "j" hook. I like that over the 34007 which is stainless steel (in the event the bass gets away with the bucktail in its mouth at least the 3407 will rust out). I believe a number 1 or number 2 brass sinker eyes will do the trick based on how you "dremel" the mold out. You can also "dremel" out where the hook exits the mold and make it free swinging, I have done that but I feel I lose more fish that way for some reason. I think its all a matter of preference, some guys like free swinging hooks on bucktails.
  7. Hi, I like the Mustad 34184 Long Shank or 34185 Short Shank hooks, in 7/0 or 8/0. I have modified that mold to take those hooks with a Dremel tool. You can as you stated also use a sinker eye and a large "J" hook of your choice but in either case you will need to modify that mold to take the larger hooks
  8. Fred may you rest in peace. My condolences to Golofaro family. The surf fishing world lost an Icon.
  9. I'll take it, I have never bought from SOL, so you take paypal ?
  10. Good plug, I have found them to swim a bit like a metal lip but better casting than a metal lip. I've only used the larger size
  11. Where were you able to find Block Tin?
  12. I bought them back in the 80's
  13. Thanks for the opportunity and I'm in
  14. I believe Warrens Bait and Tackle on the North Fork of Long Island altered the packaging to better fit on his wall
  15. I'm in, Thanks for the opportunity