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  1. You should check over at Marine and Industrial supply they may have what you need . There were a few guys hook fishing macks a few years ago for the sushi market. You may also want to look up Sea Striker mackerel rig that's what we used in the old days, a lot stronger than those sabiki rigs.
  2. Sorry, its closed
  3. I find them to be very fragile and expensive but work great . I use them mostly for small mouth bass but have used the largest size in the Boston harbor area for striper . We don't have all those scup and seabass and robins like your RI river that could rip them to shreds in minutes .I think you could get away with using them early spring
  4. I would stay in Quincy. I fish Plymouth Kingston and Duxbury along with Scituate and the N/S river. Fishing for flounder has sucked for the past 3 years. I haven't caught a limit in two years . I will say the cold springs the last 3 years with lots of rain/clouds and spring Nor'easters and pounding surf never allowed the harbors to heat up properly. Without warm water the worms don't come out of the mud .The excess fresh water sinks to the channel bottom that the fish and worms don't like and the pounding surf and dirty water flowing across the mouth of the harbors is also not inviting to the fish . Lets hope for some sun and wind out of the west this spring
  5. I know the green crab population in the rivers was way down this spring.
  6. saltwater chiggers, yes
  7. Its like little bugs that crawl into your skin and die and cause itchy bumps . it looks and feels like poison ivy.
  8. You need to have a registration to get the permit.
  9. paddle boarder is a good choice for white shark bait?
  10. The only way to get an over voltage is if your battery basically blows up. maybe from a charger that went bad with bad diodes Your fish finder cant draw enough power from the battery to blow itself up either. On a boat its different you have starters and alternators and a power system that's hooked together that can feed back and blow up electronics. Gellfex is correct . If your going to use a fuse holder make sure its a good one and use grease, the added connection points can cause week points in your electrical system and a failure of your fish finder and nav system while at sea I also don't recommend splicing an inline fuse in the fishfinder power wire its thin cheep wire.
  11. Fished from the beach with Mike many times.He is a legend in his own mind.
  12. If you have time on your hands read the manuals on the machines your thinking of buying. My HOOK2 is button happy.
  13. Plenty of those guys up river. I hope he makes it back.
  14. I was on Boomtown a couple of times .I guess I am old.