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  1. Brook trout is a char and has less oil and less fishy taste than salmon but a lot more flavor than white fish like cod
  2. A real demo well used or last years display model? If its in good shape pay the man. I think even in the real used market hobbies only drop about 200 dollars per year from list for the first few years .
  3. I am putting the yak to bed this week and getting my ice fishing gear ready.
  4. I like the 8 1/2 also its just a bit easier in the car ,walking through the brush and finding back cast room. my preference would be the med/fast for those jumping salmon and smallies that like to toss hardware.
  5. In general that would be true. you have to look at line rating and action also.
  6. I have a okuma sst salmon rod rated to 1 once to throw crocks at the chu and throw epoxys for albies. its a fine rod for the money. Just so you know light stealhead rods are often noodle rods and are more designed for drift fishing than casting. You will need a proper review .
  7. The bigger ponds have hold overs for sure but with the high water this year finding a spot to fish might be a problem. How about Morton park ?
  8. This fish finder is strange. There is just to much you can do with the Power button. The button controls on and off and a menu dialog box and power off. 1st click of the on/off button is power up, 2nd short click brings up a menu. When in menu mode the power button activates the backlighting and in three clicks the screen will be totally dark so how do you navigate a black screen? you think you shut it off! When you are in the menu screen the power down button wont work, you must select the power down icon and use the menu enter button .If you want to use the power down key you must back out of the menu screen and hold down the button for a second .
  9. I had to remove the grease and make sure the plug is clean and dry when I plug it in.
  10. Herring fry drop out of the runs this time of year ,just be careful of the species .
  11. Why not fish from the beach on the backside of the bridge?
  12. As far as boats I would still choose a hobie Rev or Outback ,the local dealer is Monahan's and I here nothing but good report about them. My thought was with all the eel grass we have in the harbor it might be a pain for prop boats.
  13. I kayak Plymouth /Duxbury and I don't feel safe at all when fighting a fish with all those dam sharks around!
  14. I have caught a couple in the canal at slack low and one in Hull from the yak. I have not caught any in Plymouth but the place is filling up with rain bait so maybe they will show up.
  15. I catch some but have never been able to target them, just by- catch from flounder fishing.