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  1. Plenty of those guys up river. I hope he makes it back.
  2. I was on Boomtown a couple of times .I guess I am old.
  3. The built in o ring on the connection when greased or wet will act like a bicycle tire pump and not allow air to escape. You want a clean dry connection and you want to push it in slow to let the air escape. Once the o-ring gets worn its not a problem.I had the same problem when I added some dielectric grease to the plug.
  4. Its a totally different fishery . The BSB spawn in Buzzards bay during the spring and most of my fishing is 15 to 30 ft. of water and from a kayak We often use a spro bucktail tipped with gulp or squid and add a dropper above if its slow or go baitless when its fishing is fast .
  5. I think they are repairing a section of seawall around the corner.
  6. Buy a bike, then ride it until you see some one catch a fish .Then run down the hill and cast , This works for most of the guys .
  7. Prolapsed uterus . spawned out, totally normal.
  8. There are salters in both the North and South river. My largest is 19'' and the best one I have ever seen was 22" caught in the rip below the stone bridge in Hanover at this time of year. They don't come into the upper part off the river due to the crappy water quality .They mostly hang mid river and live in the marsh cuts and visit a few cold water streams that seep out of the hillside.
  9. I only use one for tog fishing otherwise it stays in the truck. Like said above anchor goes to a buoy then a quick disconnect to the yak and a knife for safety. Wind ,tide, waves and wakes can make it dangerous!
  10. There has been a lot of problems with the Hook series just so you know I would also say gps is a safety feature and a fishing tool and is worth the cost . I personally could care less about side scan and dsi
  11. They come up the river at sunset with the rising tide and with a good sunny day to warm the water to spawning temps.
  12. Brook trout is a char and has less oil and less fishy taste than salmon but a lot more flavor than white fish like cod
  13. A real demo well used or last years display model? If its in good shape pay the man. I think even in the real used market hobbies only drop about 200 dollars per year from list for the first few years .
  14. I am putting the yak to bed this week and getting my ice fishing gear ready.
  15. I like the 8 1/2 also its just a bit easier in the car ,walking through the brush and finding back cast room. my preference would be the med/fast for those jumping salmon and smallies that like to toss hardware.