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  1. Has anybody run into blues recently on the south side of the cape? Staying in Falmouth for a few days and looking to get into some blues from shore-- worth fishing Menauhant/ Falmouth Heights beach areas? Or should I venture out towards South Cape beach area? Not looking for anybody's secret spot or anything, just general direction. Thanks!
  2. I don't think that is what I'm seeing, but I could be wrong. This bait is much smaller. Maybe juvi sea herring? After some quick googling, they almost looks like a bay anchovy or silversides.
  3. The fish are keyed on some sort of very small bait. Not sure what it is, greenish color, about 2" long. Anybody have any idea? As others have said, the fly rod has worked well for me (white/chartreuse), and on the spin I've had luck with small epoxy jigs-- the type you'd use for alibies, but in an olive color. Anything over 2-3" won't even get a sniff.
  4. Large feeds all across the harbor this morning. some piles were picky, others were not. Plenty of fish caught, but nothing over 25" for us. Flat calm for once as well.
  5. Fished Sunday afternoon during the outgoing. Beautiful October day on on the water. No birds or surface activity of any kind. Managed a handful of small schoolies on jigs over structure, and was bitten off by a decent sized bluefish.
  6. Are you sure the breaking fish were bass? Could be a school of pogies (or other small bait fish)? In my experience, breaking schoolie bass aren't terribly picky. 4" plastics should do the job.
  7. Was bitten off this morning by a blue, so they're around. This was jigging along the channel ledges. Lots of pogies (and lots of boats) out past Deer Island morning but didn't find anything on them.
  8. On island for the next week. Looking mainly for big blues from the surf. Have an SUV and will be getting an over sand permit. Worth getting the Great Point permit too? Or can I find action on the S.Side beaches? Any advice greatly appreciated. Fished here plenty of times so familiar with the island and beaches.
  9. Locks were full of herring about two weeks ago!
  10. Good action last weekend up to 24". Pulled the boat out today. On the way to the ramp I ran into a few schools of high teen/low 20" fish in the inner harbor. Some holding deep on the channel ledges, and then a good sized blitz out in main channel near Spectacle Island. Water was 52 degrees, they're not going to hang around much longer. Good season, caught lots of fish. More little schoolies and less keepers/near keepers than in past few years.
  11. Solid bite this morning, 6am-10am. Fish were mostly pushing small bait- darker color, not sure what they were (maybe peanut bunker?). Lots of 25-27", with a few low 30" mixed in. All on artificials.
  12. Went out Sat AM. Plan was to run up towards Nahant for macs, but fog rolled in an pinned us down pretty good out near the airport. Stayed out of the main channel and found plenty of schoolies both on top water and jigs. Fog lifted and relocated to a spot a bit further out that fishes well at the end of the outgoing-- managed a a couple of 28-32" fish on jigs. The fish we hooked all had a few friends follow them up to the boat.
  13. Hey all-- Usually fish up in Boston Harbor via boat, but going to be spending the next few days shore bound on the south side of the cape with the family--staying in the New Seabury/Maushop area. Figure I'll fish between New Seabury and South Cape Beach mostly. How have the blues been on the south side-- anything of size or just snappers? Any chance at funny fish from shore? Will be able to fish early mornings and evenings, and well after dark for bass (if it is worth it, but guessing water is warm). Worth poking around inside of Waquiot? Happy to swap intel on the Boston bass scene in exchange on some local cape knowledge-- PMs welcome.
  14. Can confirm they are in Boston harbor. Had a few pogies come back this morning missing their back half.