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  1. Not really what I would call close to "the best", but I had a solid morning out there today. Nothing huge by any means, but constant action for the better part of 2 hours and the only boat in sight. Large schoolies and smaller slot fish on every drift.
  2. some absolute monster blues under the pogie schools this evening. got one boat side that had to be 36"+...broke us off as we tried to get it on board. No bass to be found, however. Probably should have switched to a steel leader- and probably should have added a stinger hook to the tail. Lots of half chomped baits coming back to the boat. What's the preferred pogie rig when it is only blues and no bass around?
  3. I was out this morning as well with similar results. No bird action whatsoever in spots that usually produce tons of schoolies this time of year. Was hoping I'd run into some bluefish-- sounds like they've been around the last week or so. Also noticed the return of the pogies. On my way out around sunrise they were very spread out in small schools aimlessly floatings about. When I came back in they were schooled up much larger and showing signs of being harassed. I snagged one and sent him back out but no takers. When I brought the pogie back to the boat there were at least four or five decent sized schoolies following him right back boat side- perhaps what was pushing the school around. Hope some big girls make a showing soon.
  4. Starting to feel more like fall fishing. We went out Friday around noon for a little lunch cruise- ran into some bird activity with stripers 22-27" underneath. They were tough to target up top as they were moving fast, so a diamond jig on the bottom proved most effective. Also hooked into this 15" fluke while jigging for the stripers. A first for me. 70ft of water in the inner-sih harbor.
  5. good stuff, thanks. do you tip your jigs with bait? would that increase hook ups?
  6. Has anybody had recent success targeting black sea bass in Boston Harbor (from a boat)? In the 10 or so years I've been fishing the harbor, I've caught maybe one or two as bye-catch while jigging for stripers near the Gut. Have targeted them a few times in recent years by drifting clams on the bottom through that area with no luck. With the water warming up, I would like to give it a shot again. What type of structure should I target? I see on the charts there are a few areas with "fish havens" (e.g.: west side of Long Island), which I assume are man made reefs of some sort? Preferred bait/technique for them in these waters? Thanks!
  7. Has anybody run into blues recently on the south side of the cape? Staying in Falmouth for a few days and looking to get into some blues from shore-- worth fishing Menauhant/ Falmouth Heights beach areas? Or should I venture out towards South Cape beach area? Not looking for anybody's secret spot or anything, just general direction. Thanks!
  8. I don't think that is what I'm seeing, but I could be wrong. This bait is much smaller. Maybe juvi sea herring? After some quick googling, they almost looks like a bay anchovy or silversides.
  9. The fish are keyed on some sort of very small bait. Not sure what it is, greenish color, about 2" long. Anybody have any idea? As others have said, the fly rod has worked well for me (white/chartreuse), and on the spin I've had luck with small epoxy jigs-- the type you'd use for alibies, but in an olive color. Anything over 2-3" won't even get a sniff.
  10. Large feeds all across the harbor this morning. some piles were picky, others were not. Plenty of fish caught, but nothing over 25" for us. Flat calm for once as well.
  11. Fished Sunday afternoon during the outgoing. Beautiful October day on on the water. No birds or surface activity of any kind. Managed a handful of small schoolies on jigs over structure, and was bitten off by a decent sized bluefish.
  12. Are you sure the breaking fish were bass? Could be a school of pogies (or other small bait fish)? In my experience, breaking schoolie bass aren't terribly picky. 4" plastics should do the job.
  13. Was bitten off this morning by a blue, so they're around. This was jigging along the channel ledges. Lots of pogies (and lots of boats) out past Deer Island morning but didn't find anything on them.
  14. On island for the next week. Looking mainly for big blues from the surf. Have an SUV and will be getting an over sand permit. Worth getting the Great Point permit too? Or can I find action on the S.Side beaches? Any advice greatly appreciated. Fished here plenty of times so familiar with the island and beaches.