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  1. anyone do it i just tried it with a couple white cedar plugs i used devcon 30 minute and it soaked into the cedar like a sponge. two thin coats should be like armor plateing. anyone else seal plugs like this, is there any reason i shouldnt do it this way? pro's con's
  2. 6 rod rack with fold down cooler rack. 2 available trade Go pro, 9 wt fly reel, or avet. open to others let me know what you got. cash option 200$
  3. It came off of a ram 1500 there was two female square tubes welded/bolted in place and it fits on the truck just like a trailer hitch. So all you would need is the female parts.
  4. one gone second one still available trades only. avet reel, deep water fluke setup, let me know what you got.. second one same as pictured but with all the male side receiver parts attached as installed by the shop across from betty and nicks.
  5. Raingutter mount 66" round crossbars 100$ obo trades welcome
  7. Negative you need the Yakima Q towers
  8. From the album Yakima roof rack

  9. [img=]
  10. been in the business since 15 years old. commercial, party, charter, inshore, offshore, on land guiding, Fresh and Salt Fly. moving to Port Richey area. putting some feelers out for work in the area. if anyone is looking for a deck hand, mate, guide in that area let me know. Rory
  11. Thanks for the advice guys.
  12. Starting out in new port Richey. Then branching out from there. Finding some work is key to me heading down. I will keep destin in mind when I get down there. Thanks
  13. 360 tied couple steps pushing material back each step, comb out and scissors to shape.
  14. Merry Christmas!
  15. i could see that being a good idea on a fixed head vice tying fancy pretty salmon flies. but on a rotary vice for just about any saltwater pattern i couldnt see it being necessary.
  16. i seen this stuff at the store the other day looks and feels like leader material to me it has a matte white finish. come home to research it a bit Ande's site describes it as a value priced line and not much else. other sites are raving that its better than fluorocarbon completely invisible in the water with superior knot strength and abrasion resistance. anyone have experience with this stuff?
  17. That's exactly what I was thinking but the reviews are weird the company says nothing about what the other retailers are claiming lol
  18. Neither I was looking for a couple rig tying spools. I fish braid on everything. It just piqued my interest hearing others compare it to flouro and at that cheap price. but it does seem just to be a budget mono. Thought I might have been missing out on something..
  19. anyone order from them yet? im looking to replace my okuma integritys that have lived up to their disposable status. which model have/would you purchase? looking to replace two 9 weights and a 10. thanks for any input..
  20. i have a 4 paired with my loomis 12/13 GL3 it balances the rod awesomely. its built like a tank its a bit heavy so its definately not an all day caster. but this combo is set up for tuna so the weight isn't that much of an issue. might try this setup with some giant tarpon soon..
  21. Thanks for chiming in. Which would you recommend for a match to my TFO 909 surf and jetty setup for striped bass albicore and blues? Also do you have any pictures of the reels mounted to their appropriate sized rods. For a size reference?
  22. hmm? did you come across any reviews of the reels? i think im leaning towards the overdrive. sure looks pretty, sealed drag, and looks like it weighs nothing.