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  1. Some good ideas here, thanks fellas. Stuffed peppers - can't believe I never thought of that one, that's great. Banh mi looks like a nice way to add some variety to sandwiches, will try. Although I make a boatload of burritos and quesadillas and so on, never tried freezing 'em and thanks for that suggestion, that would be handy especially as kids get older and can serve themselves. One favorite I forgot about, making today, sub for ham in split pea soup.
  2. I smoke a TON of pork shoulders. Separate into family-size portions, vacuum seal and stuff into the chest freezer. It's a great way to have quick and easy meat portions on hand for a very busy and hungry family with three kids. BUT, I'm starting to get a little stale on things to do with it, and need some fresh ideas. Highest and best use is a simple sandwich - pork, sautéed onions, pickles and mayo (or your choice BBQ sauce) on a cheap hamburger roll. In a hash with fried potatoes, onions, is a weekend breakfast staple. Vaguely Asian style brothy noodle soups are excellent. Hearty stews / shepherds' pie / meat and potatoes dishes. As the meat in anything vaguely tex-mex (tacos, burritos, nachos). Pizza I should do more. Not hits in my house: Italian style / tomato based pasta sauce. Much rather do a ground sausage or rib ragu. For some reason the BBQ textures don't work in pasta sauce. Need that low braise I guess. Mac and cheese. Whether made from 'scratch' or dumped in the Kraft, my kids don't like the combo of texture, or just don't like me messing with the M&C Anyway, who's got some new ideas for me?
  3. I also used to buy bulk spices at a specialty middle eastern shop, toast and grind and all that. But with a very busy family life at the moment I've been relying on what's in the supermarket. They occasionally blow-out the McCormick's spice blends (usually called "perfect pinch") on a two for one. I'm not huge on the Montreal Steak or Chicken or other "BBQ" rubs/blends, but the ones I grab and use on the regular are: Lemon pepper. This is the best one, I use it on ribs all the time. Asian blend. This is good on ribs (and in a pulled pork and noodle soup). Roasted garlic and red pepper. Cajun blend.
  4. Will not be down for pancakes. Quaker Oats said Tuesday that its Aunt Jemima brand pancake mix and syrup will be renamed Pearl Milling Company. Aunt Jemima products will continue to be sold until June, when the packaging will officially change over. Quaker Oats, a division of PepsiCo Inc., had announced last June that it would retire the Aunt Jemima brand, saying the character’s origins are “based on a racial stereotype.” The smiling Aunt Jemima logo was inspired by the 19th century “mammy” minstrel character, a Black woman content to serve her white masters. A former slave, Nancy Green, became the first face of the pancake products in 1890.
  5. I'll take these, thanks.
  6. If available for 38 PP I'll take them, thanks. PM me PP address.
  7. Sounds good, thanks. PM me PP address. Thanks.
  8. I'd like to offer 100 bucks even for these 5 RM plugs, immediate PP. Bunker Large Waverer Yellow Striper Floating Needle Yellow Mini Back Bay Popper Weakfish Mini Back Bay Popper Bunker Loaded Jigsmith Thanks for your consideration. Edit: plus shipping / PP fees.
  9. I had a perimeter breach over the summer (since located and repaired) and the cat couldn't keep up. Wife demanded action so there were some killings. One of which was obviously nursing. Came home the next day to about three to four little half blind buggers dragging themselves across the driveway in search of food. Heartbreaking in a way. Neighborhood cats put them out of their misery quickly though.
  10. They get mugged after walking in.
  11. You bet, thanks. PM me PP address.
  12. Could you do 30 shipped? Lost an RM floating to a premature bail snap the other night, and was catching nice on it. Having said that, just pulled the snow covered rods off the vehicle, probably not too many nights left for me. Thanks.
  13. I’ll grab that Canyon bag. PM me PP address and I’ll settle up tomorrow. Thanks.
  14. How bout toss these in with the needles I bought? I’ll settle up tomorrow if that works.
  15. I'll take this, thanks. PM me PP addy.