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  1. I’ll take the silver scale. Send me your PayPal info please.
  2. I'll take the Bunker colored one thanks. Let me know where to send the paypal. Thanks.
  3. SOLD!
  4. That works for me. Pm Sent with paypal info and please send me your shipping address.
  5. It is, thank you!
  6. I do not have the box and it didn't come with a pouch however I can probably come up with a neoprene pouch to ship it in.
  7. Looking to sell like new Lamson Speedster 4HD. The reel was bought for a steelhead trip I went on last fall and only used once. It is spotless, comes with backing and a Rio 8wt spey line. Looking for a quick sale and asking $225. Thanks.
  8. Rod has sold. Speedster still available at $250.
  9. To answer a few more questions, I will separate and sell the reel alone. Asking price for just the reel would be $250. It's a Lamson Speedster 4HD.
  10. It's the 4.
  11. I believe it's the 4. I'll confirm when I get home.
  12. I will typically scale down to 4# leaders when steelhead fishing, which are typically a lot larger then most trout. When doing so we're typically running rods that are 11'-13' long which help a lot when playing large fish on light line.
  13. No problem.
  14. Yes, it is. It's very rare to catch a fish up there without some sort of a lamprey scar. Last spring when we were up there fishing there was a bunch of Canadian Fisheries people staying at our hotel and they were poisoning the lampreys in all of the creeks when they were spawning.
  15. I thought I've been pretty clear that the tip condition as well as the entire rod & reel is in brand new condition. I'm not trying to be difficult but I'm not sure what else you want me to say about it. It's spotless. I bought it for a steelhead trip I went on last November and used it one time. Long enough to realize I'm not into spey fishing and I went out and bought a centerpin combo and never looked back. The rod has sat in my garage since. I'm not sure what the "tip action" is as there isn't any action listed on the rod. I looked it up and found this, Many of the longer spey rods have a soft or traditional action. It's and 8wt, 4-piece and there is a rod sock included.