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  1. People started worrying about the decline of the fisheries back in the late 1800's. Interesting reading... United States Commission of Fish and Fisheries Annual Reports 1871-1903 In 1871, the U.S. Congress empaneled and funded a federal Commission of Fish and Fisheries, (commonly known as the United States Fish Commission) directing it to investigate: " the causes of decrease in the supply of useful food-fishes of the United States, and of the various factors entering into the problem; and (2) " the determination and employment of such active measures as may seem best calculated to stock or restock the waters of the rivers, lakes and the sea." For the next thirty years, the Commission deployed its research vessels on the nation's rivers, lakes and oceans, trained fishery agents to document the catches landed in American and Canadian fishing ports, actively corresponded with scientists, fisherman and naturalists around the world, set up large scale salmon hatcheries in New England and the Pacific Northwest, used a floating hatchery to replenish shad in East Coast rivers and considered the effect on fish and other marine life of the new petroleum pollution.
  2. Goldenrod visitors, Locust Borer and a lunch date?
  3. Lets's try this. You ever experience the "salt air" at the the beach putting a fine coating of salt on your car, glasses, etc? Salt is a solid, but it dissolves in water making a salt water solution. The crashing waves disperse droplets of salt water into the air. The smallest of these droplets are further dispersed by the wind depositing fine salt mist on you, your car or whatever.
  4. There aren't many compounds that I can think of that can exist as a liquid and a solid at a fixed temperature and pressure. I would guess that the "liquid" carfentanil would be an aqueous solution of one of the carfentanil salts such as carfentanil citrate. The carfentanil free base has an estimated solubility of only 4.21 mg/L at 25°C. Injectable "liquid' heroin is usually the hydrochloride salt form of heroin dissolved in water.
  5. Just here to clear up some erroneous info on the physical properties of CARFENTANIL. From the World Heath Organization ( "F. Physical properties Carfentanil is a white granular or crystalline powder. As analytical reference material, it is a pale yellow solid that is soluble in chloroform (CHCl3), dichloromethane (DCM), and ethyl acetate. “Due to its similarity to fentanyl, the free base is expected to be sparingly soluble in water. The hydrochloride and citrate salts are expected to have greater aqueous solubility” (EMCDDA-Europol Joint Report, 2017). G. WHO review history Carfentanil has not been previously pre-reviewed or critically reviewed. A direct critical review is proposed based on information brought to WHO’s attention that carfentanil is clandestinely manufactured, of especially serious risk to public health and society, and of no recognized therapeutic use by any party." So, being a solid it would be expected to have a low vapor pressure, which is does. Here are some other vapor pressures of common materials for comparison. carfentanil; 2.3 x 10 -10 mm Hg at 25°C Caffiene; ~2.0 x 10 -6 mm Hg at 25°C water; 23.8 mm Hg at 25°C para-dichlorobenzene (moth ball ingredient); 1.3 mm Hg at 20°C
  6. Got this guy a few days ago. I wonder what got him, turtle? Whatever it was it was a while ago as he was all healed up.
  7. Congrats, one heck of a trout! What did he/she eat?
  8. PS walleye (personal smallest) at 8"
  9. I had an old Daiwa Advantage 4000. I took the bearing from that line roller (with the 2 tiny washers that went on either side of the bearing) and used it to replaced the bushing that was under the roller on the BG. I set aside the gold washer/bushing support that was in the BG and put the screw right through the bearing. The screws from the 2 reels were actually identical! The roller in this setup has a bit more play than either reel had, but I'm going to give a try and see how it works.
  10. 1st fish of 2018!! 21.5" Had to get out and with the river at ~36°F, I wasn't expecting much
  11. Sounds like the backup anti reverse pawl is engaged full time. I believe there is a spring or wire that is suppose to keep it from engaging until the reel spins backwards.