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  1. I can’t really advice on what charter as I only did 1.5 once last summer and was not happy w the crew. Next year I will try the New Lo Ann. If you will do 1.5 I think your gear is good enough as your nomad got two tips? If not livebaits I used salas 6x jr and did good. I saw someone did good on swimbaits ( I will carry a bunch next year) We used hooks 1&1/0 circle hooks for sardines our only bait, carry diff size for bait size. Im sure someone w more experience can chime in.
  2. replace it.
  3. Looks good, looking for the 5000 or 6000 for surf, maybe when summer comes it won't be hard to get.
  4. I am going to get the striker 4dv. Paid extra but I think it's worth it (downvü) Been watching vids how to read it as so many said the manual is little help for newbs. $179
  5. For skiff, ugly stick tiger lite. Check their website usually on sale. I got two for my kayak
  6. 1 Large pls - Zip Hoodie. Ty
  7. That perch is something!
  8. Welcome. Nice fish!
  9. I second this. Zip for easy on and off. Count me in.
  10. Following this thread as I intend to do the same as OP.
  11. Nice fish Inugasuki8!
  12. I was not happy with my samurai braid. I am using suffix braid now, 30# can cast my sp far far away. @70# that way overkill IMO.
  13. Just fish if you have time Jerry. Also welcome to SOL! Lots of guys fish early morning and late evening with a lot of success. Bigger fish too! But I always fish daytime and this year has been good for me - just not as big fish, as those guys caught after the sun have set.
  14. Rooky and I were there wednesday. It was windy but I still can cast my sp. I can't believe how good sp minnows are casting into the wind. I use powebait pumpkin seed 3" for grubbing using carolina rig. But what an experience to see rooky hook up on the first cast right in front of me about :D10ft away. Aggressive hit!