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  1. I'll do $35 too.
  2. I have a couple too
  3. It does have a very sloped chin. I thought someone had told me that is what made it rare. Does that make sound right?
  4. Great, PM sent! Thanks
  5. Nothing used.
  6. I have 3 BM Jrs I could do for $30 each plus $7 shipping PP.
  7. The top is 2.7oz and the bottom is 1.7oz. I also have signed Mussos....
  8. $45 PP with shipping
  9. They are new and never fished. I have a lot in them but I could do $85 each.
  10. I believe the plug below is rare. I can't keep my plugs straight and I forget why. Maybe the slope chin? Can someone please tell me about it?
  11. Let me know...the pencil is a rattler
  12. Would these work?
  13. Would you be interested in these?
  14. Sold to MorningWood per boot foot wader thread. Thanks!
  15. Ok, you got em. Sold to Morning Wood. Thread closed. Thanks!