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  1. $4.50
  2. I found this plug at an antique tool shop in Maine. I figured I'd post a pic to see if I got swindled...
  3. I run a farm in southern Maine. A week or 10 days ago this plane appeared just above the tree line over one of my larger fields (20ish acres). It was low, low enough that I instantly shut down my tractor to observe to see if he was in trouble. The thing looked cool and sounded old, definetly not a smooth engine sound (kind of popping and farting). The pilot veered my way and passed what seemed just a few hundred feet over my head. I gave a big wave and he steered off north....So sad
  4. I was hoping to get them for this fall run but am happy he is still making them. Thanks for the responses
  5. I ordered some plugs off their website over 2 weeks ago and haven't seen them or received any type of order confirmation. I have filled our their online form for questions and have emailed about the plugs with no response. I know we are all spoiled by today's quick ship options so I am trying to be patient but I'm concerned that I am getting no response to emails. Is he still in business?
  6. One year we caught schoolies into November. Keep fishing
  7. Crabba's post inspired me to give a recap of our 2019 fishing trip... A handful of years ago I turned Crabba on to chasing linesiders and he (like myself) became obsessed. So the last few years we have tried to take a fishing mancation somewhere. This year we were fortunate enough to get a camping site on an island off the coast of Southern Maine. We planned this trip for 6 months and of course Dorian tried to throw a wrench in it. We weren't deterred and somehow managed to scrounge up enough courage to take Crabbas 14' aluminum boat out into the bay. Just in time to get caught in some monster sea swells (soooooo dumb). With soiled shorts we landed on the island and set up camp. Friday and Saturday were rough and windy with times where it was down right unfishable. Sunday the wind and seas laid down and we got into them pretty good. Including one analy hooked fish. At the end of the weekend we had managed a couple dozen fish a piece with the largest ones being around 36". All fish were caught in fast moving white water. Nothing like making life long memories with a good friend
  8. Oh man ass hooked, that stinks
  9. Your comments this year are hitting home with me. You and I fish the same general area and I am coming up with the same results. I think I have caught 3 keepers all year and not one in my normal spots
  10. The mouth of the Chesapeake loads up right around Christmas. My father and I used to do well every year the day after Christmas
  11. Probably have better luck posting this in the plugs wanted forum or the main forum. Good luck!
  12. A handful of years ago when I worked as a stern man on a tuna boat I reeled in a good sized seal... I was woken by the captain in his usual way (my favorite way to be awoken) "wake up kid were on". I slumbered to the deck, pulling my grundens up from around my ankles and got in my position behind the rod. I instantly knew something felt off, no head shakes, no diving for the bottom. After an extremely short fight a seal pops up beside the boat wailing with a 10/0 stuck in his face. Without hesitation the captain reaches over grabs his gaff slides it down the line and turns the hook right out releasing the seal.
  13. I bought a pair of soft science this year and really like them. They are light, super comfortable and cheap. My only complaint is that the sole won't hold a screw (they're too soft). Boot foot waders never held my heel well enough for long walks or climbing around rocks..
  14. My money goes into my reels. I have broken too many rods