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  1. I have a few of those but don’t know who made them. I fished and caught on one this season but the plug broke apart on the first fish…
  2. I buy pretty much everything from Johnnys and High Mowing. I’m a commercial organic veg farmer and have had great service with both of these companies.
  3. They are fairly expensive but I’ve had really good luck with Rebelski the last couple of years. They produced late in to the fall this year.
  4. I pretty much always run 125’s on rods I throw wood on. If I need to get a smaller plug on I’ll put a 75 on that plugs eyelet then attach the 125 to the 75
  5. Spade fish. Delicious…
  6. He refunded my money shortly after I wrote the post about him hanging it up. He always seemed to respond to text messages, sometimes it would take a couple days. Good luck, I believe he is a decent man and will get you squared away
  7. At least he has a life jacket on
  8. My melons are struggling this year. I saw your pictures and was jealous of how clean your plants look. The plants from my first planting 5/21 were surpassed in size by my 6/1 planting. Striped cucumber beetles have been ferocious this year. I also have a staggered fruit set, some fruit the size of softballs some the size of racket balls. I have been hesitant to recommend pesticide regiments because I’m not sure which pesticides are considered “commercial”. My method for tomato fungal diseases is to alternate sprays of copper (badge x2) and oxidate. This seems to hold the worst of it at bay. This is also a good time to spray BT for horn worm.
  9. Yes exactly. You caught me in here harvesting so I’m able to snap a pic. I’m super short in labor this year so my 15 year old daughter has mostly been tending this house
  10. We’ve been harvesting cherry tomatoes for 2 weeks and full size for about a week. All in greenhouses
  11. I’ll take the one with the handle lock. That’ll leave one if Mr. Hobobob wants it. I’ll send you a message. Thank you
  12. How many do you have? I’d definitely take one maybe 2. PayPal okay?
  13. I get all my glasses through goggles 4 u now. Super cheap like $10 a pair and have had nothing but a good experiences with them . Probably have purchased from them at least 6 times
  14. I called him