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  1. If I was unfamiliar with bait in an area I would throw a sabiki rig tipped with a diamond jig. It’ll catch about anything
  2. I think the Amazon “dark lightning” waders have decent reviews and are in your price range. I have no personal experience with them
  3. I have always done well on trout with Panther Martin spinners
  4. I thought Lemire’s too but the lack of flair at the tail threw me off
  5. I went through this same decision a few years back. I test drive both vehicles twice. I felt they were a fairly similar ride with the Tacoma being a bit quieter and smoother. The Nissan was 10k cheaper off the dealer floor and after checking used prices on blue book the used Toyota’s sell for little more than the nissans. I ultimately chose Nissan and have been happy with it
  6. I’ll take these. Does PayPal work?
  7. I meant outgoing tide not incoming.... my latest fish in Maine is 11/6
  8. Did really well yesterday during the incoming just south of Portland. 20ish fish from 12 to 34”. They’re definitely still around
  9. Keep an eye on the big auction site. There is a guy on there that often sells st croix tops. I fish that same rod in the 8’6 version and bought an extra top from him not long ago
  10. Can you install a small washer under the screw head to essentially shorten your screw shank if it is bottoming out?
  11. I personally love the versatility of the sluggo. I carry them rigged several ways. I like to fish them unweighted with a screw in type hook. I find the screw type hooks allow the unweighted bait to swim more “true”. I will slow roll it with the occasional hard twitch,twitch, twitch. After the bait gets beat up and the screw gets ripped out you can cut off the first 1/2”and install a jig head. It doesn’t hurt to install a glass rattle in to tail as well. I wish zman would start making some large black baits
  12. A handful of years ago Cabelas had 9’ tsunami five star rods for sale for $20. I grabbed a bunch and have paired them with some of the older 4500 or 5500 Penns I have come across. It makes a great combo to let a newbie friend use. And if they take a liking to the sport I’ll give it to them
  13. I’d take the lemire
  14. I remember being that guy and getting a hand.... Quite a few years back I walked over the sand dune at a southern Maine beach to find surf fisherman lined up along the beach cast to a school of chopper blues (10 to 15lbers). I rush down and find a spot in line and start trying to cast out to the bar where the fish are holding. I throw everything in my bag and can’t even get half the distance to the fish. Some nice old timer beside me sees my struggle, comes over and hands me a steel leader and a cast master and tells me to have a ball... boy did I! I was always grateful for that and will never forget it.