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  1. I could offer $500 money order for the reel. DT
  2. You will not fit 500 yds of jb and 100yd of 80lb momoi. I have the same reel and i was able to fit 400 to 450 yds of 100lb jb and 50 yds of 80lb momoi.
  3. The reel is fairly new so i don't know how the reel will perform when you dunk them in the sand or saltwater . A large number of fisherman used these type of reel in the UK for carp fishing and distance casting. They are fairly durable and they seem to pull in 20 to 50 pounds carp without any problem. The "SW" designation, i think that Shimano used the logo as a general recommendation for the angler to utilize the reel in saltwater fishing application. The reel is build for the surf so a little splash of saltwater will be not harm the reel, but submerging the reel in the surf i wouldn't recommend that you do that too often. DT
  4. The reel is back up for sales the deal fell through. DT
  5. Ok reel sold to surf assassin. DT
  6. No the knob is an extra 30$. The upgraded knob is a big improvement on the reel. DT
  7. The reel comes with an extra spool in the box. I used an 11' rod with this reel and this combo seem to do very well. As for the reel it's brand new no scratch on the reel . DT
  8. Opening this thread back up for one last time. The reel is still available for sales if you are still interested. I live in North Arlington NJ. DT
  9. Closed Thread due to lack of Interest
  10. It a Jigging World Votex EVA Power Knob
  11. Reduce Price: Reel: $900 (line will not be included with the reel)pickup/$920 shipped/ PP please add 3% Rod: $280 pickup/ $300 shipped/PP please add 3%.
  12. Reduce Price : $600 pickup/$615 shipped/PP please add 3%. (the knob in the picture is not included if you want the knob please add an additional $30)
  13. For the reel $1000 pickup if you want it shipped is $1020. If you are paying via PAYPAL please add the 3% to the total.
  14. I have brand new Stella 20000 SW and a St Croix Legend Salt LSWS80HM for sales. This set up is perfect for tuna casting and popping. I'm asking $1000 (line will not be included with the reel)pickup/$1020 shipped/ PP please add 3%. For the rod I'm asking $300 pickup/ $325 shipped/PP please add 3%. DT