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  1. What condition are your reels in? I have a used very little, excellent shape Inshore with the box.
  2. The 805 does not have a bathroom but is about 400 lbs. less weight.
  3. Lance 825 or a older 805 if you can find one.
  4. I will take the Shimano. Shipping to 28328.
  5. Have bought many reels from Tom, you will get just what he describes or better.
  6. Sorry,I thought it was a 6500 but it is a 6000.
  7. Been gone for a week and just saw this post. Still interested in a 6500?
  8. I will take the kershaw. PM your address
  9. Mike, I have a 5600C4 MAG in very, very good condition. I also have 3 4600 non-MAG in very good condition. How about a 6600D6?
  10. There are 2 in the NC Craigslist section.
  11. Sorry it was a 5600.
  12. I will try to get one shortly.
  13. ]Sorry it took so long to get back,I have a near mint AG 6600 in the burnt orange color, I can get a pic if needed.