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  1. the vagina also rises, once upon a vagina in america, the vagina of the lambs, 8 heads in a vagina bag, vagina: the movie . .
  2. all service work that requires the power company to come and retie their feeds to your new service drop requires a licensed electrician. paperwork is required and is usually very thorough. as far as inspection i believe you can do all the work yourself and you would just need a licensed electrician to make a call to the inspector. let me tell you that even for a licensed electrician these people are notoriously hard to contact. i think there is a half hour window to even call them each morning. and good luck if your not an electrician. is this out on the island?
  3. when a guy signs off on a job, his license is on the line. you burn your house down they will come after him. most guys wont take a risk like that at all, especially if the ones in question aren't electricians, and the ones who are willing to let you use their license want enough cash to offset the worry.
  4. eff van hagar. give me anything roth before that jump! crap.
  5. 2 pages and not a mention that he was from the peninsula. you guys are slipping . . .
  6. all of kevin bacons characters are from philly. even when they're not.
  7. its a terrible attempt at a nyc accent.
  8. i've been to new hampshire . . . . bring your lady
  9. my 50" samsung pos plasma just **** the bed after only 2 years so we replaced it with a panasonic 50" plasma. half the price. those samsungs have power board problems and i believe there is a class action suit against them for some of their plasmas.
  10. we dive at five could be where you got the sinus infection in the first place. perhaps you should forego the vinegar and go straight to doing lines of monistat.
  11. mix 2 tblsp of ac vinegar with 8 oz water. some use hot water, some add honey for taste. drink it once every hour. try not to think about feminine hygiene while drinking it.