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  1. you'd be better off splitting the top lot . 2 darters....2 pichneys...gibbs and the home made spofford missile on the bottom. the second lot as one....look through the for sale forum here..should give you an idea as to asking prices.
  2. we wish you well in your recovery.....and any pictures of plugs would be grateful but don't rush need of getting hurt climbing those stairs.
  3. there was a man in our fishing club who's son work for nasa machining all kinds of parts for rockets...all these parts needed to be cleaned before sent on their way....the man told me they used nothing but "hot" simple green so as not to damage anything...the man would send his son all his reels to be cleaned,,,they always came back like new....point simple green ate the grease..oil..corrosion....but never touched the paint..plastic or washers.....I picked up an ultrasonic years ago and tried the "hot" simple green watered down and threw in an old pen 704 to try it out.....the reel came out clean as a whistle with no harm to the metal..paint or plastic....all the corrosion was gone. I use to clean my airbrushes as well.
  4. Thanks for posting this true life's these stories that add to the history of Danny that you may never hear otherwise...I'm a huge fan/collector of his plugs...just something about them that stands above all the rest of the builders.
  5. I believe 5.....largest being 7.25"
  6. Capt'n bills
  7. note of young builders signatures are crisp..clear...clean....steady age creeps in hands get shaky...eyes arn't as focused...signatures unless you have seen many of one persons autograph through'd be very difficult to say yay or nay.
  8. Pichney.......he didn't scratch/sand all the lips he made or hasn't been rewired....
  9. lip..tail wrap..finish...pichney
  10. small mac..first generation other is second generation.....note the eyes
  11. got it from my grampa ..his nickname was " horrible horace"
  12. little sloped head ?...looked like a jointed atom in the bad....sorry...mine has the smallest slope near the head is that a full round on that one?
  13. 1" dia. 2.10 oz.
  14. most don't get that... :]