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  1. guess you boy's are fair weather be care full out there amongst those white boating.
  2. my 79- 23 had no stringers...only a solid platform on each side,glass only, no wood.. filled with hard foam.. and a void up the center for the gas tank...all factory done.. looked exactly like your bottom pic...
  3. IMO you won't find a better hull on the water....4' white caps are like nothing..slices and dices smooth as silk...well worth any time it takes to restore one...which brings me to the next question....are you looking for a fishing boat or a sunday go to meeting boat that you just want to joy ride in ...a fishing boat doesn't need to look pretty as long as everything is solid on her and operates as it should. there's no stringers in the 23's..the center deck panel is open to the gas tank with just a piece of ply under the tank for support.The two side deck panels are molded to the sides...people feel like there are soft spots in the floor...its just because there's blobs of bond put down before the inner hull was set in place....easy to drill 4" holes in the deck and spray foam for over. If it was me I'd cut the stern out for single need for twins... solider all wire connections with shrink tubing w/glue over the bare wire. use only commercial grade hoses for gas..water pumps etc. install deck plates everywhere you need them to access anything under the deck. install 3" or 4" scuppers straight out the back with rubber flaps on the outside. don't rely on lags when screwing anything down...bolts with backing plates or oversize washers. these boats are easy to work on....many options to choose from...glassing is easy once someone gives you a few hints how to...
  4. it's known as a "robert's ranger"..comes in
  5. Drill bits can be dull right out of the package...your drilling end grain which can kill a regular bit in no yourself a drill doctor and learn to sharpen all your bits..sharpen them often...I never use brad points because you just can't sharpen them evenly on both sides like the factory does.
  6. most likely a knock off of a jerry sylvester/fishmaster flaptail.
  7. mcmaster carr...fuller .....ebay....ace hardware....or simply google 5/32'" drill bits.
  8. there are bits with flutes that are only an inch long...the rest of the shaft is solid.....but if you like hard woods then I 'd switch up to 5/32" dia bits....I only used 1/8" on plugs up to 4 or 5" long.
  9. If you spin a the lip slot...then trough drill it before cutting it in half...yes the line tie would do as you see it there.
  10. I'll be jiggered...That's a bit of info that made my sure does straigthen out the curves in the road...Thank you Robert. :]
  11. the original one that mr.conrad made was out of oak and still hangs on a wall of a gentlemen's office to this day.
  12. try" u-line"
  13. I've always taken a good size pr. of wire cutters 8" and grind the back side down to turn them into flush cutters...they walk right though any size stem.
  14. fish come up from down below smack the an plug go air borne..dam near scares one to death.
  15. three thumbs up for amber reverse atom.