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  1. I often wondered what these surf and boat men of old with their hero status that we hear about an those who wrote books of glory days would make out in today's lack of fish shall we say...I look back when there were large schools of large bass every where...a lot of easy pickings..and not so many chasing them so those few who did got a good name for being a great basser. ..I know of one here in town who all thought this one guy was the top dog..he go out in pleasant bay an come morning he had a truck full every time...what a fishermen...come to find out he was setting a gillnet out...I'm not saying most didn't earn their stripes putting their time in,,,but when large were plentifull....were they truly legends or just lucked out when time and fish an the moon were all in a line.
  2. I fished in a hurricane once just so I could say I did a hit too :]
  3. when faced with 40 knot wind and four foot white caps, tossing a whole bunker straight into that wind you break out the big guns.
  4. no challenge,no glory,no fun
  5. after casing my rod down the beach one night cause I lost my grip I went an put a clamp on trigger finger grip on every rod I had conv.'s on...big difference on keeping your hand tight to the reel an not having your hand slipping down when helps ten fold when you have short fingers like me.
  6. harwich machine shop did...but sold out..suggest googling "waterjet cutting services"..3 in ma. and 3 in NH....a very well known plug builder has his lips done this way.
  7. like a hundred of them ?..he'd have to take one and have them cut on a water jet...punch wire hole and bend after...
  8. day or night...boat or beach..dead or alive...calm or blowing stink after the herring run was done...I'd order 10 lbs and then got to hand pick from a large shop tank..12" fat and kept a tank at home to keep them happy so I had a ready supply when ever I wanted to fish.
  9. nice dream but they come in like a boot full of fight at all.
  10. thank you...I'll take it...send info. please.
  11. may I get a shot of the belly on the conrad please..thanks
  12. build a 24x26 workshop an truly retire..had enough.
  13. only one I saw was when my cat dragged one home by the neck...45 plus years ago...chatham
  14. 96 was a big fish after another..sometimes that's all there was on some nights...but we didn't brag or tell..same half mile stretch all season...right under every ones nose...incoming or outgoing...god that was a year to remember...all beach fish in chatham..
  15. I was told selling off boats is temporary till the virus is over then the permits are pulled..who knows ?.we bought scallops in harwich as well but you needed to call in your order first then wait for the time an date to pick them up...$15.00 lb...not many years ago I could go to stage harbor an do the same for 7.00 a lb but then the state shut that retail permits.