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  1. that's cause they are Georges.....Danny also made a two hook lrg needle.
  2. hope you cooked them first
  3. B.Moore makes two oil primers...get the one the that reads "long oil" on the label...the other is fast dry..yuck!
  4. lido body an paint...hook holes were filled in and center hook added....second generation atom's stamped...first ones were stamped in ink only.....someone cut off the pike style head off and made it round...someone playing around trying to make a atom jr. out of what they had.
  5. Well! someone tells you something and you just don't know if it's the truth or not...then pass on what you've been told and find out it's only fairy much for trying to help these days.
  6. I watched the guys carry them up the ladder with one hand like it was a empty paper bag with handles.
  7. so it was told that Bobby started helping Danny Pichney back in high school...when Danny passed Bobby took'll notice at times on some very early of Bobby's plugs how very close they are to Danny's and it gets hard to tell them apart.
  8. That's a good ?....I asked that and they said they don't like a lot of excess going back into the grind...didn't make any since to me cause I wanted to load up the roof too.
  9. He said he took the picture when he was in Arlington,Washington DC doing a job.
  10. I'll ask him...he's in there all the time.
  11. Hd in Rochester,NY..where my son lives.
  12. I've drilled many a swivel when making plugs...needle fish for one..narrow dia. also can a ford a bigger #test swivel if you don't want the swivel sticking down a mile ...yes back in the day they use to sell swivels with one loop the other straight wire..when guys would make their own stuff like eel skin lead jigs...Capt'n bill used them on their wood eel skin heads instead of toilet chain.
  13. one by each...on a finger everything else once you set up your good to go....I use a press brake now...but it's still one at a time...only takes a few minutes to do a doz or so bends.
  14. Suchi on the bottom....oscar on buds....they both passed two years ago one week apart...suchi I swear was heaven sent.