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  1. Nice Paul...I( beleive you an I are the only ones to build these..a fun one to do.
  2. i like those rollers on the bs instead of the blocks
  3. and stirriring sticks too
  4. i know paul won't like this but rip those sharp corners off those blocks of wood somewhere close to the biggest dia. of the plug your'll save you spinning time and save's ware an tare on the cutter.
  5. gotta love it when things come together...great pr.
  6. let you in on a little wholesale cost of rod blanks the more yo buy the cost drops like a rock as well as reels,i use to buy name brand blanks and reels an all rod parts for a dime on a dollar,,dozens at a would make you sick to know what the stuff really cost...only problem was you needed to lay out big bucks at a time before you sold anything ,,long term return i use yo call it...then there was paying the state their tax money every month without fail or you would get shut down,,,but boy the savings on stuff was unreal...every thing fishing you could want,,,its why i sit here and am in shock as to prices on what folks pay for stuff even on line,,,again i know why shops shut down is because they cant sell enough volume to stay alive...a lot of lay out with little return
  7. the early bm plugs I have are anneal wire...the wire is a dull grey not shinny...and no the plugs are mint so there's no question about it.I've been around a long time to know the differents
  8. bingo ..anneal wire very soft but great to work with.
  9. lenght?...spin...conv.
  10. very nice...happy to see someone taking an interest some different baits.
  11. if you put that reel in a ultrasonic cleaner with very hot simple green it will look like new again and it wont hurt the reel one bit.
  12. yep shes all thumbs.
  13. My wife an i met some friends at this place for dinner to catch up on gossip..I asked my wife what looked good and she was telling me what was listed..ribs she said large an when the mid aged gal comes back to our table to take our orders she asked me what i would like..I looked at her and said a large rack she bent over and looked at me said "me too" we all had a great laugh over that one...mind you this came from a lady in her late 40's to early 50's.
  14. knee..wrist.. .sholder,,,no hips yet but a friend has it between his hip ball and socket after getting his hip fixt and 2 back ops poor guy.
  15. double or triple jointed just means more arthritis