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  1. Jimmy Poore was that kid...still has that display. To date only eight of Stan's flags are known...all in collections...unless someone has hidden a few away never to be seen or known of.
  2. that's just santa's team of reindeer practicing flying around leaving their poop everywhere.
  3. Thank you...long lines for a small paint brush....I'll post a picture once the stars an hardware are complete.
  4. perfect timing about stan and his flag credit where credit is due..Thanks Stan...I'm in the middle of making some california specials..10 3/4 long by 5.1/4 oz.
  5. Shape kinda re reminds me of danny p bootleg...or an old gibbs small danny....need a lip an tail picture.
  6. mint in the green box ,second generation...25.00 used 15.00
  7. Sorry FG..but I never built anything with that name..not a clue who may dubbed it that.
  8. any handy man neighbors ?
  9. chop saw or a hand miter saw.
  10. 1996...4th of july morning...9:00 little old single 3 " dead sand eel....48lbs.
  11. trade you 75.00 for the jointed redhead then you buy what you want. :]
  12. I don't use a lot of metallic anymore...but createx is what I used the most of..but with a .5 or larger tip for better flow...any smaller tip like .2 or.3 didn't cut it....there is color power you can mix with white...called Pearl can mix it in with your finish as well..comes in a lot of colors.
  13. I'm going to say yes to them all.
  14. pack up three separate Boxes three separate transactions three trips to the post office not worth all that time.for items already below their value.
  15. green needle has the look of a salty's