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  1. I was told by Bobby years ago that ny outlawed certain chemicals being shped together...2 part/// in time only one component could be bought they bought the other part separately from another state to complete the mixture...what those parts are/ were is anyone's guess.
  2. Appreciate the information....we talk about a mans plugs he built...tidbits of who he was..but for me a lot can be derived from ones place of says a lot a about how he managed in the space he had to work with and how he put it all together to make it work for him...history is very much apart about the whole...not just the plugs themselves...thank you.
  3. any details come to mind...thanks
  4. For those of you who ordered direct from danny and went to his home...did you ever get the chance to see his set up/shop...did he turn his own plugs? he sprayed in....tied tails in.....clear coated in....inquiring minds would love to know.
  5. very nice...always something new to learn and watch out for...thanks for posting the pictures and info.
  6. Is that black a Jointed atom ? Or smaller
  7. nice color..
  8. Gotta watch those cape guys..their a rough crew lol.
  9. you lucky dawg....I'd say as rare a chickens tooth....I have a new one...not painted over...yes please :] I believe rockfish? had a white one here for sale some years back...don't know if yours is the same one or orange one is in the collectors thread here on one of the upper pages.
  10. 1.75 weight 5.5 inches..wood only
  11. urethanes...anything that is for exterior/marine use...not polyurethanes. rule of can put water base over oil but never put oil over water base.
  12. oil sealer with hardener's in it 2 coats oil primer 1 coat of oil flat white color finish.
  13. I shop buy the seat of my pants..walk to the mail box...every thing in life gets done then worries here.
  14. duly noted...looking for new only at this time...thanks
  15. I'll pass on that one,,but appreciate your time in posting it.