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  1. Damn, RIP Bud..
  2. I fished with Steve when he came to Jersey for 20 years now. Like Chief, He was one of the first guys from SOL I fished with. He had heart issues since I met him. He took a lot of "Ball Busting" but what a good guy. We all thought he was going to pass away 5 years ago before he had heart surgery. He would fall asleep in my truck. But he was back to good health afterwards. Last time i fished with him at IBSP he stepped on my running boards getting into the truck and it broke off. One of the SOL Legends. Rest in Peace, my good friend.
  3. I'm N2IIE. Been a ham since 1988.
  4. Happy Birthday, Tim. Have a Far Out and Groovy Day.
  5. Tim, Merry Christmas to you and Carole.
  6. Happy Holidays everyone!
  7. Happy Birthday, Tim
  8. I also posted this in the Town Tavern. I got a call from Donna saying Steve is in the hospital in intensive care. He was in NJ fishing with us last month and didn't look well. He has been having heart problems. Please keep him in your thoughts.
  9. Hi guys, I just got a call from Donna. Steve is in the Hospital in intensive care. She just wanted me to let his buddies know. He has been having heart problems. I fished with him last month in NJ and he didn't look too well. Please wish him good thoughts. I am.
  10. Looks like I missed a lot.. Hi everyone...
  11. The platform didn't recognize my password. I had to reset it. What's up with that???
  12. I have Champagne aspirations but a Yeungling budget. I fish Penn 704Z and Penn 706Z reels and not the new $200 cost ones either. The most is paid new was $119 new on closeout for my 706Z. They'll outlast me (and I'm a cheap ass mofo) so I don't forsee a ZB or VS in my future.