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  1. Got to admit, the walnut log caught my eye before the needlefish !!! Typical woodworker !! That things a beast though.
  2. My first stab at a Pikie. AYC finished out at 3.2oz. Thanks for the lip T-man !! Sorry it took so long, but other things snuck in while working on this. The eye's not as recessed as it appears in this pic. It's 'cupped' but it looks a lot deeper than it actually is. Jim
  3. Nice size and a great profile ! Curiosity's got me, what's the peg in the board for ? Nose loops ? Opps somehow I quoted Tommy. DOH Question was obviously meant for extreme fisherman.
  4. Not sure this fits here so apologies if not. Just a cool pic a photographer friend of mine took of a plug I made and some random hardware thrown about. Just thought it was a cool pic. Jim
  5. Damn, those are nice. I gotta get in on one of these swaps this Winter ! So many good plugs are bounced about !
  6. You're work is always inspiring as hell !! I want to put the tools away and get fishing, but then I see these, and BMackeral stuff and I say ' one more batch' !!
  7. Before I jump the shark here, is the 1 inch carbide Kutzall too big to do 3/8 eyes ? Have a few tax refund dollars and am ready to buy, just not sure if it's too big to get the desired recessed effect on a 3/8 eye.
  8. Didn't want to make an exact clone, but wanted the basic dimensions, nose, belly, and tail, as well as keeping the 2oz weight the same as the original. Pine. Lefty 1 High slot lip. Went with only a single belly hook as well. Wondering why the light pink didn't show up in the pic? It's there though. That's as far as I go with the airbrush !!
  9. Damn, that's a BEAST !!
  10. Not to drift off topic, but that puppy is just too dang cute !!!
  11. Love that middle one on the right !!! That caught my eye immediately !! Those are awesome !!
  12. Ooops, sorry about that. Let's try it again ! There we go. The lip looks much bigger in the pic than it actually is ! Too funny. Made out of walnut. Was original going to be nekkid, but wasn't happy with how the weight hole filled so.... quick hack paint job here we come !! Need to work on the photography skills a little !!