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  1. This section of the forum ALWAYS inspires me with every visit ! Such clean workmanship and designs. Thanks to all the builders who share there work ! J
  2. I ended up going with a small Danny lip.... haven't taken it out yet, but soon !! Curious how it swims. Was going to buy a Pikie lip @ RISAA but the #1 lip looked HUGE...but maybe that's what's needed with that big ole tail wagin' !! We'll find out soon enough ! TK, I LOVE those swimmers..... that's a nice profile !!!
  3. Lonellr, can you describe your wiring technique on these squids ? It looks like cotter pins run straight through w/ grommets on both sides ?? I take it because the body is so big you'd need a huge swivel to thru-wire it ? Also, is there a reason your tail comes out off center ? Where's the line tie ?? Sorry to ask so many questions, just never seen a plug made this way. Very cool following your stuff on here !! DUH, the line ties on the ' back '....squid plug..... everything's backwards !!... DOH !!!
  4. Small, 5" 1 oz. ' Weasel ' style . I LOVED building this lil guy ! I'll admit it , even it doesn't get a sniff, I'm still going to find a spot in my bag for it all season. If for no other reason , just for the conversation when things get slow !
  5. Here are some rather bright 7.5" 2.75 Pencils headed for a certain Canal Rat. Good Luck !
  6. Thanks FBW ! I was just asking about the centers..... been thinking about replacing mine. I built a duplicator last year, with LOTS of input from you, Steel Pulse, and Capesams, among others. I still explode blanks quite regularly and was starting to wonder if maybe my factory tailstock just doesn't have a good enough purchase on the blanks and just explodes at the slightest dig... Anyhow...a work in progress.... Thanks for responding... Learn something new and am inspired with every visit to the lure builders forum...
  7. Lonellr, we seem to think alike ! I was just going to ask the same question ! I have the same lathe, and diy duplicator, ( still a bit nervous w/that part ! ) but was interested on the ' after market' lathe add ons !
  8. Oh man that third one down, that lil green swimmer really stands out amongst a bunch of sweet looking stuff !!
  9. Some great responses, Thanks ! I was leaning toward the small surfster, but am thinking about what Sudsy said about that tail. If it starts to lean, there's a lot of surface area that's going to make it want to roll too much. Seems A pikie #1 might be the way to go. Of course I'm out of that one, but the RISAA show's right around the corner ! THANKS for the tips...always get such good suggestions here !! Jim
  10. Hey folks, I just finished sealing this little 5 inch / 1 oz ' Weasel ' style plug . I was wondering if I could get some input on what lip to use. Surfster#1 or Lefty #1 ? The Danny seems too big, but could easily be re-shaped. Any advice would be helpful !!! Thanks !! Jim
  11. First year building Malatesta0812 ?? , Those are some great looking plugs !!
  12. Just finished these for the Christmas Auction. 1.5 oz AYC metal lips, and a 1.6 oz Mahogany Needlefish. I hope it's ok to post these here as well as having them be offered up for the auction. If it's a violation, by all means remove with my apologies. Jim
  13. Fantastic !!! I'll have no problem finishing them by that date !! I'll PM you the pictures as soon as they're done ! Thanks Again !! Jim
  14. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is this open to anybody including ' hobby ' builders ? 2. What's the deadline for having plugs in ? I have a couple extras in the works now that I'd like to donate if I could. Probably 5-10 days max away from completing . Thanks, Jim
  15. The Crystal Minnow is always the first plug out of my bag...My biggest fish was caught on a Crystal Minnow fishing a new moon, in about 8 feet of dead calm water..... Still yet to catch on an SP Minnow or Redfin though and they seem to get all the hype ........ go figure..... :O)