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  1. Would love to toss that middle guy in the wash and hold on tight !!
  2. I've been happy with my Grizzly 2hp collector which looks the same as the HF. Been running my entire shop, seven tools, for 10 years + with no troubles. Keep in mind, with the stock bags, you will still get that fine ' talcum' dust covering everything, unless you get the 2.5 micron bags , but the heavier stuff and shavings are handled no problem.
  3. I just turned two spooks that I only used a center weight. Curious to see how they swim. I'm confused a bit when folks talk about a tail weight in a spook as I always thought you want that bum to wiggle and with no lip, it seems counter intuitive to put a weight where you want a wiggle. The best part of the process, for me anyway, is building stuff and experimenting to see what it does ! Although more wires, swivels, grommets , etc. end up attached to little pieces of wood in my trash can than surf bag !!!
  4. Would like to see what you could come up with after listening to a nice Darkstar from 72 !!
  5. Somebody wake me up because I swear I just read a 4 page thread with people belly-aching about fishing during the Corona virus. I love to fish as much as the next guy, and I think it would do a mind/body good to be out there, but let's keep thing perspective folks, we have a virus that is tearing through the WORLD. Making a few concessions for your fellow man isn't such a hardship is it ? So many selfish comments ...I'm certainly not going to mention any names, but there were a few comments here that had me thinking ' Thank the Lord he's not my neighbor ' ....... As Red Green says, ' we're all in this together ' ..... I know being out there by yourself isn't going to spread or contract the virus, but we have to follow guidelines. Are they fair ? Maybe not..... Overblown? Possibly..... but we can't decide what guidelines ' fit' us and what ones don't. If everybody just plays by the rules, just for a little while, we can turn the corner on this thing and get on the other side.
  6. Punch, just curious are those spooks weighted ? If so how ? Really like the profile and smaller size of those ! Great looking plugs everybody !!! Stay Positive ! J
  7. What Ratss427 said ! I gave up on my DIY duplicator after blowing up every other blank. No matter what I tried, and I tried it all, I just could never get the hang of it and more blanks ended up in the trash than anything else. Back to calipers and turning the old fashioned way. One thing I noticed was I can turn a blank by hand faster than with the duplicator, and no ' surprise' explosions !!! :O) ... For me, the actual thrill is when somebody else catches on one of my plugs ! That's always awesome to hear !
  8. Janets book is much better than Jormas. And this is coming from Hot Tuna fanatic that's seen them / Jorma too many times to count for the last 35 years !! :O) However, both have earned a spot on my bookshelf.
  9. I Love threads like these because I read the names of every plug I have in my damn bag that never catches !!! My top producers are a bone jumpin minnow, white seven inch sluggo and a cheap creek chub popper ( that has caught more fish over the years than all my other plugs combined ) ! I think it's because I fish very shallow water that's crystal clear all the time. Crazy thing is, it still doesn't stop me from buying / making 374 plugs every season !!!
  10. Darn......I was just thinking I was going to throw my hat in this Winter on one of these. I don't think they've run there course, I just think this is the time to fish and not turn plugs . I think Winter time would be much more successful to do this kind of thing. You wouldn't be able to shoot a video of the action, but I think for a swap that's not a big issue. I might be wrong , but you don't get to see the action of 99% of plugs you buy at the tackle/sports stores anyway right ?!!
  11. Winner winner chicken dinner !!
  12. I'd never dealt with TD until I placed an order last month. It was a bogo on the Yo-Zuri hydro minnow. I got two, but they charged me for both ! When I called, they said it was a ' limited time offer' which was true, that's what it said on the site. But for me, if the offer was still up on the site, it should have been honored. I watched as the offer stayed on that page for another 4 days ! I'm sure a LOT of people jumped at the offer, only to be disappointed when they are charged for two w/no offer to make it right. Not sure I'll go back considering Saltwater Edge is a 15 minute ride away. Deal just sounded too good to be true.....and it was..... oh well, live and learn right ? !!
  13. No good picture and story goes un-flamed...... It's pretty sad when you have a great day of fishing and want to share some nice pics w/your fellow fisherman...and in typical SOL fashion, it turns ugly.....No wonder I fish alone 99.9% of the time...Anyway, Congratulations on a great day...some nice fish ( that were released !! ).....this should have been an ' everybody wins , including the fish ' thread .... I sadly notice jelousy rears it's ugly head quite a bit on this forum .
  14. Hey folks, I just finished ' Casting into the light' by Janet Messineo. This book is Fantastic ! Thankfully NOT another ' how to catch striped bass' , tides, moons, lures , etc..... she could have surely written one , but an honest and entertaining look at 40 years worth of Vinyard fishing, The Derby and it's ' characters' , but most importantly it's about living a life while fishing. Something a LOT of striper fisherman don't do.....I have damn near every book written on striper fishing, and this one just went very, very close to the top of my list. It's extremely well written and enjoyable. Again what I liked most about it, was hearing about her life , the ups and downs. I'm so glad she wrote this book, and even happier that she's living the life she's living. If you only read one book this year...make it this one.... N.F.I. heck I've never even met her.... but compared to all the other books, this one offers something very different. In a sport FILLED with B.S. artist, it's nice to read a refreshing , honest book on the subject. Want to know hot to catch stripers ?..... put your time in and GO FISHING !!!
  15. Reading this is pretty sad. I live within driving distance from the Canal, but have never fished there just because of the horror stories I hear time and time again. I'd like to think surf fisherman are a neat little group of guys that enjoy a shared interest. But apparently the canal is the exception. I'd much rather fish a less productive area and enjoy myself ( and fellow fisherman ) than hit a place like this and get all aggravated and not have a good time.....isn't that what fishing is supposed to be all about ? So sad to think fellow fisherman act like this.