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  1. First year building Malatesta0812 ?? , Those are some great looking plugs !!
  2. Just finished these for the Christmas Auction. 1.5 oz AYC metal lips, and a 1.6 oz Mahogany Needlefish. I hope it's ok to post these here as well as having them be offered up for the auction. If it's a violation, by all means remove with my apologies. Jim
  3. Fantastic !!! I'll have no problem finishing them by that date !! I'll PM you the pictures as soon as they're done ! Thanks Again !! Jim
  4. I have a couple of questions. 1. Is this open to anybody including ' hobby ' builders ? 2. What's the deadline for having plugs in ? I have a couple extras in the works now that I'd like to donate if I could. Probably 5-10 days max away from completing . Thanks, Jim
  5. The Crystal Minnow is always the first plug out of my bag...My biggest fish was caught on a Crystal Minnow fishing a new moon, in about 8 feet of dead calm water..... Still yet to catch on an SP Minnow or Redfin though and they seem to get all the hype ........ go figure..... :O)
  6. Interesting, I've never had a problem with a silver sharpie under e-tex. Maybe I've just been lucky !!
  7. I hope this doesn't come off as a nasty comment, but the best advice I got was to build a great plug...shape, balance, weight, lip size, get all that down before even picking up an airbrush....easier said than done with the current trend being more ' eye candy ' than anything......Concentrate on that if your starting out......90% of the plugs in my bag are solid rattle can white and black.... and they catch just fine !!!......Learning is the best part...enjoy the journey !!........
  8. Going through the same thing setting up my duplicator !! Getting better, at it but still blowing up blanks left and right !!! Thankfully my source for AYC is within driving distance !! Almost time to hang it all up and hit the water anyway !!!
  9. Confirmation again why I am glad I only fish the night shift !! I rarely see another caster who's not with me. The only time I get nervous is leaving with a fish and have to walk by the ' Morning ' folks...... There were a few places years ago that just started getting too crowded and I moved on . Catching fish is great, but it's not worth the headaches that stuff like this can cause.....It's easier to move on than start trouble and find out your dealing with a psycho ! Remember the days you could flip off a driver for cutting you off ??......... same thing.....
  10. I have to say, that's one of the best tail wraps I've seen...damn... Practice must make perfect I guess.....
  11. Some fantastic, and INSPIRING plugs posted here the last couple of days !! Really nice work !!!
  12. Oh Man.....what have I gotten myself into !! pile of aluminum is for guitar making jigs dammit !! Be strong....resist the temptation........c'mon warmer weather !!...... :O)
  13. Those look Fantastic Ed !!! 75% of the time I fish dead calm, crystal clear , shallow water so I always feel like I'm left off the Bottle plug bus !!! Have a Gibbs , but never get into conditions to throw it !! Good job on those !!
  14. mmanolis, CRAZY !!! The belly on that Pickerel looks so real it's uncanny..... I'd ask the technique, but it's probably some ancient Chinese secret !! AWESOME job !!
  15. Dang, I'm about to ask a stupid question for my own info. If you're turning off the entire piece, how are you drilling your hook, weight, and eye holes.... and cutting your lip slots w/out the square ends to register off ?? Just curious .