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  1. Gotta go with Shiri !! Seems like the proverbial 'girl next door'....who just happens to be GORGEOUS !!!
  2. This is AWESOME !! Great job.....Vintage meets modern......
  3. Damn, that's a LOT of work right there !!! And EVERY one of them looks fantastic !!!
  4. Small, medium, and large...All present and accounted for ! Look even better in person !!! Now to get them in front of fish ! THANKS guys !!! Jim
  5. Looks like Poplar, but denser.........rules out basswood which I thought at first.... but it's too soft to make furniture out of.....I'm thinking either Aspen or Holly. I doubt Holly was used in furniture that far back though.....
  6. Interesting idea T. What effect are you shooting for ?
  7. It's discussions like this that keep me checking checking in. There's a LOT of information here in just 8 posts ( so far) Always learning from you folks !! It's great to see such an open exchange of information. Jim
  8. Always nice to put a face to a name. Best wishes and get well soon unselfish sharer of knowledge !!!
  9. A tip-o-the hat to Antagonizer for organizing this whole plug swap ! Great fun ! This was my first, and surely not the last !! You all did a GREAT job ! There wasn't one plug submitted I wouldn't have like to have ! Inspiring ! Until next time....... Jim
  10. Most definitely Punch's gas needle.....Not sure how that lasted this long !!...Looks like I didn't need to flip a coin after all ! Round 3 Kones1 (1) Kphresh (0) Antagonizer (0) Chunkah (0) Eelbasher (0) Punch63 (1) Mandoborg (0) Glasshouse (0) T-Man (0)
  11. Hmmm..... you have me second guessing my putting 3 Danny's in the swap..... I love fishing them so maybe that had something to do with it.... next time, I'll put three different plugs in !! This is my first plug swap and it's pretty cool. I'm in on all future ones. Kept me focused on something positive in a totally f''d up, life crashing year personally......
  12. I had to flip a coin here between two, but Antagonizer's middle metal lip came up. Not mentioning the other in case by some miracle it lasts till the end of round three !! Round 2 Chunkah (0) Punch63 (2) Eelbasher (0) Kphresh (0) Antagonizer (0) T-Man (1) Kones1 (3) Glasshouse (1) Mandoborg (3)
  13. Wow, this was TOUGH. I'm going to go with Glasshouse's green over yellow scaled. Might do more Freshwater than salt this year and that looks like it could do some damage on LMB !......... Round 1 glasshouse (1) T-man (3) Mandoborg (3) Chunkah (2) Kones1 (3) Antagonizer (3) Punch63 (3) Kphresh (3) Eelbasher (3) Thank you!
  14. Like the mob Paul, you try to get out and they just keep pulling you back in ! In all seriousness, best investment I ever made..... after your cutter ! Always kind of you to ' make one more batch ' ! Jim