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  1. 40 billion ? Why is the American taxpayer footing the entire cost to save Ukraine? What about the rest of the world?
  2. Listened to him today. Hope people find help that buy into it, follow along and support that.
  3. I don't give a crap what some weirdo does to themself on their own free will. ****ing with kids makes you a scumbag.
  4. Good luck to Kamala with Paxlovid. About a month ago my triple vaxxed brother got covid with mild symptoms but wasn't improving after 10 days. Looking to speed up recovery he took the experimental drug Paxlovid. Ended up in the hospital and lost his gall bladder to gang green. He is lucky to be alive.
  5. BA2 COVID strain will hit hard this September. It is already planned. Full lockdown.
  6. It's so weird to hear people announce they have covid and express how grateful they are to have been vaccinated. It's the worst sales pitch ever.
  7. Japan population 125 million. They reported 22000 covid deaths. We should find out why. And no I'm not saying they took ivermectin or did they? Whatever they did was far more effective than 2 shots and a booster. Maybe we need a 4th or even better a 5th shot?
  8. Kamala held that fart in for over an hour.
  9. More cases and deaths this month than there was a year ago. If the graphs above are believable and accurate then the vaccine was a flop. Like everything else with the brandon administration
  10. Those graphs show how effective the vaccine was.