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  1. Another guy that is a legend in his own mind. He had his name tattooed on his arm. Lol
  2. A flag helps but after a near miss last year by a boat in autopilot i now carry a small airhorn.
  3. Does this have a rattle in it?
  4. Yes wd40 does brake down grease. But does grease really belong In there? I find grease attracts sand and grit with no way to flush out or clean unless you disassemble the drive. I have no grease in my GT drives and I flush it out every trip with WD40 after I blast it clean with a garden hose. I dont have any of these issues I see with the 180 drive.
  5. Looks to me like grit and sand can get in there but not easily flushed out. Needs the wd40 hole mod.
  6. Yeah i dont know.I see lots of morons with NJ registration on the bow of their boat.
  7. Found a VHF radio on a rariton bay beach yesterday around 3:00 pm. PM me where you lost it, make and model and I'll get it back to you.
  8. 35 lbs is to much weight in the front of an outback. It will be even more problematic in a 2019. The small waves and chop easily flowing over the bow and flooding the cockpit is one of the reasons I havent upgraded.
  9. Paypal sent. Thanks
  10. Sea pup still available? How much you want for it?
  11. This happened to a good friend of mine. Prevented him from getting back on his kayak. He ended up cutting the leashes and lost his rods anyway. I will never use a leash.
  12. This passport is 75lbs. The sport is 71lbs. Where is the weight savings?
  13. This is rich! I guess those "all company welcome" posts weren't meant for waverunners?
  14. Digesting after a big feed