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  1. 3 miles , 10 miles. Seems it doesnt matter much the further south you go. A few miles past the EEZ or a dozen miles wont stop them boys from getting theirs.
  2. Thats s exactly what I rigged up. Storing my anchor float under the strap on the outbacks concave shape of the hatch works well to keep pressure on the seal.
  3. These second gaskets will surely help but I find relying on those stretchy bungie cords to hold down the lid isn't enough. Upside down in surf or rough water that lid gets pulled open and the kayak quickly fills with water. Especially if you have an heavy items stored in that hatch. Wouldnt a twist and stow bow hatch work better? The 8 inch would be to small and the square hatch probably be to big. Just thinking out loud. Maybe 2020 with the old seat as an option too? Lol
  4. How much use your kayak sees in a years time has a lot to do with it. I get my money's worth out of the cables. If you only use your kayak a few times a year the cables should last a decade or more. Lol
  5. I replace masts and the idler cable every year. Sprocket cables every 2 years. I'm sure that sounds overkill to most but It's cheap maintenance in my eyes.
  6. If I start to see rust pits I replace them. Those pits are like a tooth cavity and will weaken the mast. If you take a close look at the break you will likely see only a partial area of the mast is a fresh break.
  7. Maybe you didnt tell em you live 100 miles away and only get out a few times a year.
  8. I consider broadcasting a launch location , posting a video with the location in the title and a catch report and then posting on sol and FB to be a spot burn. I dont care to debate if it did harm or should or shouldn't be done. I'm not out to impress or change anyone's mind. Its not why I fish.
  9. Sorry, cant/ know anyone to recommend in your area. I believe all Hobie owners should learn to maintain their drives for performance and reliability. It will save you from having a bad day.
  10. Just like to ad, An outback still works with one fin. It's weird and wobbly but kept me in the game during a good bite. If you do go to a dealer and get all rudder lines and cords replaced let us know what it costs. Probably much better off doing it yourself.
  11. "Most" figure it out for themselves over time.
  12. Biggest fear. Autopilot. Almost got taking out this past summer. No one at the wheel.
  13. Last year i thought the wind and surf forecasts were horrible. This year has been worse. Forecasting flat surf so I commit. Why an I submarining through 4 footers to get out? The inaccuracy is consistant. Lol