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  1. Free and fair election. Joe got 80 million votes. The world laughs at the US.
  2. Its crystal clear to me.
  3. At my wifes workplace they gave over 20 people an out that they threatened to fire if they refused to be vaccinated. They are all Mennonites as of now.
  4. I would think they do. But to who? I don't know how that works. Is there somewhere we can see a list a different reactions or deaths attributed to the vaccines? Listening to Faucci doesn't do it for me.
  5. Adverse reaction: In pharmacology, any unexpected or dangerous reaction to a drug. An unwanted effect caused by the administration of a drug. The onset of the adverse reaction may be sudden or develop over time. There is plenty of what I would call "adverse reactions " to moderna and pfeiser. More than the 6 cases of blood clots that cause them to pause J&J vaccine. My wife works in a county Nursing home. Nothing seems to get reported.
  6. Listen to Fauci say its was 6 people with clots out of 6.8 million doses. Anyone believe that? He also said there have been no adverse reaction to moderna or pfieser vaccines. Thats a lie. I know of people who have had reactions.
  7. Free and fair election. Joe got 80 million votes. People continue to pretend they believe this.
  8. Joe says " he is the smartest i know"
  9. She is very presidential
  10. He is uniting the country. The polls show it.
  11. 1.7 million vaccinations per day huh. Are those numbers tabulated on Dominion equipment? Or did someone just pull those numbers out of the ass? Which by the way would be far more acurate!
  12. More smoke screens to avoid what they are guilty of.