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  1. This is rich! I guess those "all company welcome" posts weren't meant for waverunners?
  2. Digesting after a big feed
  3. Blast the hell with the hose each use.I dont use any grease at all on the GT drives. I do drill a hole in each and every bearing cavity to inject wd40 after each use. I can see some guys not liking that maintenance routine after each use but every day use is silky smooth like you just tore down the entire drive and regressed. Plus all cable ends stay rust free. 3 years now and tear downs once or twice a year is not needed even with surf launch usage.
  4. What I read was commercials and recs will get a 40% increase. However they anticipate recs will overfish the quota so it will stay the same as last year for rec guys. Cant make this stuff up...
  5. Need a starter on a little outboard with a push button
  6. I've been using a nocqua 10 amp also without any problems. But there have been reports of lithium batteries that overheated,melted ,exploded in cell phones and laptops. Rare but they have happened. So far I havent heard of any meltdowns in a kayak.
  7. You ever here of a noqua battery catch on fire during charge or in use? Could be a day wrecker in a kayak. There are plenty of lithium choices now. With kayakers going to 7" and even 9" screens this 17.5 amp battery is looking like a good option
  8. Friend sent me this he saw on YouTube.
  9. They are getting better but still need a light weight battery that can last a day on the water.
  10. Not sure about outback but those molded inserts for the power pole on the compass are 10-32 screw threads. Not sure i would trust 4 of those to mount an outboard. Then again I am sure I would not. Lol
  11. If you dont mind me asking, why you selling it ?
  12. Can the Hobie drive be used in this kayak? I'm guessing it would but anyone know for sure?
  13. Just seems like Hobie should rethink the whole thing. Gotta be a better way. But hey if it works what the hell. Lol
  14. That quick fix second gasket thing is bandaid on a issue still not properly corrected in my opinion.
  15. Great question. Me personally, I wouldn't buy a used hobie out of warranty. And for how long the actual warrany is valid is kindly foggy to me. Although Hobie always seems to step up with anyone that has a problem. The 09's were first year with click -n-go