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  1. Just seems like Hobie should rethink the whole thing. Gotta be a better way. But hey if it works what the hell. Lol
  2. That quick fix second gasket thing is bandaid on a issue still not properly corrected in my opinion.
  3. Great question. Me personally, I wouldn't buy a used hobie out of warranty. And for how long the actual warrany is valid is kindly foggy to me. Although Hobie always seems to step up with anyone that has a problem. The 09's were first year with click -n-go
  4. I'm for it. It's a start. Make it retroactive.
  5. That year will have cam locks. Click- in- go came out in 2009 which is a better system. That older year kayak will have more possible crack issues. Unless you are getting for dirt cheap I would rethink this.
  6. Anyone one kayak in particlar liked for surf launching?
  7. You get any new motor prices? Seems new upgrades on older boats stay with the 2strokes because the stern on older boats weren't designed to handle the extra weight of a heavy 4 stroke. My plan was to find an older GW and upgrade the motor to a new 4 stroke. Sounds like GW will even suggest not doing that. I need a new plan.
  8. Been mounting my 9 amp sla for over 10 years on that mast with a box I machined out off black abs. How much they want for that?
  9. Been seeing posts about these new style 2019's have thinner plastic and have alot more flex in the hulls compared to the older style hull. May make sense this scupper "buckled"and cracked from the hull bending. If these hulls are bending something has to give.
  10. 2018 would be covered under warranty.
  11. 3 miles , 10 miles. Seems it doesnt matter much the further south you go. A few miles past the EEZ or a dozen miles wont stop them boys from getting theirs.
  12. Thats s exactly what I rigged up. Storing my anchor float under the strap on the outbacks concave shape of the hatch works well to keep pressure on the seal.
  13. These second gaskets will surely help but I find relying on those stretchy bungie cords to hold down the lid isn't enough. Upside down in surf or rough water that lid gets pulled open and the kayak quickly fills with water. Especially if you have an heavy items stored in that hatch. Wouldnt a twist and stow bow hatch work better? The 8 inch would be to small and the square hatch probably be to big. Just thinking out loud. Maybe 2020 with the old seat as an option too? Lol