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  1. Was for that dude. Not much thought went into that.
  2. Yeah , I'm not a fan of reverse landing. Or even to recommend it.
  3. You guys kayak fishing around seals and great whites got some big nads.
  4. Never heard that one. Sounds like a load of crap. Is he a politician too?
  5. That cable looks like it rusted from the inside out. No? I change that cable once a year. Cheap maintenance at around $20.00.
  6. Yeah. And that 5 % bycatch is without a doubt much more than that. Where do they come up with that? When the net gets pulled to the boat they stick a big vacuum tube into the mass of fish and suck it into the hull. Can you imagine how better off all fisheries would be without this crap going on?
  7. I didn't read the above omega response. I'm sure it's full of bull****. They send ships to nj/ny 250 miles from Virginia because that was the biggest concentration of bunker. We all know that the biggest concentration of bunker will have all kinds of other fish shadowing it. Sharks blues ,bass , cobia ...... But the bycatch is minimal. Yeah right! Wonder where the big blues went? Oh yeah that's right its cyclical. bull****! After the first round I read that they said the 2 million pounds of bunker they took is just a tiny percentage and they left the rest to spawn and to continue to contribute to the stock. Them f'ers will be there until there is not enough left for it to be profitable for them to stretch out their nets.
  8. Nice. Guess I was way off. Good luck. That would be a great price
  9. Wouldnt just a rubber motor mount absorb this flex stress? Back in the 70"s I knew a guy that put a 454 big block in a Ford pantera. There was no room for motor mounts. So he lowered in an welded it to the frame. Honest truth. Nothing to absorb the shock so the frame ended up cracking. Isn't this kinda like what happens in a hobie?
  10. Just to clarify . You can't get some of the v1 parts but you can convert to a v2 or a gt drive.
  11. Ok, I'll say what everyone else is probably thinking. if you got an offer of $150.00 to 200.00 you should take it and run. Otherwise you got to find a way to cut this up and get rid of it. It's not an 09. Its an 08 or older with a V1 drive that you can't even get parts for. Now, if you upgrading the drive than thats a different story.
  12. I have a chain drivin Yamaha FZ1 1000cc sportbike. Despite all the expensive chain lubes I use nothing but WD40 on my chain and have gotten 25,000+ miles on my chain and sprockets. Friends using the latest hitech lubes were changing out sprockets and chains before 17,000 miles. But yeah don't get it on your rotors. I read a post where a guy used wd40 to degunk and shine his brake rotors. (I still laugh now typing this today). Guy nearly died trying to come to a stop from 70mph.
  13. You maybe should consider selling it as is. There are guys out there like africaster and rubone that would buy it , fix it and use it and have confidence with the fix. Going to be harder to sell if you botch the fix and try to unload it.
  14. I use wd40 to displace saltwater and lubricate after every trip. Keeps everything like new.
  15. Ain't one way to do something. But I do find the exact opposite. Drive flies with no grease and just wd40 inserted into the bearing cavities. Plus you don't need to take apart, clean and repack grease.