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  1. What kind of repairs were done?
  2. 316 ss pedal stalks you say?
  3. When the compass came out it was deemed a wet ride with small chop coming over the bow and flooding the cockpit easily and constantly and also nose dived in the surf. We heard all the comments about kayaking is a wet sport and all. But some were looking for an improvement and this wasnt it. Now the new 2019 outback gets worse reviews in ocean conditions and in the surf than the compass.
  4. When is the drive by wave parade at Murphy's house?
  5. Opening herring on the Delaware river would become an instant cluster fcuk. It was good before the seminar days and newspaper headlines. MONSTER BASS ON THE BIG D! And now with social media forget about it. Wouldnt Never work. Days gone by.
  6. I'll take the yellow, thank you.
  7. Like to see it in the revo 16. It could help with the 3/4 mile turn radius. This is what stops me from buying the 16. The hull may be to narrow for a 360 but something like 30° left and right may help the 16 turn.
  8. All those short bass around this past fall will be slot fish this year. You would think protected them would be a wise choice.
  9. I believe the arc drive came out with 2018 models. So any issues will still be covered under warranty. Hobie hasnt made these parts available for purchase separately, yet. That will change once warranty runs out and they no longer cover broken parts. The push button adjusters on top of the stalks are nice. We will see in time how they hold up. I have my doubts and will guess though bolts in the adjuster holes will still need to be done to stop the holes in the drums from gauging and cracking out. Just like all previous drives there is already one youtube video on this problem with the arc drive.
  10. I havent heard of any arc drive pedal stalks breaking. I would suggest to not replace those unless problems start.
  11. When the compass first came out there was some talk about taken water over the bow in small chop. One person I know of selling after a few weeks because of the cockpit constantly getting swamped easily. Made me think this kayak wasnt such a good choice for surf or ocean conditions. Now I'm reading opinions that the compass is the better offshore choice compared to the 2019 and newer outback. And I agree with others here the GT drive is the most reliable to date.
  12. Running off a batch next week. PM me if you or anyone would like a pair.
  13. Yeah one fish 20"to 36". Fish still get caught just very small isolated areas compared to what it once was. What used to be thousands of stripers in the rockfish tournament dwindled down every year to 200 fish in 2017. I looked but couldn't find last years total which was predicted to be much worse.