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  1. keaser lake (spelling ?) in Maine is another silver smelt habitat.
  2. you can't see the difference? Look at the coloring and the shape of the silver freshwater smelt SharkLobster posted compared to Neals Rainbow smelt even though they have lost much of their color.
  3. When we do get enough ice on the Cape ponds, like most, i use live bait. However,i have used a little minno jig that has a hook on each end kinda looks like a small perch. Maybe made by Rapala ?
  4. Those are silver smelt indigenous to fresh water, not Rainbow smelt indigenous to our area. I'm confused, again what "general" area did you catch them ?
  5. That report "smelt" from the beginning...:-)
  6. Trapper/shellfishing gloves are an absolute must...
  7. My pleasure, give it hell and good luck...
  8. (*edited - your pettiness over fishing reports, personally antagonistic and insulting comments to other members and refusal to knock it off regardless of how many times your posts are edited have resulted in your being placed in mod queue. If you can't figure out how to participate here without the personal, insulting crap then your posts won't be published. Nobody cares if you believe a fishing report or not, no one is welcome to call someone else a liar. TimS)
  9. It has become apparent from you guys bantering back and forth over the years, that in reality, you guys are actually two peas in a pod... :-D
  10. January first I purchaced a NC lobster license, my sporting (includes hunting and fishing) , wetlands stamp, Turkey stamp, primitive firearms stamp, doe permit req., and my shellfish license. However, I still struggle with bying a saltwater license...
  11. Lobster is good two to three times a month, however, I could eat shrimp at least twice a week !
  12. Well, here's my two cents. In MY "perfect world" , I would like to see a 36 in. minimum length for both Comm. as well as Non Comms. Any fish with a gaff whole is automatically deemed illegal for sale. Lastly, as most of you know that I keep and freeze my share of Bass, I just had baked striper the other night, my family loves it.However, you would not get an argument out of me if they shut it down to everyone, and coast-wide until the stocks are back. Again, just my two cents...