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  1. Red drum are amazing and have been coming further and further north - I think the farthest I've heard is the canal, but I know Long Island Sound posted a few super randoms (in my eyes) this year - black drum and sheepshead confirmed. The warmwater discharges have had even weirder holdovers. The farthest I've seen in person was a large school off of NJ Small pollock (12") were caught just out of the surf about a month ago by one of RI's charter captains. Things are changing
  2. Ignore everything everyone has posted, except for my post. This will make you smarter as only my answer is right. Just kidding, I didn't read any other postings, but my 2 cents is this. Always get a rod that is (half the weight of your most often used lure - twice the weight of your most often used lure) this strategy usually matches your plug bag perfectly rarely does anyone throw 1 oz swarters/sp's and 4 oz pikies consistently. It's one or the other.
  3. On a serious note, bucktailing is best taught when there is a high possibility of catching fish. I like to use sea robins as teachers for bucktailing because even tho they are trash fish, they rarely hit a bucktail that's not fluttering. Fluke take this a step further and really require a consistent flutter so it's harder to use as a teacher. I think bass take it a step farther in requiring a larger profile (heavier weight) -- all from the stand point of fishing bucktails, and not actually catching fish. I fish a 3/16 oz jig in Charlestown breachway and routinely catch fluke and porgy midsummer and in the same tide will switch up to a 1 oz jig to target bass. It really just requires patience, but it's fun to catch fish when learning to bucktail (like everything else) Be comfortable having them learn on cheap bucktails that you have no confidence in so that you don't care if they get lost
  4. Maybe you're an excellent fisherman but a terrible teacher
  5. Look at the 7' tsunami trophy MH or H Excellent rods, more than capable and durable
  6. WILl you be holding it or placed in the rod holder?
  7. Mine is on the way!
  8. This deal might not be for you
  9. It has everything to do with people who think they're purists and better than others for some insane reason. This is also stripersonline, so just tying the threads with a fishing metaphor And you've probably practiced and are solid with a recurve. Credit goes to you. However, why not go truly traditional and throw a spear? You probably shouldnt use a tree stand made from the best metals while wearing a harness either while you hunt from a tree. Don't use store bought supplies such as doe estrus, collect your own. Don't wash your clothes in scent blocker using a washing machine, make sure you wash traditionally by hand. American tradition is eating fast food hamburgers., Watching TV, and pretending to be tougher than you are because there's no consequence for faking it till you make it TRADITION = MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN = a bunch of cowardly afraid white men who preach honor, live lies, And are afraid of history forgetting about them because they're forgettable and fail to realize the importance and benefits of change on a scale larger than themselves. Sorry, rant over. I can't wait to see which crossbow you get
  10. Don't listen to any hunter who doesn't think getting a crossbow is a good idea for a beginner hunter. I will be doing a few 3d shoots in the midwest with my compound coming up this fall, however, that's very different from hunting. If you're going out to learn how to harvest a deer, you want a quick and easy kill. If you want to learn how to shoot, you can do that as well. I say stay clear of a crossbow. Most guys now want that instagram photo. Do the deer a favor and kill her seamlessly. It's foolish to think you'll be good enough to take a clean shot on a buck in your first season, learning how to shoot after the season has opened. A crossbow removes a huge margin of error. I bet the same guys who snob the crossbow, can't throw a flyline worth their salt on a windy day in the surf (without a two hand rod).
  11. Keep it simple. Get a crossbow.
  12. find a repair guy who does it in the garage. it's a 20 minute fix usually and a new strip off of amazon/ebay is $8. I pay a guy $20 to fix the strip. do NOT go to a repair shop. they will kill you.
  13. Racism isn't the issue. People who don't actually know that they have racist views is. Remember I said Branford Jeff was racist? Then he was in the newspaper for openly stating racist views, then being arrested for it. Then people in the Tavern said he wasn't racist. Yeah. That's basically America.
  14. See title. Need fins. If you have extra set for sale, let me know! These comfort fins SUCK against the current
  15. Sorry boys, forgot I posted this. Only have one sail left. If you're interested, you can have for cheap. I believe it fits all hobies, it goes into the small sail insert (where a lot of guys mount fishfinder). I'm located in Middletown. Feel free to swing by. PM me for my address.