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  1. do you mind taking a picture of your knob in the far right rudder position? I'm going to post mine tomorrow. Maybe it's normal - and I don't want to make an adjustment - I just want to confirm that the positioning of the knob is correct. If so, then fine. Just doesn't seem like it is all. thanks!
  2. there will be no fall run this year.
  3. Capt Ray I know you stay on the fish. Have you noticed a shift in the size of bonito in the past 2 weeks?
  4. It seems like the rudder control is too far down when turning right. It sticks into the seat area. Does anyone have the same kayak and doesn't mind taking a picture of the rudder control knob in the far right position? Thanks for any help! J
  5. I have a 12' carbon fiber "cane pole" I use for my 4 year old nephew to catch crappies. It only has a string that he must use to reach the fish. Kids aren't only fast learners, they're amazing problem solvers
  6. And yes, as you put more fish on land, there will be less fish in the ocean We can all agree that populations are declining, the rate at which it's happening is really the discussion here
  7. Whenever I see a thread like this, I'm hesitant to comment because there are so many factors that are blissfully ignored in determining population stock in any location. There also requires a level of agreement on basic understanding of why fish migrate and where they migrate, aside from focusing on specific geographical areas. Does global warming exist? If so, how does this impact migratory routes? Remaining in the cooler offshore waters while migrating north causes less stress than the rapid warming inshore shallow water prior to spawning. Fish return to spawning grounds, but they're able to modify their routes with ease -- think of tracking offshore species that ride temperature breaks Has the environment been modified to benefit fish in holding farther offshore - primarily away from the surf Block Island windfarms are loaded with fish. Big fish - more 50s and 60s are being reported than ever before (maybe only thanks to social media!) Block Island surf still holds fish, but less (?). The coast of RI is seeing significantly less massive breeders, but schoolies are being caught through the winter. You can fly fish for schoolies in January in the surf. Are populations of fish appearing elsewhere in better numbers than previously? Jersey has been constantly posting massive bluefish blitzes for weeks on end for the past few years, not so much in Mass. Does this mean the overall stock is down - or are they just not moving as far north for some reason? Are breeding cycles of fish being taken into account? Yes it would be nice to have a billion 50 lb bass in the surf every year, but it takes time to grow. There are no actual studies tracking fish growth long term, primarily because a tracking system doesn't exist to monitor a fish over a 8 year period. When population studies are conducted, I wish they were actual coordinated efforts in monitoring. Not really a rant, just some thoughts!
  8. I JUST SO HAPPEN TO BE SELLING A SETUP FOR $1500 THAT I USED FOR CHUNKING pm me and let's discuss. don't let these guys tell you don't need a $1500 setup for chunking. They're wrong. If not $1500, then you should at least spend $1450 and I'm willing to knock $50 off my combo. Just give me a few hours to run and pick you up a $400 Lami blank and a $300 Saltiga. I'll only charge you $750 in labor and supplies. I even have red thread - and can put a silver highlight on for you. It's the fad. Ask the prostaff. I have blue thread too. It's more expensive, but the reflection of the moon's rays during a full moon really draw in the fish. I'll even put a bunker sticker, which ups the ante, above the foregrip. Whoever said "Salesman wet dream" you were right!
  9. 2 Sails for sail. Posting here before posting on the auction site. Let me know if you're interested. Rarely used and the price is negotiable
  10. I don't believe the guys are poachers. I believe this is a mental health issue or maybe too many fishing games out there.
  11. The great tail slap debate. We were doing so good! Did you see a tail slap or did you see a big miss and quick follow up from a powerful predator? Possibly even a second predator An unnecessary but always fun debate - I don't believe that a fish that can swallow a 14" bunker, 1.5 lb lobster with claws, 10" spiny porgy, skates, sea robins or 18" eels would need to spend a second to stun a fly or lure ever. Just a thought tho!
  12. My favorite time! I drastically shorten my casts when large pods are around to avoid the snags while sinking.... A little herring slime on your fly couldn't hurt, could it?
  13. Haha this is very true. I've only had it happen on a few flats. Never got used to 20 lb line screaming through my fingers on the first run of a big blue I never got into two hand heavier rods, I moved to lighter rods on smaller fish for my own pleasure, a30 lb on a 6 weight gets me high
  14. What would you be looking to get for the saltwater flies, no trout flies/equipment?
  15. Million dollar question, ever hook up with 100' of line out? It's terrifying!