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  1. cash works GrahamN item sold. PM sent
  2. hey man, if you have anything additional to go with it - second reel or something, rod - anything lol - we can make it happen.
  3. 2500-3500 reels jigs, random kayak gear. nothing special. Just clearing some space
  4. Rod Wrapper (pickup only, CT) -$150 - General Buy/Sell/Trade Forum - SurfTalk (
  5. Wrapper for sale - located in Middletown (CT). Needs updated o-rings. Can't find the 3rd rail, but it's here somewhere! Has drying motor and wrapper - comes with pedal attached. Works fine, just not using anymore. Have some guides and a bunch of lami blanks (freshwater - I was building for kids). Few st. croix blanks mixed in and other nonsense. Picture is of it dusty sitting on basement floor Asking $150 - open to trades for gear
  6. Sorry guys - haven't been online - crazy holiday rush with the wood shop! Going to post it today I'm in Middletown - didn't add a price so nobody could get hammered for making a purchase outside of the BST (I see you TimS).
  7. you make an offer and it's yours man. Needs a good home. I don't want to go through the hassle of back and forthing it lol. I even have 50 mixed old lamiglas blanks. Mostly freshwater that will need new homes. Tons of building stuff left
  8. Clearing out a ton of stuff and down to the rod wrapper! I'm going to put it up into the BST just cause I have to for the sale, but you can message me if you'd like to come see it. I don't build anymore and it's just sitting here. Will need some upgrades (new o rings is all) and dusting off but she's a super builder has made plenty of rods that have lead to lots of really big (like super big) the biggest, fish in New England. One side for drying, one side for wrapping. Located in Middletown, CT
  9. Man I thought this was going to turn into a post that addressed the lazy white men who don't want to work and just collect unemployment and disability checks. OH.
  10. yeah - you pay for shipping. not a problem. Message me if you'd like them
  11. you've never challenged me. that doesn't even sound realistic. You live in a world where you think your words mean something? They don't so enjoy your challenges and continue to not catch fish - the internet serves you well if either of you are in west palm and would like to join a charter (fishing trips are sometimes expensive, so I understand if you can't make it) but when I'm down September 2-25 you can feel free to book me I currently have openings on the 21st and 22nd.
  12. sounds good.
  13. whatever the shipping cost would be. I haven't packaged it yet. Probably another $6. Call it 20 and I'll refund whatever
  14. bones have shown up (along with a ton of chub mackerel) - albies still have a way I guess but the bait is everywhere. Mixed around schools of schoolies during the day currently - I'm guessing with these hot streaks, they're not going anywhere (potential rain on Thursday/Friday). Backside of Fisher's. You'll be able to target everything around Fisher's by the time you're thinking of getting down here from pretty much any RI waters. The breachways never disappoint in September. Small white flies with a little sparkle! Message me when you're closer. I'll give you any up to date reports. I'm the king of spot burning because I find my own fish and don't mind sharing fish. Tight lines.