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  1. So many
  2. Mine. My sol is acting crazy. Money on the way
  3. Can do no more than $100 shipped. Pm details if accepted thanks
  4. Sounds like you were feeding a seal
  5. I just left them in Florida up to 10 lbs
  6. Looking. Let me know what you have. Will take a used saddle as long as feathers are long enough. Thanks
  7. Racist #1 found.
  8. Or is it too soon? Thoughts and prayers?
  9. Fishing is about fun and memories for me. A sea robin is my favorite species to catch on light tackle. There are longer, faster, harder runs from other species, but they give a blast on 4 wt gear and provide constant action.
  10. bunker snags. followed by giant metal lips
  11. Does anyone actually test gear out anymore without someone else reviewing it first? Or try new things that others are against? I just read a few articles on a few different topics that basically say that I've been doing things wrong. bottom fishing with the "wrong reels" tying terminal tackle with the "wrong lines" tying knots with the "wrong knots" I guess I've been doing it wrong. Time to start over! What was the last thing you took a risk on, and succeeded or failed, without the input from someone else?
  12. Giant Trevally Sea Robin Black Marlin
  13. You can drive a 57 Chevy. That's old school.... You don't have to be 100 to rock old ways. And it's not a bad thing. I have a bad shoulder and arthritis in both hands, and I'm 33. I feel there are benefits outside of just fishing fighting abilities.
  14. Perspective question. Since fish come inshore to spawn, is it fair to assume that they will continue to do so? Do you think those fish will head directly back to the farms after spawn, or remain on those inshore humps?
  15. It’s incredible to keep seeing “light” rods and guys not getting the concept of powerful rods. Old ways lol.