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  1. I just realized that raw oysters are alive when you eat them, maybe.
  2. It is an interesting debate. I have seen the chefs in Provincetown do two things. 1. lobster held head down in a pot of boiling water for 40-60 seconds, then into the steamer. 2. sharp knife behind the eyes, and split the shell and then into the steamer. I use #1. I am not sure if lobsters feel pain, but going from living to dead can't be a great transition. So making sure it is as short as possible is the best I can do becasue I am not going to stop eating lobster. Making laws mandating stuff like this is crazy.
  3. Merry Christmas, to be sure!
  4. This is trip back to my house from the Gut, about three miles. The video is 4x speed. If I already posted this, sorry.
  5. Here is the Beachcomber parking lot blow out. Wild, huh? They said 8 inches of rain in 3 hours was the reason the slide happened. Seems like it.
  6. Cool Turtle!
  7. Here are a few Wellfleet pictures.
  8. I have not bought any in a while, but they sell alewifes here in MD. Only they pronounce it like the two letters, "L-Ys". Does the size matter? Here is a pic from the bait store web site.
  9. The PR is not really good in the dark, what with the bobbin and all. I have had the braid break before, never the leader and not at the knot. When that happens, then I tie a slim beauty, I can do that in the dark on a pitching deck. Nothing is wrong the heavy mono leader, I use 60 lb test when the blues are around and 40 lb test both with 20 lb braid. As the old saying goes, "use the optimum until the s*** hits the fan, then I use barrel swivels too". Yeah, I just made it up.
  10. On light tackle, the PR knot does not require folding the leader, so it goes well into the eyelets. I promise to post a picture of a finished knot after I tie one in the morning.
  11. I use a PR knot for all my braid to leader connections. From lightest tackle to bluefin gear.
  12. While prostitution is not a victimless crime, it will continue until the commodity is no longer desired.
  13. Thanks, I have a mavic pro, an Inspire 1 X3 and a Phantom 3 Pro. Youtube always give copyright warning for the music, so I cannot post any video on youtube. I live in the DC no fly zone, so every time I travel outside the DC area, I fly a lot.