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  1. Thanks for taking the time to give me this information. It helps a lot.
  2. True, but this summer I was able to catch about a 90 pound tarpon on a VR50 reel with 20 pound test. I hope the VSX150 will be better.
  3. The reel holds 400 yards of 30 pound braid, that should be plenty.
  4. So, the Black Hole is the beefier rod. It is also my understanding it may be the lighter rod. Is this true? One last question about action. Which would you say is the faster rod?
  5. That's a nice tarpon, but was it caught with a Striper Special 9'2" rod?
  6. Miami
  7. I want to make a light rod that can take 30 lb. test line and handle tarpon on the beach. I'll be pairing it with a Van Staal VSX150 reel. I am between the Black Hole Striper Special 9' 2" and the ODM Frontier X 9' 6" blanks. I would like my setup to be light but powerful. I'll probably be throwing lures of no more than 2.5 ounces. If anyone could comment on how these blanks would handle really big fish on the Florida beach, that would be great.
  8. Titanium may be more fragile, but I have never had to replace a titanium guide (since I started using them) because one of them broke. Stainless guides, on the other hand, I had to change regularly. Even with care, they rust after a few years.
  9. Thanks, I just ordered a Van Staal from Tomo's with a discount.
  10. I'm in the market for a new Van Staal VSX 150 reel, preferably the version with a bail. I can't seem to find one anywhere and the Van Staal website does not even show that they make it. Their website is terrible, by the way. Are the bailed VSX reels still being made? Also, it seems there aren't a lot of bail-less ones available in stock either. Have they been having manufacturing issues because of the pandemic?
  11. We must not be tying the FG knot correctly. I've never had an issue with the uni to uni knot being destroyed by the guides, but I just don't like having such a large knot going through the guides. That's why lately I've just not been reeling it into the guides. I keep my leaders about 24" long.
  12. I've tried all the knots you said and have only had success with the uni to uni knot, but its too big. The FG knot is awesome, but has failed me multiple times. What I'm doing now is using a uni to uni knot and just not reeling the leader into the guides.
  13. Yes, literally, your hands do shake. Years ago I stumbled onto some huge tarpon attacking a pod of mullet just 10 feet from shore. I quickly caught a mullet and cast it out. It was immediately eaten and just as fast my line broke. My hands were shaking so much, I couldn't tie on a new leader and hook. It took me too so long to re-rig that by the time I was ready again, the fish were 100 yards down the beach. That burst of adrenaline is what we live for.
  14. I'll be in Jensen Beach later this week. Hopefully I get to see something like that.
  15. Those are superb!!! Good Job