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  1. Def a great year for Shad.
  2. It is interesting to me how far up the shad actually go now. It makes me wonder why Kauffman does know this. I cant wait until the shad have more water to spawn in. It's great news for sure. When removing dams or doing anything to alter flow considerations about disturbing sediment which might contain harmful contaminates must be considered.
  3. There are lots of great fishing that time of year. Its a good time to walk and wade for redfish. There will be plenty of trout on the flats too. I fly fish but small jigs work great. Will you have access to a boat? Can you be more specific about were you want to fish.
  4. With all the crazy southern fish up this way it could have been a King Mackerel
  5. Sweet stick. I have a 6 wt that's caught striper, trout, bass, musky, striper, snook, redfish, se trout.. the list goes on and on. Def my fav single hander.
  6. Plenty of bluefish in the inlet in the usual spots, times and tides for this time of year. Saw some short flounder caught in the south pocket. I also got into some short striper on the tail end of the outgoing. Lots of kingfish and spot in the surf on fishbites. Ice House is fully stocked. Old Inlet says they have them on the way.
  7. ZAT, I've fished both a bunch. I prefer De Soto. You will be able to use either lines. Just strech your tropical line. If its real cold your cold water line might work better. I prefer a floating line on the beach. I use an SA Grand Slam. Where are you staying? I may be able to recommend some place closer to your hotel. Feel free to DM me.
  8. Spig, You sound really important. You're right its all about personal preference. You cast whatever line on your rods that you want. If it works for you great! This is supposed to be fun and easy. I recommend that anyone with questions about lines and rods go to their closest fly shop and try out different lines.
  9. yes
  10. The line labeled 8 wt cast well on the rod labeled 8 wt. Thats labelled correctly by currently produced rods. If you are using 20 yr old rods current lines might no work. Line technology has changed. Not all lines are long heads with gentle tapers. You rightly point out that things have changed. I would prefer to see all rods labeled with grain windows like many two handers. this would make things easier for everyone. I try to think of all of my rods in terms of grain wt and not line weight.
  11. feel free to PM me for locations. For guides I send my customers to Ethan Kiburz and Neill Holland.
  12. I do not agree that these rods need to be over lined. I fish a rio outbound intermediate for jetty fishing. I do a outbound short intermediate in some boat fishing. For tropical floating I like and SA Grand slam. It allows me to pick and reshoot. All these lines are heavier than normal but are labeled with the correct line size.
  13. I really like rio slick shooter. That is what I use most. I like the feel of connect core running lines but it does not do well around rocks. If you don't have to worry about rocks i would use the connect core. I cut the handling section off and reverse the running line on the reel.
  14. I use small micro chenille worms similar to what you would use for trout.
  15. I like this series of rods a lot. I use the 8/9 off a jetty and bow of a boat frequently. Its really the only single hand rod I fish anymore. The 11/12 feels really light. I over shot the casting pond with it it at a show this summer. If I were in the market for a tarpon rod It would be my first choice. I have not cast the rods in between.