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  1. No hurricane for us. Just a NE'er. Maybe Allen will don a snorkel and show us pics of what a 16' swell look like on the beach at hi tide lol. TONIGHT NE winds 30 to 35 kt, increasing to 35 to 40 kt in the late evening and overnight with gusts to 50 kt. Seas 10 to 12 ft, building to 14 to 16 ft after midnight. Dominant period 10 seconds. Rain. Vsby 1 to 3 NM. MON NE winds 35 to 40 kt with gusts to 45 kt. Seas 14 to 16 ft. Dominant period 10 seconds. Rain. Vsby 1 to 3 NM in the morning. MON NIGHT NE winds 30 to 35 kt, becoming N 25 to 30 kt after midnight. Seas 13 to 15 ft. Dominant period 11 seconds. Rain. TUE N winds 25 to 30 kt with gusts to 40 kt. Seas 11 to 13 ft. Dominant period 11 seconds. Rain.
  2. Let the games begin
  3. likely much of the island is high and dry except the narrow strip that they staked for the osv area b a c k r o a d
  4. Bait lasts longer when it's dry. Some guys would layer bait, cardboard, ice and kosher salt several layers deep in the bait cooler, keep the drain open, and it kept the bait crispy for days. Not a fan of cleaning fish on the beach; I've noticed salt water (and sand too) is bad on cleaned meat so I only clean my fish when I have plentiful fresh water available.
  5. Ouch, my biggest fear when at the beach is breaking down / getting stuck below the tide line. (So usually I stay above it :-) ) Seen a lot of ppl in the same situation, mainly in the obx. It's amazing how a 4wd tow truck and winch can pull them out.
  6. on my grand Cherokee it took awhile but I finally found that the way to keep it all dark when I opened doors or the rear hatch was to turn the dashboard light intensity dial all the way down
  7. the light hurts their eyes
  8. Here I've been puckering up all this time and now I see that you guys were all taking the easy way out. Here's the official way per the Boy Scout manual " How to dig a cathole Find a spot 200 feet (about 75 steps) from water, campsites and trails. Dig a hole 6 to 8 inches deep with your heel, a stick or a trowel. “Go.” Refill the cathole with soil. Replace pine needles, leaves or other ground cover. Push a stick into the ground to warn others that they do not want to dig here. Use hand sanitizer or wash your hands with warm soapy water. "
  9. Anything at all related to fish. Frozen mushy bunker even.
  10. back in the day I fished the fletchers boathouse / chain bridge area at night. tricky to fish but once you get the hang of it really good catfish and stripers.
  11. Well they could move the stakes ... or open up the Back Road.
  12. fwiw when you get a bird, get it to the beach and drop a shirt or towel on it's head so it can't see. It will go limp and allow you to untangle it.
  13. Yep those were good times. As I recall I filleted and ate a potential SR back in the 90s when I didn't follow such things (great eating tho), then was fishing with CG and Cris Salp when he caught his SR. Then Allen beat that and held the SR crown for a while, until Gary beat it in 2006, where stands today. Unfortunately, Maryland coastal cannot keep a large striper any more :-( so no coastal SR any more. Chesapeake Bay fishers can, as can NJ fishers .
  14. Awesome lemon shark (note to self: do NOT swim out bait). Lemons have a nasty rep, but I have never caught a big one. I have found that blacktips, in the 5-6 ft range, would rather try to bite you than swim away. So be careful on the release.
  15. It's not like further north that's for sure. But I have caught blues on sting silvers casting blind, and alberts when they are busting bait in close.