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  1. So sad to hear this. A fine man, and OBX icon and true conservationist. The world is a poorer place.
  2. we know the water is full of them, but this the first I've heard of in oc.
  3. That is a shame. I love my beach access, but I love critters too. I really thought the back road was the way "around" it. It seems to me that the issue is that they can no longer survive in the current ecosystem and closures were only a very poor band-aid.
  4. At Assateague, lots of panfish on good days, bloodworms, fishbites, sand fleas, etc.... Sizable sharks are plentiful - cut bait - bunker/spot/whatever - day is ok, but night is right.
  5. The handsomest men on AI!!!
  6. Fyi got a call from Mikey, the beach is closed above the bullpen. Not sure of the details or when it will be open again. I assume the plovers are mating early or something. The "back road" would get us around it. NPS?
  7. We kill that size in the Chesapeake Bay. Minimum is 19 inches, no max.
  8. Cool fish! May be a cousin of the elusive white whale Moby Dick.
  9. I read that only 35 percent of stripers that stay in the Chesapeake during the summer survive, while 67 percent that migrate to the ocean survive. Could be a result of the extremely poor Bay water quality, coupled with the excessive permitted creel sizes and limits, as the fisheries managers pander to the charter fleet. I think short term $conomics is driving public policy, not what's best for the species. Very disappointed.
  10. IMO fish are there, you just need to fish hard. Maybe a school will come by and maybe it won't but usually you have to work for it anyway. I have fished lean years and plentiful years and caught in both. Not fishing because you don't see good reports on the internet doesn't make sense to me.
  11. haha the fish must be biting strong to try to divert us with posts on how best to prepare bait for consumption. cg makes a great skate cake, I don't have the recipe but he uses shears to trim the skate body, microwaves it some so he can pick the meat from the cartilage, and then cooks it somewhat like a crab cake. nice flavor, kind of oysterry.
  12. Fished Wednesday into Thursday, but caught nothing with scales. 4+ foot tide made it interesting for the night high. Water was a dark green, and very turbid. I wonder if that is some kind of algae bloom. Saw 4 bald eagles... two on the beach near the line, one on a km marker near the bullpen, and one on the beach foraging dumped bait/trash around ramp 4.
  13. Skates! Only one man can properly cook a skate and I believe that he's in Ohio atm. I'll be down tomorrow to bother whatever's swimming with them.
  14. Hey Dave when are you coming down to catch stripers?  I'd like to see you!

    1. Critter Gitter

      Critter Gitter

      My wife having new med for her severe Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension.  A disease with no cure but only to slow it down with vasodilation and continuous oxygen.  Some serious side effects until we we find the threshold dose. I already cancecled a trip to Pensacola to catch 5 lb Pompano and 40in drum.  Thye are there now. Drum are a garbage fish there.  Had a  Cobia trip planned for Buxton early June and probably cancel that too.

       Love to see you also.  Hope the Lung cancer is is check.

      I put my retirement notice in for March 31st but chickened out.  Since I am house bond with wifes issue and woud be bored silly I am still at my gravy job at least I still stay engaged with society lol.  Been trout fishing all winter and spring and living off the chit.  Farm raised channel cat starts soon so I still fish a lot but no salt.  Killing me.

      Stripers are getting to be rare in Spring like Fall but Black Drum still there.  Of course you will find them with the Coleman magic in the magic hole.  It was fun f--ing with Mikie on my Drum tape measure mistake last fall.  Never been so embarassed but too fuuny.I had to study my pic days later as I didn't believe the measre my self.  Erik had a cut down tape.

      You retired still?  What do retirees do all day.  Scares me to death.  I need to get hobbies or a life.  Planting monster gardern this year like I had in Severn.

    2. Steve Coleman

      Steve Coleman

      Hey Dave, please give Peggy my best and I hope that the new med works well!  Hopefully you all are vaccinated by now too;I just got my 2nd shot two weeks ago :-)

      Jumped the season last week and spend a day/night at AI, nothing to show for it but aches and pains.  Each year it gets harder.

      I'm going to do more kayak fishing at sandy point/bay bridge, but that too involves extreme effort to load/unload the kayak, and then paddle for hours.  However it's really beautiful.  Last year only caught small stripers and a few 3 lb blues.

      I do some day trading with non-serious money, but this year has been tough and I've cut back a lot.  Gardening and biking have been my latest things, and personal development things.  I hijacked Edla's therapist and talk with her once a week and it's really helped my outlook on life.

      Took radiation treatment nov//dec and it kicked my ass, still fatigued from it but getting better. the infected lymph nodes did shrink some, but we won't know more until the next ct scan.  They tell me this can be managed for years, but I'm not convinces yet.  Keeping fingers crossed.


      Good luck, Hope you come down soon! Keep me posted.