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  1. Stripers have been caught into Jan in some past years. If you get some nice wx and bait it would be worth a shot.
  2. Like Allen said some years fall's had good catches. 2002 was good.
  3. Although they could swim anywhere I favor the corner where a bar drops off into a cut. If I'm feeling swensonian and it's within reach I like it over the bar even better.
  4. With 7nbait and Mikey, only sharks.
  5. dixiekraut now is the season. it will peak later but CG and I have caught drum starting from the beginning of Sept in the past.
  6. Thanks, it's almost time for me to come down and feed the mosquitos and bail skates!
  7. It's time for my yearly post ... When will the Perfidious Plover Protectorate pronounce the plovers properly fledged and re-open the closed sections of the beach? It's almost time!
  8. Darn, I was looking forward to it. I hope the stent fixes things up for you Terry!
  9. good for you!
  10. something positive for you all
  11. Interesting....I never saw a spring at AI. Maybe I"m not looking in the right place!
  12. Swimming is all good. In Md you don't have to be fishing. I've seen a lot of surfers expecially in the top part of the osv.
  13. He could be a bit per·nick·et·y
  14. Lots of big sharks :-)
  15. Sorry I missed you CG. Inshore temps are colder than normal, I bet they stay offshore and swim straight up to Joisey (sp). But we can always hope that a late pulse will come within casting distance. I'll be down soon as I can see a decent weather window.