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  1. Pics from a nice trip with CG a few years back. Dave caught more than I did, but I don't have all of his pics.
  2. Yes the algae bloom "brown tide" is in full swing, at least in the middle Chesapeake. I think it will be flushed out in time, but it will take more than 1/2 inch of rain.
  3. I'm sure you can get bloodworms or fishbites almost everywhere. If you want alewives, I get mine on the way in Cambridge at Kool Ice. I used to get ocean menhaden at Martin's in West OC but they crapped out on me too many times to ever go back there.
  4. Thursday, Severn River, around 36" wide cow nosed ray from my kayak, 20# braid and 7' ugly stik. Chartreuse plastic on 1/2 oz. jig . Got her to the yak in around 20 minutes. Then another 10 minutes at the side of the yak figuring out how to unhook it as it was going beserk! Lol. Finally I broke the line at the jig. What a good fight on light tackle. Fought like something with scales. Can't wait to get a similar sized striper. What do you yak guys use to boat/hold large or toothy fish that's not a gaff?
  5. Thanks Allen, you saved me a wasted trip. Of course if you re-opened the BACK fricken ROAD we could all avoid the plover nests and allow us to enjoy our national park in spite of the National Plover Service.
  6. Ron was a great guy. I enjoyed shooting the breeze with him. He always had the best bait and usually was in the best spot. He was the first to turn me on to Kool Ice too. Concolences to Evan, Fulton, and the rest of his family.
  7. If there's a spike are they fools to keep restrictions? Anyway, here's the nps link: scroll down to assateague for details.
  8. AI Md still closed, so never-mind.
  9. even tho I have been waiting for the opening, it's too cold! maybe next week.
  10. Sounds good to me! Please be careful tho, regardless of what the politicians say, the curve has not yet flattened and infections are still increasing.
  11. I agree that money spent on services not rendered, such as license and access fees should be refunded or pro-rated, but the coffers of the states will be empty due to the shut down, so I don't feel very optimistic that will happen. Nobody knows what is safe to do at this time. Keeping things closed is getting more painful by the minute but it is offset by the fact that the more open things are, the more people may die. And the long gestation period where you can pass infection without having symptoms is a real curve-ball as there is no immediate feedback from things that are being tried. It is a real crap shoot to decide whether to open or not without any kind of guiding science. And it's becoming a Political issue and not a Science issue thanks to the deficiencies in the National leadership IMO. Of course I have an opinion, but nothing that can be backed up by facts. I hope to get my feet in the sand soon!
  12. I hear you. Wish I was local. I'd be sustanance-fishing and eating fresh stripers every day!
  13. Clear as mud but I read it a few times, and looks like rec fishing is allowed as long as you plan on eating your catch , and boating allowed if you are fishing. Kayaking is always good. 4wd not tho. Warm weather approaches! Stay safe.
  14. April 2011 7nbait
  15. Here's the nps link: scroll down to assateague for details. Public parking areas, trails and the oversand vehicle zone (permit holders only) remain open. and, fwiw, ki is open and serving bunker hope they stay open for the next couple of months!