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  1. I’ve seen amberjack so fired up following up hooked fish over deep reefs that they’ll hit anything that touches the water. That’s when you toss em poppers and watch 60+lb tanks crush it and run...I have no doubt that they’d hit a banana with a big hook on it. As said before, good luck getting it rigged up without getting thrown in by the captain, though!
  2. Just checked with a friend. He’s got one. I’ll try to get some weights tomorrow.
  3. I suck, and I don’t have a functioning small scale. I used to use a small digital scale to weigh out hops when I used to brew beer...moved houses, beer stuff got packed away, and the scale went missing.
  4. Hey folks, if I’m way off on price, please let me know...I’ve been out of the inshore ga,e with any regularity for a bit, now. Would it help if I pulled the big Tsunami out, since it ain’t wood and it ain’t a yozuri? Here are individual pics, if that helps. I’m gonna shut this down and go another avenue of these don’t move. I’m itching for a Ruger carbine, and I just gotta free up a little more hobby money!
  5. In case anyone wanted some measurements: Tape measure in hand: all measurements do not include tail hardware, and should be taken with a tiny grain of salt two redheads- 6.25” blue pencil: barely shy of 7” yozuri- 6.75” eel punt cupface- 5.125” bigass Tsunami- just shy of 8”
  6. I’m gonna try to keep em together For now so I don’t lose my pants on shipping...will update if I decide to split. Thanks for your interest, though.
  7. Bump. Taking offers!
  8. Price drop-$68 shipped, OBO.
  9. Hey folks, if I’m way off base with regards to price, feel free to cut me a reasonable offer. I’ve been out of the game for a bit. Thanks!
  10. Hi folks! Haven’t been bass fishing lately...mostly been focusing offshore when I can get out (not frequently enough). I’m honestly not too sure what I’ve got’s been a long time. I’m told I’ve got an Eel Punt cup face popper, a couple LIfishVT pencils, a Yozuri pencil, a Tsunami popper, and another pencil (blue/white) that looks sweet, but I can’t remember who made it. All have been carried, some have been fished, all are fishy! $75 shipped PayPal CONUS, OBO.
  11. Hit up captain Roberto Navarro on the Wearever for some sick jigging/popping action!
  12. Thanks for the offer, but I have to pass.
  13. Last bump, folks!
  14. Bump. Will entertain reasonable offers.
  15. Cool, but I need some bigger sizes! 8k and up!