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  1. Not at this time. I prefer to trade.
  2. Bump. Open to other offshore gear if anyone has any offers.
  3. Looking to trade these used st croix legend surf rods. Both 3/4-4oz. 1 9’ and 1 10.5’. Both are well used but have plenty of life. The 10.5’ has the “made for” sticker. I’m looking for large offshore gear. Mainly Avet 50w and 80w reels or combos. I’m in Richmond VA but willing to travel large distances to swap.
  4. PM coming. Thanks!
  5. No I am looking for a different style. Thanks though, those baits you have are also producers. I can't figure out how to post a picture of what I am looking for.
  6. Looking for all sizes but would prefer to buy a group of them if possible.
  7. I am interested. Sending PM.
  8. Do you know if the used tire deflators are 5-20 or 15-40 PSI?
  9. I'll take these if still available.
  10. I'll take black frame.
  11. I'll take this for $130 shipped.
  12. Gen 1 or 2? Sorry for all the questions.
  13. Spinning, conventional or universal?
  14. I’ll take these.