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  1. I’ll take the habs lot.
  2. Any color, new or used. Thanks.
  3. If he passes, I'll take it.
  4. I'm looking to purchase a troller or slim troller. Used or new. Thanks for looking.
  5. I'd like to offer $65 for the two with eyes. Thanks for considering.
  6. I have these plugs that I would like to trade for shad baits. Weighted or unweighted. Darter and lipped bait are from an SOL builder. benny raw maybe? I'm sorry I can't remember. Sebile and an older rapala. I also have the eels here
  7. Sounds good. I'm also looking for weightless shads.
  8. I've always thought of that section as for trading of plugs only.
  9. I have a bunch on these rubber eels. Not sure who makes them. They are approx 8 inches long. Pretty thin. Flat on the belly. I tried to show each side of them. I'm looking to trade for 6 inch and larger shads. I would like to trade them as a lot. I can count them if needed.
  10. Your best bet is going to be to dress warm and hit the point for drum. It is a drive from where you are going but worth it. There is a chance for small stripers in the manteo area but that bite hasn't been that good for a while IMO.
  11. I'll take this. Thanks.
  12. PM sent with questions about the reel.
  13. I'm going to close this down. I'm just going to purchase a reel. Thanks SOL.
  14. Only looking for reels. Not looking to trade for other plugs or sell at this time.