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  1. While in school in DC in the 70s, I used to get trout fever and have to spend a day a week fishing. The guy at the local shop (Barry) used to point me toward different streams. When he sent me up to the Letort for the first time he told me not to slam the door of the car in the parking lot.
  2. Killing them isn't going to be popular. I say trap them and ship them to California.
  3. That's a pretty convoluted joke. Steve may not know about Agent Orange, but he knows enough not to try to identify a chemical by feel.
  4. Put a crutch tip on it and go fishing.
  5. I'm sure that we all feel a sense of relief. Not that it's over, but he's a tough boy.
  6. Same sentiment here, Dick. Good luck; stick with it and you'll be back in the saddle before you know it.
  7. If you buy cheap braid then you have cheap braid.
  8. Confused yet?
  9. There's nothing like a big reel.
  10. I've always bought bulk line from Tackle Direct - they have a great selection and give good service.
  11. You have a strange way of writing, John. If I didn't think that you are old....I'd think that you are young. Just sayin'
  12. No anger, John. But, of the reel model of which you are speaking, probably very few have failed. It sounds like you really put yours to the test and while disappointing, it's hardly shocking that the occasional bad thing happens. I love my Galvans but have to admit that I've thought of sending my 8 back for a tuneup. If there was a reel which could never fail....few of us could afford it.
  13. So.....NASA and Morton Thiokol couldn't get this just right but some fishing reel manufacturer should? Every time? Money back guarantee for discerning customers like you?
  14. I nominate this for "Strange Thread" for the month of May.
  15. Nice rig. Be sure to try a Cortland Sylk.