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  1. Thanks guys! Miss fishing and the beautiful things to photograph with it! I'll be back once the rest of the back crap is fixed...finally!!! It sucks!!
  2. Thank you!!! A couple emergency back surgeries have kept me on the DL....learning to walk again and other issues with it have messed things up, but it's going in the right direction! Hope all is well on your end! Happy Holidays!
  3. Hi guys... It's been quite some time.... I couldn't chance walking down on the floating dock, so this was the best I could get. Enjoy!
  4. Rod Sold... Nice meeting you, Cy. Good luck with it!! Thanks SOL!
  5. Hi.... I don't know how much shipping would be....I live in Central NJ. I'd take $175 for the rod... if you can meet up, you could save on shipping....
  6. Hi all... $340 for an awesome inshore setup that's in almost new condition. (Plus the shipping costs, as stated, if needed).
  7. Hey guys.... This a great bottom fishing set up Price drop to $350 plus $22.00 for shipping and PP fees.
  8. Going to hang on to this.
  9. One last drop... $1150 plus $30 for shipping and PP fees
  10. Hi Scrapper... Here you go...
  11. Hi Hi Scrapper ... I know very little about this stuff. I got burned pretty bad because of not knowing, so I'm trying to be careful.....obviously. lol. Live and learn. Thank you for the help. Oh, and if it's yours, and about 10 years old, what would the value be?
  12. I'll be home in about an hour... I'll take a few photos then. Thank you!
  13. Would you want any other photos to help identify it? If so, what areas would help? Thanks!