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  1. Hi guys.. . I'm going to drop the price to$385 for the combo. Happy 4th of July everyone.
  2. Hi guys ... We have had a few evenings with some great clouds, leading to some awesome sunsets....
  3. Hi Max.... Does $190 sound fair?
  4. Hi Max.. How much are you offering?
  5. Here are a few pictures.... I have a friend that's a rod builder. Will give him the tod to clean it up. Reasonable offers will be considered. Thanks for looking!
  6. I'm selling a G Loomis Pro Blue PBR 785C with a Diawa Saltist 20 H loaded with 50# Depth Hunter. There are some scratches on the rod from leaning on a rail. Otherwise it's in great shape. $415 for the combo plus PP fees. I prefer local pickup, northern Monmouth County. I'll upload photos later. Thanks for looking!
  7. I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. Glad your daughter is well. A teammate lost his brother to it. This crap has totally shut down my pool game. (I play on 3 teams) and all of the kite Festivals around the country...and world ...were canceled. Thank god for only sanity!!!
  8. Thank you. All good...just REALLY over all the crap!! Lol.... like everyone else! How's everything?
  9. Hi everyone.... It's been awhile.... Hope all is well. Here are a couple from the last couple weeks.
  10. Sold. Thank you SOL!
  11. I'll be down there around 6:30...if that works for you. I'll PM you my cell #