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  1. Will there be a run in 2020 Fred?
  2. I do the exact same thing (I give my wife the one without the multiplier)
  3. Hey Fred- We heard it this morning and I immediately thought of you...
  4. Rebel Wind Cheater (Super Minnow)
  5. I'm not sure about that, as only one half of the audience spends money, which is what I thought the debate was supposed to be about.....but you're right everyone loses.
  6. I can't make it to LI but if you are willing to work with the shipping "I'll take it"
  7. My next door neighbor both hyphenated each others last name... She's [smith-Jones] He's [Jones-Smith]
  8. Nice looking garden...what is the collar for around the Kale? I'm getting ready to plant red Russian kale for fall...
  9. Lehigh Valley PA but I thought that the Ohio brewery just surpassed The PA production...you can certainly tell in the Boston area and their tour beer isn't factory "fresh" anymore.
  10. Cherry wheat and the Chocolate bock... Black cherry, we had that at Doyles in JP...
  11. I have to admit I'm a big dork, I actually set my alarm for it... Howdy Mr BigDeal, I'll send you a sit rep when I have a chance
  12. GTL
  13. Actually, I believe that is exactly what they recommend doing...
  14. That's ashame it sounds like he just happened to be the slowest in the group.