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  1. Good points for sure. I do not think a life jacket was going to make any difference. Just like a seatbelt and airbag don't always save a life due to the severity and nature of the incident.
  2. I had a nice run of skipjack off RI in 2005 and 2006, those years were a mix of 28-30 inch bluefin, skipjack and albies all on fly tackle...... i do not now if i will ever see that again in my lifetime !!! The skipjack fight the best.
  3. It is very sad, not yet public. Suffice it to say I had the pleasure of fishing with this individual last August and he was an outstanding person in every way. We had a great day together and I truly feel for his family. God rest his soul.
  4. FYI the cork on my NRX broke as well, very similar to yours. Red Top sells a variety of sizes of rubber butt ends and they fit quite nicely over the broken end. Very functional, very cheap and very comfortable. Recently the butt on my Crosscurrent GLX broke and I did the same thing.
  5. Those are chummed up, correct? Post a pic of the fly of choice, if you can. What guide? or DIY? Thanks for sharing
  6. WOW !! Love it, you captured the 2017 scene so perfectly, crazy bait balls and all. Well done. How many states over what period did you collect footage if I may ask?
  7. take the post down ... this is torture for those that missed it
  8. Yes Peter ... I will most certainly be fishing that week and the weeks before and after
  9. Peter ... there is a newer guide, Light 'N Fly Fishing Charters, but have you checked in with Brian Coombs of Get Tight Sportfishing, Eric Kulin of Snapshot Charters or Cullen Lundholm of Cape Star Charters. They all will do Cape Cod Bay and the Race Point Bite. Also, I will caution you that the Monomoy bite has been awful the past two years, the squid have been depleted and the fly bass bite has been non existent. When are you coming?
  10. was that 2017? We USED to get big topwater bluefish bites up my way, but not so much anymore... not sure why
  11. First 50#, from the boat on topwater in about 6 feet of water... bright sun on a dying tide. Took me 12 years to catch this girl.... ( that's when I started striped bass fishing ). Released in fine shape.
  12. So .... isn't anyone else besides me curious about the concept behind that " reel "
  13. I only boat fish so fly equipment aside, it would be what I use when I am plugging or throwing soft plastics to big striped bass, Loomis Pro Green Heavy fast action rod... has a soft tip and a hell of a backbone paired with my VS150.
  14. Catch and kill, it's legal but don't bitch when the fishing isn't what ya want.
  15. The second and most of the third day were in the high 40's / low 50 degrees. Love that temp