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  1. Update : SW Edge got my reel on June 25, shipping it back today. I’d say that’s pretty darn good considering that’s over a weekend and a holiday.
  2. Here is some truth : I had no proof of purchase on any of the rods , I registered them the day I mailed them and made up dates of purchase. No problems at all. They are all in my garage fixed and ready to fish
  3. Sent two Loomis Pro Green rods in , each had a completely broken off guide along with a discontinued short stix Fly rod that is one of my favorites with a broken tip top section Not only did they have all three rods back within two weeks of me mailing them but the total cost was $37 amazing service and turn around time
  4. You must be in the sales or service industry and / or have an abundance of common sense ! I would have been more understanding if the shop was forthright about it. Goodwill would have been appreciated. I spent $12 to ship it there and now $12 to ship it to SWE in RI. The owner gave 0 thought to the scenario. I own several VS spinning reels and fly reels, work horses. Craig the VS rep gets back to me ASAP when I need advice. Peter at the SWE has my cell phone and called me last evening when he heard I talked to his tech. That's customer service !
  5. Clearly your comment. I’ve come to expect peanut gallery commentary on SOL. With 14,000 posts you’re either the mayor of the peanut gallery or you have waaaaaay too much time on your hands !
  6. “The OP could have asked the store to ship back his reel after a month if he wished to speed up the repair but he chose to leave it with the store for six months.” Stupid comment ...... I sent in January to give them plenty of runway to fix it knowing I would not be using it until mid May. At any point the owner when I talked to him could’ve said hey I’m going to send this back to you I’m not going to be able to fix it. And how would me having him send it back to me sped anything up because I then would’ve had to find another repair center to ship it to at my own dime, but I didn’t have that opportunity to make that decision did I because he did not tell the truth, so you can keep on making up your own narrative on what possibly could’ve happened .... it’s very clear what happened And for the record I have lots of great equipment thankfully so it’s not like I went without Fishing. Did not skip a beat, that’s not the point though. Rivers Edge did NOT do the right thing. I’ve already talked to the owner of the saltwater edge and I 100% confidence I will get excellent customer service
  7. You don't see a reason? what if the store wasn't paying the bills? Is that a good reason for Pure Fishing to stop delivering parts to the store? Is it acceptable for a shop to have a reel for 6m? Any other things you are sure about
  8. What did they tell you ?
  9. Well I guess the issue will be resolved once my reel gets fixed thankfully it’s not my only one I just don’t like being strung along and lied to , That is totally unacceptable behavior
  10. I’m going to send my stuff to saltwater edge in Newport now that they are an authorized repair center I know the owner and he is awesomeI’m going to send my stuff to saltwater edge in Newport now that they are an authorized repair center I know the owner and he is awesome
  11. Well you can’t send them there now because they’re not an authorized repair center anymore they’ve been taken off of the websiteWell you can’t send them there now because they’re not an authorized repair center anymore they’ve been taken off of the website
  12. There was only one authorized VS authorized repair shop in Connecticut , located in the Saybrook area
  13. I’m not sure what loop I’m closing here it clearly says in my post that they’re sending me my equipment back not fixed I now have to send it to another authorized dealer to order the proper parts... the point is this shop held onto my real for months, lied to me, and blamed pure fishing wrongly
  14. I sent a VM150 to a well-known tackle shop in Connecticut in January at that time listed as a van staal repair location with A relatively simple bail repair but I wasn’t sure what parts might be needed so I thought it would be a quick fix Well they’re finally sending my reel back to me after calling them month after month.... not fixed. On Monday a certain person at the shop told me that the parts were discontinued and that pure fishing wasn’t supporting the brand properly and sent my reel back to me. This sounded funny to me so I contacted someone who definitely is in the know and those parts are available and the shop actually is no longer an authorized repair shop for van staal so ... said shop lied to me. Said shop falsely put the blame on Pure Fishing Van staal pulled them from the list of authorized repair centers. Losers. I’m sure anyone can tell what shop I am referring to because there was only one listed as a repair center For van staal. Don’t lie to customers
  15. Hit the rips this morning , The fish were holding a little bit deeper… Did well with the sinking line and EZ body squid Each Striper was handled very carefully. I even gave each one an apology for ripping a hook into their jaw and yanking them violently towards the boat And then found an awesome bite happening in Vineyard Haven