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  1. Cape Cod / SE MA trout on fly has been great at times, tough at times. Best part has been the solitude with nary another angler in sight. Here’s some random pics from the past two weeks
  2. Offers considered
  3. Ya that was me, my son’s best friend came with me. My son had lacrosse. It was the old NRX, 8 weight.
  4. New still in plastic with tags 7 foot 1 M fast , local pick up / meet up. MA / RI $160
  5. Was not as loaded up as previous years I was fortunate to be amongst the first in and had a list from my son, was able to get him some really fantastic fresh water bait casting gear. was able to pick up some awesome loomis IMX pro spinning rods for Albies and scored a great deal on probably the only flyrod at the show. The big complaint I have is that there was a definite lack of light to moderate tackle spinning reels and if you weren’t in the first group you were screwed, Definitely felt bad for the people that we’re still waiting to get in long after I left.
  6. My son took some buddies out yesterday on the rig and had steady action on blitzing bass and Albies, lots of catching. Word I got today from buddies were Albies were around but some boater (s) were acting ... like Albie A Holes.
  7. Found a few eating these.
  8. Nope. Found them in a craft store on Cape Cod but I’m told that Walmart was carrying them to
  9. Buzzards and VS both produced well Monday and Tuesday , had them dialed in in very select areas, wind , tide and waves were a factor. On tiny bait .....Not loving forecast at this point.
  10. Goal today was locate and catch Albies in a place I haven’t fished this year with no boats on them. I didn’t have to travel far, found them in the most unlikely of places ( at least to me ). Feeds were intense, they were not picky and I went 3/3 in short order. Then it was over. In by 9am.
  11. For the most part, silversides the size of a matchstick. Savage feeds. The one time I found a group on pnuts I got one on fly.
  12. Stellar day yesterday. Heavy Northwinds kept the boat traffic to an absolute minimum and had the Albies firing on all cylinders
  13. Yesterday was outstanding. Double digit #s. Broke my golden rule of not fishing on Labor Day weekend , ventured out and quickly discovered I should’ve slept in. Horrific boat traffic. Back at it next week.