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  1. No one is selling a 3 tube bag?
  2. In priority order I kind of dig unique or customs but if you have the following let me know. I tossed a few others in the mix that were more standard production as well. Of the Hunter Elite cube is not out there I’d love a three tube of good quality. I have virtually the entire Aquaskinz Hunter Elite line and rock the Cobra 4 tube but need a lighter option Aquaskinz Hunter Elite Cube with the staggered rows (1st choice) Mak Angler 3 tube Commando 3 tube Gear Up 3 tube white sailcloth bags or unique colors A used bag with good mojo also acceptable Budget is in the $200-$250 range for the right bag. Holy Grail customs may be out of budget for me. Please post pics! I’ll pay cash but may have things you may like in trade Located in CT and will travel
  3. Money sent thanks!
  4. Good evening! I'd like to toss out two offers One is a trade for a like-new Stormr Large Stryker jacket and the other is for $150 shipped PayPal Thanks for considering!
  5. My jacket is near mint as you can see from the pictures. Bought new this winter used a handful of times. Size large. I am 5’9 215 and this is still very generous sizing Looking for new 706z or drilled 706z in great shape. Regular new/used one would be fine with some cash on your end. May do jacket plus cash for a cheaper scratched up VS 200-300 possibly but primarily looking for 706z not a 704z Would sell jacket for around $200
  6. Nevemind
  7. Thank you! Someone responded about this plug years back and I forgot THANKS
  8. Cool! Shoot me over your info and I'll do the same.
  9. Hey MW I don't recall what I paid but can you do $35 shipped?
  10. May split later in the week thanks for the interest lot only for now
  11. All carried and swam minimally... upgraded VMC hooks $55 shipped for the lot PayPal please
  12. One is a flying squid from Northbar and the other is a custom plug of which I forget the builder but it's top notch and sparkles lol. Around 3.5oz for that one of I remember correctly. Just can't bring myself to toss it it's really pretty $55 shipped for the pair PayPal thank you!
  13. Message sent are you still interested ?
  14. Sounds good shoot over your address
  15. $55 shipped last try