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  1. Sounds great thanks!
  2. Sure! It's a Ron Muccie as Nomad informed me. Let me know if you are still interested
  3. I don't get notifications unfortunately no matter what I set up. PM me your information and we can do this. Busy weekend
  4. $85 shipped
  5. It has his signature on it. I can do $30 shipped East Coast but I have to stick with $35 if it's west
  6. Bump
  7. Bummer. $35 plugs i just didn't know what they were. Pay it forward I guess. I got them cheap, hope they don't get flipped. Wish I knew better plus stupid ups soaked me on shipping so they literally went for $7 a plug.
  8. Meet me halfway for $35
  9. Already sold to surfcity
  10. PM sent for payment
  11. Sold! Payment received!
  12. Good morning SOL I need to make room in the bag for some recent acquisitions. I'll sell the Creek Chub and the RM individually shipped but the others sold as a pair shipped only. Whole lot $120 shipped Bunker/faint wonderbread mid-size divers $25 shipped Cowboy type large deep diver lot $45 shipped Lex lot with eel skin and surfster $40 shipped Creek Chub large Troller 4 oz $18 shipped RM Smith 3.5 oz $35 shipped More sizes/weight in a bit
  13. $100 shipped last call
  14. Bump for $125 shipped
  15. Stratford CT