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  1. I had a decked out 302 that was drilled with a clear side plate and I bought the pick up, crosswind and drag update. The reel foot didn't fit a lot of modern rods so I had to let it go. Solid reels, I see Mitchell's and 700 spinfishers for cheap. Lots of fun to use
  2. I would like to have another Mitchell 402 done. Great reel!
  3. No absolutely he does sick work and would order a full reel from him if I needed one. Between Hi Tide, Dave T and him I can't get over these reels
  4. He hasn't responded back since yesterday but he will see if he has any. I want the reel he posted!
  5. Gotcha Hi Tide did the customization of my reel but didn't have any at the moment. I contacted him a few days ago but thanks for the heads up
  6. I have quite a few reasons this last month to do my favorite thing and that is paying forward. In the last month I have received help thru wiring beat up eel skin plugs, finding some discontinued hogy doublewides, found a holy grail side plate not to mention a few other things that I am forgetting. Very thankful and will continue to give back here
  7. PM sent my jaw is on the floor THANKS!
  8. Yes I am in Stratford! Let me give you cash/plugs for it all the others I contacted are out at the moment but yours is the Holy Grail for the black reels!
  9. Thanks for the heads up. I did send a few messages out last night but I'll look at them as well. Funny thing is I did some research and found out the original owner had them do my reel initially lol. Thanks!
  10. Long shot but maybe someone has one lying on their bench or on display or something. My custom 704z needs a nice sideplate so hopefully I can locate one or pointed in the right direction. Thanks!
  11. Already found a replacement I posted above but thanks
  12. Too thin. Needed something beefier
  13. Lami hat still available