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  1. good fish
  2. given the price range i'd say look at a trek marlin 29er
  3. sounds good. what price are you putting it up for and more importantly where are you located? thanks
  4. definitely interested
  5. that revo looks amazing. screw it im gettin one. anyone have an idea when these 2012's will be available for purchase??
  6. saturday morn 8am-930. caught these on senkos up top, caught a few more on the white frog but they were smaller. that second one was pretty nice. nothing like rippin mtb trails all day while stinking like bass [img= http://www.stripersonline.com/image/id/1795733/width/1000/height/500' alt='500'>
  7. looking for an 11-14 foot kayak for fishing. not interested in yellow ones. or red ones. or any kayaks in colors that starburst fruit chews come in. thank you
  8. heck yea dude great job that things a pig
  9. niiiice!!!!!!!!
  10. lol good info and thanks for the vid!
  11. cool i see a little anchor on the side in the pictures.. is that an add-on? does it work well? thanks
  12. Excellent thanks a million
  13. Very important points thanks alot
  14. Agreed. Once I have transport for something a little bigger i def want a nice canoe. I'm learning that just like mountain bikes, boats have a ton of different designs and each has its own specific application. I can think of a few place i'd rather take a canoe than anything else. There's nothing like the experience of using the best tool for the job. Thanks for the advice