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  1. $130 final bump
  2. $140 shipped
  3. I’ll pass this to ged no sense waiting for me if he’s local and can pick it up immediately.
  4. I bought this awhile back and haven’t used it I got good deals on mag reels and lost interest. Reel functions good and clicker works it has a line groove on the backside I’m assuming someone would pull out backlashes with line rubbing there. The front side is fine. $150 PayPal shipped.
  5. I think that’s a known issue but start your own thread and I’m sure plenty will help you out.
  6. It’s more about feel then looks most the time for me but I prefer the torpedo knobs over power knobs on 704 reel the power knobs just don’t look right .
  7. I have mine on a glb 8’ surf I also fish it on the boat on a 6’6” tide master
  8. A minor problem on stainless steel gears make a reel very rough.
  9. If somebody had a gun to my head and told me to open my vs reels with vise grips I’d tell them to pull the trigger. Only consider that option if you don’t care about the reels finish or stuff something between the teeth and reels finish.
  10. $40 is the best I can do at this time not 100% sure I’ll be able to wear them this year recovering from ankle surgery.
  11. I’d like to offer $40 shipped for these to 19607 pa PayPal preferred
  12. I’d suggest exchanging that reel
  13. For the cost of a hand wrapper and dryer setup and basic supplies you can make a nice rod for decent money and it will mean more.
  14. Big bass right at your feet. I had read he was using a loaded plug but who knows a lot of versions with some variations.