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  1. I’ll take for $155 shipped
  2. I would offer $150 shipped to 19607
  3. Boy that’s super nice . I didn’t know they still made the parts
  4. They were all sold out first day of the sale bass pro and Cabela’s canceled my sale
  5. Ok sounds good if I don’t find one. I don’t really need it until after that.
  6. Still looking
  7. I’m looking for a good used tranx 401 hg Let me know if you have one thanks
  8. Yeah sorry I seen you have to download to see it
  9. I used it on one rod I built looks and feels nice not sure how it will hold up yet but easy to replace IMG_0723.MOV
  10. I have black one in perfect condition barely used have to think about it today and decide if o want to sell. I’ve debated going to a 150
  11. You can improve that slightly by installing 712 gears
  12. Very cool
  13. I’ve never used them on a casting rod personally yet. But I’ve built a few surf spinning rods with them and they’re very nice. Extremely quiet and accurate.