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  1. Where can you get them? Does the sinker come with it or can you just get the clip and mount it on your own rig?
  2. I am currently using a Truth SM with 20# test mono (same diameter as 65# Braid) and have not had an issue. I currently have the mag backed all the way off too. The only thing I don't like about it is the placement of the clicker switch. I just caught a 24# bass on it the other night. The Avet SX I used made casting easy with no backlashing. Great reel to learn with. I keep them for backups now. Also have Penn 525 mag that casts pretty darn good too.
  3. The problem with burning pallets is that they leave nails behind for you to either step on later or drive over and get a flat.
  4. Tommy Farmer. Makes some great rods too!
  5. Hanlon, You may not want to use the gulp with bluefish around, they will tear them up quickly! Or bring a lot of them.
  6. I don't think I even own a 4oz LOL. If you are there around that time, look for a pickup with NY plates
  7. Thanks Reel Gambler. I believe I'm all rigged up, just need to figure out how to fit in and not make enemies! I'll watch for a bit and observe what's going on and ask about the finer points. Thanks again.
  8. The 26th will be my first trip to the point. I would greatly appreciate someone showing me the "ropes". I've read and watched numerous posts but actually doing it can be different. Thanks to all Pete
  9. And highly visible mono is easier to see and untangle as well.
  10. Here's what I found on another site. Cape Point Etiquette Having spent the better part of the past month in Buxton I thought I'd put together a little refresher on "how to" fish Cape Point. I'm not talking 100 yards north or south but jumping in at the point proper. The dynamics seemed to have changed a bit over the past few years and it seems not necessarily for the better. I'm hoping this will help fishermen/ women understand a little better how to avoid tangles and keep things working smoothly. I'm not trying to step on toes or upset anyone here, just a refresher or a guide for those that haven't fished there much and would like to have a more enjoyable experience. • When the wind is SW for a day or more, there will normally be a left to right drift. This sets up what is known as the "conga line". Everyone's line will move south to north as the sinker bumps and rolls along the bottom. It is important to find out how much weight it takes to bump along at the same pace as the other fishermen. 7-8 oz and a short leader drum rig is common, but please take a few minutes to watch or just ask someone. • If the drift dictates 7-8 oz, DON'T jump into the fray with a 3 oz sinker and a two drop bottom rig. Your line will drift faster than everyone else and unless you are very careful, cause inevitable tangles when someone reels in over your line. If your gear won't allow you to throw 7-8oz then just move north or south a bit. You will have a better chance at a drum if you're fishing and not untangling lines. • Move to the end of the line when you cast. When your sinker lands, assess where you are in relation to others and move to the appropriate spot. If you cast over three people it is OK, just fix it then by walking behind them and take your place in the conga line. • KEEP YOUR LINE IN FRONT OF YOU. This is the single most important step in avoiding tangles. If your line drifts faster than the guy beside you just move past him. If you're out farther, lift your rod tip and pass behind, if you're shorter, just dip your rod tip and walk in front to take your place in line. This is key to navigating the conga line. • FISH ON has priority. Help the guy coming through with a fish. His hands are full and he'll need help to avoid tangles. If he needs to go under your line, lift the tip and let him through. If his fish has taken off a lot of line (as often happens) and he is outside of your line then drop your tip and let him pass behind. If there is a tangle with a fisherman that has a fish on then do whatever you can to help untangle the mess without causing him to lose the fish. He will return the favor when YOU have a fish on. • Don't be the smartass/loudmouth. It causes tension and short tempers, especially if a fish is on.
  11. Modified off the ground cast. Never measure the distance I get. Watch some YouTube videos and see what works for you. Most times when I fish, it can get crowded and any kind of swinging type casts can be dangerous.
  12. Mostly use nothing on the fingers. The 50# shock leader is easy on the fingers. Sometimes I'll use white waterproof medical tape. All rods are rated 8-12oz, 12 to 13' in length. Spinning reel is Shimano bait runner 12000 and the conventional s are truth SM, Akios 6500?, penn 525 mag and have some other backups.
  13. I've used 65# test braid with either a 50# or 60# test mono shock leader on both conventional and spinning reels throwing 8nbait. The knot I use for going from braid to mono is the FG knot. It is advertised as being 100% and the smallest knot for going though the guides. I've used the FG knot over a year now without any problems. Recently, I have set up 2 reels with 20# test mono to a 50# shock leader in preparation for my trip to Cape Hatteras. BTW - 65# test braid is about the same diameter as 20# test mono.