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  1. No thanks I priced it pretty cheap per plug. Thanks for the offer.
  2. Maybe she'll give me a lil sumpin sumpin... Tis the season
  3. From the album New Beer Snob

  4. I need a girl like that pulling my tap!
  5. From the album New Beer Snob

  6. From the album Another mixed lot

  7. Was gonna do multiple lots but lets try one cheap one first. White AH pencil is in great condition but a little oxi on the swivels so probably thrown but may just have been carried and splashed Savage was casted about 10 times but I gave its hooks to an sp. Gibbs danny is also used but is is in good condition Blurple gibbs darter is new I think nut has a lil dent on the lip TA Darter is used too but grrat condition. The rest are new. The green/white habs pencil has an amazing paint job that I am just now noticing unfortunately. $110 PayPal
  8. Hahaha... Jason I used it once in freshwater for like 2 hours. Only a little more peeling on that thumb bar.
  9. [img=] [img=] In nice shape I tried to get all the scratches in the pics. I'm selling because I use spinning gear 95% of the time so I only need one baitcaster. The line will be stripped for you before I ship. $65 + shipping. PayPal
  10. From the album WTS Abu Record 50

  11. From the album WTS Abu Record 50

  12. From the album WTS Abu Record 50

  13. From the album WTS Abu Record 50

  14. Yes it's a ls69 darter. Thanks guys.
  15. Gotta weigh em give me a few.