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  1. I am ready to lose the heat. I am not ready to return to work. No apples around new Milford. My crossbow will get some tuning soon.
  2. I have tried to bottom m fish around Harpswell. Caught fish. No togs or flounder though.
  3. Seals. They make great bait.
  4. Here is the process Catch keeper. Bleed and ice it. Brine in salty solution 24-72 hours. Hot smoke oak and apple wood 2-4 hours. Keep temp between 200-300. This is best served on the next fishing trip. Tomorrow.
  5. Did very well fishing high tide on our last day of vacation. 5 slot fish and about 15 fish in all for the day. Tube and bloodworm was the best bite. Tried night crawlers too. They worked but not nearly as well. until next year…
  6. This means that other crayfish are fair game for bait?
  7. Priorities.
  8. The customer service is shallow. If they really wanted to serve fishermen, they would have included a dock to go ull up a boat and shop. Also, maybe sell more bait.
  9. I can run 6 rods on my boat on a very slow day. Not the case from land.
  10. You rule!
  11. Just discovered today that there has been a large die off of eel grass in Casco Bay. I am sorry if I missed this discussion already. I sadly don’t live up here and don’t follow the Maine forum as much as I would like. combine that with the absence of macs and pogy and warm water. This makes fishing tough. Fish seem to be not following their normal patterns that I am used to. have people been doing better on deeper structure? I heard about a boat getting stripers in 80 fow.
  12. We have caught stripers in CT while dropping crabs for tautog. We tried them up here and got a couple of bites. Best results were crabs fished on a tog jig. Basically a bucktail with no hair. We might give them a try later this week.
  13. I was told by my mother in law. Her parents were big commercial wormers, so I believed her. Never actually checked.
  14. Next year there will be more. Also we can start growing pineapple in Cape Cod.
  15. You need a teaser or forget it. Bloodworms are the best. I also use Berkeley gulp. The ones with the twister tail. We did a side by side comparison yesterday. Worms out fished the gulp by a LOT. About 4:1 ratio. I will try the gulp bloodworms. Less $$$ and way easier. I was told it is illegal to dig your own worms in Maine. I have also heard nightcrawlers also work well. Being 5 hours from home, they might be a challenge to find. will go back out today. When my 26 year old son wakes up. Lol.
  16. Boated about 30-40 last week biggest was 38”. Will be back out all this week. Best option for a consistent bite has been tube and bloodworm. Lutes working too, but LOTS of casts per bite. fishon!
  17. I’ve tried for them. No luck.
  18. My daughter is 22. When she was about 10, she started the polar bear club. The only way into the club was to completely submerge in Casco Bay. Used to be a big deal and quite challenging. Now it is easy and WAY s’more comfortable. ????
  19. I disagree. I have been striper fishing the same time in Maine for over 20 years. Last year was the first year we consistently say fish over 30”. The cows have always been around but didn’t seem to go as far north in such numbers. I am by no means an expert, however many posts have anglers saying they are catching their personal best this year. Also, they seem to be going further north in greater numbers. I am heading up on Saturday to camp, fish, eat seafood, and enjoy. The boat is ready. Just need to pack and drive.
  20. I am heading east to fish near Fishers Island. Fishing out of a 17’ Tracker. What is the best state launch to use?
  21. I will definitely try bayberry next time. It is closer and plum island also has some water that is shallow. There was also a strong rip with standing waves on the east side of Fishers. anotjer negative thing about plum was the weeds. It was pretty slimy. Big piles of it had to be removed.
  22. I used Plum Island and it worked well. Thanks for the advice. Fishon!
  23. A success is great to hear, especially when trying new things.
  24. Made my last trip to Middle Ground to target BSB for the season. The lack of fish will have me looking east and trying different spots.