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  1. I live in New Milford. Already almost 90 minutes to get to new haven. Yes, using bucktails and gulp. Thanks Nate, as I may head further East.
  2. Everything is at least 2 weeks behind in CT. Stripers mostly small here as well. I think the cool and wet spring slowed everything down.
  3. Nice report.
  4. 7/1. Got fluke (short), sea bass, weakfish, scup, dogfish, and robins. Squid best ticket for a bite.
  5. Will try today, 7-1.
  6. Well done Nate D
  7. Fished New Haven Saturday. Fast drift. 4 short fluke, robins, dogfish, and skate. No keepers yet.
  8. That looks like free and easy bait! Pm me when you can. Have questions about buzzards Bay.
  9. Seems like you need more posts before you can receive PM.
  10. Fished out of the newly opened boat launch. Launch was nice. Fluke were absent. Only robins and dogfish.
  11. I will be coming to East Wareham in July with a 17’ tracker. Looking to target Black Sea bass and fluke. Please p m likely locations to drift. Any help appreciated
  12. Will be there early today, 6/15. Fishon!
  13. Will be out again tomorrow.
  14. Any updates?
  15. That is funny.