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  1. 6 to 15 feet. Rocks rocks rocks. Had to be on the spot as guys near us didn’t do as well.
  2. Got togs today. Limited out.
  3. Porgie, porgie, and then scup. A few robins and small sea bass too. Saw a loggerhead, which was a first for me. All this last Saturday.
  4. Fished Stratford and Bridgeport today. Sea robins galore. A couple small fluke and a few scup.
  5. This is a great event since college is so outrageously expensive. The scholarships help. I plan on attending and hope to get some of my buddies to do the same. Can you pay at the door instead of buying in advance?
  6. Thanks for the tips.
  7. My daughter, youngest of 3 kids, goes to college as a freshman Thursday. I would like to catch some crabs for her before she leaves. If anyone has a recommendation about where to catch some, please pm me. Thanks in advance. I did try in a river with a public boat launch in mid sound and got nada.
  8. Fished off Bridgeport Thursday. Caught plenty of shorts. Some fluke, sea bass, scup, and some robins. Mostly aro 40 fow.
  9. Unreal!!!! Another example of people in our state RUINING our shoreline. Do politicians wonder why so many Connecticut residents want to leave? Tax you to poverty level and regulation to death. What a shame to all the fishermen without boats!!!!!
  10. Thanks for the information. I will post if I find any flounder or any other groundfish
  11. I think I may know where you were for this trip. Won’t be long for me.
  12. I will be fishing Bailey Island area the end of July. Any idea how deep to fish to get into keeper groundfish? Normally just target stripers. May want to mix it up this trip.
  13. Stripers are creatures of habit and can be very predictable based on tide flow. Same spots produce day after day under similar tidal conditions. That’s why we need to release as many as possible.