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  1. Had a 30 pound class fish on yesterday. Trolling tube and fake worm. Brought Matt into ledges and she refused to budge. After almost 5 minutes, she spit the hook.
  2. Matt’s first Maine striper this year. 29”. Live Mac. Keeper ratio is 1:1. Lol.
  3. I’m up for a harvest feast. I can bring clams and fish. Can’t do it until August. I am heading to Maine and Mass for stripers. From what I’ve heard, August is the beat month to crab in CT.
  4. *
  5. I’m near Kent in New Milford. We see bears all the time. I have to tie my garbage shut. They also HATE cayenne. you can make a spray for plants. One gallon water. One egg to help it stick. 1/4 cup cayenne. Cheap and it works for all mammals. Not for birds though. It will clog a spray bottle so I use a ketchup squirt bottle to apply. Do it when plants are dry. One bite and mammals don’t do it again. There are way too many bears. It will sadly take mailings or home invasions for connectiTAX to change any over their overly restrictive rules. It is the hardest state in the area to hunt and fish.
  6. It counts for sure. I just would have been shocked to see that fish in the sound. Well done! Sushi all around for you.
  7. Is this in ct?
  8. I agree. Go on a boat for sure. Fishing from shore at that time will be difficult to say the least.
  9. Coming up to Harpswell 7/10. Boat in tow.
  10. Thanks.
  11. Hit middle ground yesterday for sea bass. Almost got 2 man limit. Some big scup too. 2 almost keeper fluke as well. There were a few guys trolling for stripers. I saw no bent rods but overheard one of the guys say he got his pb striper. A pod of bunker was getting rattled by something at the mouth of the Housy as we were going back to the dock. My friend got a decent bluefish there.. no stripers for us but we really weren’t targeting them.
  12. Any why can’t standard oysters be eaten after a certain point? Does the warm water do something that makes them inedible?
  13. Found a bunch yesterday. Will send pic. I am a brave eater, but think I will cook any crab I find.
  14. Pretty cool information. I will dig today I. The oyster area. Pics to come with harvest.