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  1. Iv been trying to understand to how the slack tide charts work for a hour. Can anyone show me a good one? Im getting no where thanks, Rich
  2. I was far away from the navigation channel,he didnt use it.He almost beach him self and hit us in the proses.He was crazy.I dont have a problem with boaters that respect outer people like i respect them.I hope he likes vmc's stuck into him
  3. Iv never had it happen with a fish,but iv have a few weights pop off for no reason while fighting fish.I use snaps when using bait now,solved the problem for me tight lines
  4. Man,its wild out there.Tonight I was fishing in duxberry,having a great time.Then a guy flys by me in some fancy boat (must have went 50+).He goes trough my line,then my plug gets caught on him and he almost crashes into the bridge.Unbelievable.I loose 30 bucks worth or new braid,and a 20 dollar ss popper.He keeps on going like nothing happened And at the same time kids were throwing rocks in the water 20 foot over from me.I tried to get my line in before i got him,i was 80+ yards out,not going to happen that quick on a 704z hahaha!I got so much fish on that plug,it had some mojo.I didnt even see him coming,he was moving.Be careful out there. tight lines
  5. We,,my best producing lure is a kast master.Iv always had luck on the 2 oz.This years been slow!!!
  6. I might just end up parking down the street and ride my bike in.Ill be there early,hope to see you all there.
  7. Right now its my 9ft Tsunami airwaves and my Penn 5500ss USA.Right now i have 15 lb mono,im going down to 15.
  8. Penn 5500ss USA graphite body and a 9 ft tsunami air wave.With 20 lb mono,that reel doesent like braid haha.
  9. Ya I guess so,well he got what he wanted i guess.
  10. Very nice fish!
  11. well,whats dont is whats done.I learned my lesson.A very expensive one for me,well im going rod shopping this week.Thanks for all your reply's guys.I really should have flipped out on the guy.Well,he lost more business than me,im telling everyone i know
  12. Your very welcome.They do quite a business there too. tight lines
  13. I guess i should have had him specify what he was doing.Hahah.People in this world,its crazy man. Nothing much more to say.and i bet he does,very unimpressive.I bet he thaught i was a fool because i was a kid.He must of,who knows.
  14. Not the best idea to put that up.Id rather not say it.