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  1. Hello cnnashman, I have a few questions for you if you dont mind. I'm new at surf fishing and planning on going to Assateague in a couple of weeks, so I will be bait fishing, and I got a 10' Tica dolphin rod 2-8oz and a Penn Spinfisher V 6500SS, now if I use braided line, should I use 30lb? 40? 50lb? and if I use a fishfinder or a hi-lo rig, do I need to add a shockleader also? what lb mono should I use for the rig and if I need a schockleader what lb mono for it? Thank you so much fo...

  2. All things being equal and you have excellent casting form your looking at approx 30% increase in distance over standard spinners , thats what i notice anyway . Sorry for the very late response
  3. If they decide to put out a smaller version it would be hard to keep them in stock since the performance on this reel is incredible . I know a lot of guys requested that Penn make a smaller Torque spinner and if they decide to do that i would highly recommend they make a smaller lighter version of this model as well since it's size is definitely going to exclude it from being a go to reel for plugger's who cast all day.. They made some changes to the initial version , i believe they shortened the length of the spool by a hair because it's line lay is even more precise than the first one i got to fish and the line sits perfectly level from the very top to the very bottom , no gaps and the lay is adjustable. With the finalized version you also cannot spool quite as close to the lip . It may have been changed due to the fact that some testers of the reel brought up wind knot issues but i never experienced them. I suggested to Penn that they should consider going with a graphite rotor (like many of Shimano's reels) to lighten it up and provide easier startup inertia because the rotor has some real heft to it , they did incorporate some suggestions like shortening the handle etc... which was much too long on the initial reel , now it's perfect. I know Penn is working on and in the process of testing some things that many have been complaining about but i cannot reveal what they are but they are listening.
  4. I would opt for the Pro Blue if your fishing from a boat , very nice rod , Pro Green is nice as well. Regarding the non Fuji guides (excluding reel seat ) on the Avid those are Alps frames (S-6) 316 with zirconia inserts , they are absolute top shelf right up there with Fuji . If they were Pacific bays etc... i see your point lol.
  5. Legend 3-8 is definitely softer and more moderate , Avid is stiffer and faster action if you like that , i personally like a stiffer rod for throwing heavier stuff but if your throwing delicate baits you got to be careful when casting the faster rods or your payload will hit the water with nothing on the hook lol. Some people like more moderate rods for plugging and some don't , you need to know what you prefer , there is no rod that has every perfect attribute , tradeoff's are always a part of the equation.
  6. The Avid is a great deal at it's current price , some find everything outrageously priced lol.
  7. Avid has a faster action and is not as soft or as moderate as the Mojo 3-8.
  8. As long as you learn something from it your alright , if you don't think about it you should , i always analyze and consider the terrain before i cast and anticipate a hookup before it happens so i am not caught off guard . For instance , i don't just blindly cast where ever , if i see hard structure directly in front of me i will walk down and cast to it at a much sharper angle so if i do get a strike i will be much more in control at moving that fish away from cutting me off.
  9. Big difference between Fireline and mono , out of nearly all superlines and braids Fireline has a stretch factor of around 2-5% while most other lines in this category have stretch ratios in the 5-7% range . Mono typically stretches upwards of 25 - 30% so you will definitely notice a very big difference in that regard . Since your dealing with much less stretch you need to adjust your drag and hook setting methods accordingly , making powerful hookset's can rip a hook right through a fishes jaw so if your targeting fish like Weakfish or Speckled trout don't be overpowering when attempting to set the hook . These types of lines will definitely cut through the water better than an equivalent rated mono , if your having trouble with waves dragging your line in you should invest in or make a sand spike that allows your rod to sit higher up and clear the breakers.
  10. Twenty pound Fireline is fine , as long as you tighten down your drag so it doesn't slip on a powerful cast you wont have any issues, don't worry about it sitting on the bottom unless your fishing a lot of rip rap the line will be fine. Make sure you spool on your mono backing super tight and then spool the Fireline tight on top as well which will prevent dig in , if the mono is working fine and your getting acceptable distance why change though . Fireline will increase sensitivity dramatically but if your spiking your rod your not going to feel it.
  11. It makes a very noticeable difference in casting actually but if i was fishing specifically from a boat i would of went shorter .
  12. I think most who have been around know you have been the catalyst regarding long casting spinners and in particular , the CTS rods explosion in popularitry . Despite what these reels should be paired with for optimal performance i think most will pair them with whatever they have and see an improvement in distance over standard spinning types not designed for distance specifically . Pairing these up with rods like an S-8 would be preferable but no doubt you will see them paired with rods that do not generate super fast line speeds but i think most will find them beneficial nonetheless. I wholeheartedly agree that if you can't cast to begin with though you'll likely to be disappointed as no reel or rod is going to make a mediocre caster into a World class distance machine.
  13. Good advice , if packing a reel was beneficial to it's performance they would come packed from the manufacturer , every manufacturer i'm aware of advises against it . Packing doesn't protect anything better than an appropriate amount does when applied to the right areas . If you must fish a non sealed reel underwater thats another story and certain reels are far more friendly to being stuffed than others.
  14. What application do you have for the rod ? Ten ounce is usually plenty but current , depth etc... all come into play.
  15. I haven't either but i agree with others that you should thread the doubled over line twice through the eye if you want superior strength but it's not necessary. Four pound Fireline , even i won't go that low lol.