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  1. Sounds perfect. I just won the autographed copy of Surfcasting around the block in the Christmas Family auction. Not trading that one. Was just saying I already had it. send me your address and I’ll send mine and ship out the book to you.. thanks.
  2. Then let's trade. You pick for me and send me address. I'd like something nonfiction with surf fishing stories. Not sure how to. I have on the run and DZ's awesome book but nothing else
  3. I have a copy of striper, a story of fish and man by John Cole I'd trade if you need that one
  4. I'm thinking 11 bucks. I know his friend.
  5. Looking into a mid/late March trip for some surf fishing. Recommendations for areas and species from surf in March? Looking for beaches closer to Charlotte, not all the way to obx. Thanks for any ideas
  6. Dan, I'd like some of the spro style bucktails. I'd like one each of white, pink back and yellow back in 1/2, 3/4 and 1 oz if you haven't already ship them it would be great if you could ship them with my blue fish Buster's
  7. OK, here's my order. Bluefish Busters 2- 1.5 oz skinny parrot (plain hook) 2- 1.5 oz skinny bubble gum (plain hook) 2- 1.5oz skinny yellow back (plain hook) 2- 1 oz fat smokey joe (dressed hook) 2- 1 oz fat yellow back (plain hook)
  8. I will be in touch!
  9. Those were great rods. Very similar to the old daiwa sealines. Wish it was conventional
  10. I haven't bought waders in 15+ years and need a new pair for a spring trip to the outerbanks. Want comfortable, durability and not crazy expensive. Chest waders. Lug boot.
  11. lemme know if you want to return any... would even consider exchanging for $$
  12. Moving this to another forum
  13. I'll take 9' conventional dolphin