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  1. Mama told me it was a magic word. Yes sir, I'll do 10 for the speed shad and I'll just hang onto the rest. PM your address and how you want to pay.
  2. that's a very gracious offer. unfortunately I'm about three and a half hours from the coast and about 6:00 from the outer Banks
  3. about 80% off. he's a good friend. lol
  4. The search is over. Just picked up a rod from a buddy that i think is going to work well in the 3/4 - 2oz range. it's a 7'11" Okuma Guide Select swimbait rod. feels like it's rated accurately at 3/4-3oz. forgiving tip but a ton o' backbone when you get into the mid section. im8 graphite. so it's super lightweight. nice split cork handle and the distance from center of reelseat to end of the buttcap is 16". Also, i got the friend price which is a huge plus... I'll let ya know how it does in a few weeks.
  5. I respectfully accept your offer! PM coming with payment info.
  6. Actually, that is a great idea. the quality of factory rods have skyrocketed in the last 10-15 yrs. I think it may be the same company, but i've had two of the BerryPro salmon steelhead rods from amazon. They are outstanding for under 60 bucks. A friend of mine has 5 of them that he uses off the beach in florida. the blanks are outstanding and the components are fine. the first place i looked was for one of those in conventional. I heard others locally that have been pleased with the fiblink, but i didn't know they made conventional surf rods.. i'll check it out. I'm meeting a buddy at lunch today who is going to let me check out his 7'11" swimbait rod for freshwater. Not sure, but it sounds very much like what i'm looking for...
  7. would be interesting to see a study of some sort that showed the magnitude of the impact. seems pretty unlikely to me this is a major problem but I could be wrong
  8. there it is. waiting for you
  9. pic?
  10. sebile stick shadd 90ft rogue floating rattletrap prop bait from unknown maker not splitting.. 15 shipped
  11. Cordell tiny spot heddon sonic Bagley balsa b heddon tiny torpedo jointed jitterbug bayou boogie bomber speed shad 40 shipped
  12. continuing to move stuff that's not getting used. unopened pack of matrix mega shad. two packs of zman with one bait out of each. two 4.5" megabait swimmers and one mega bite (which I think is same company but name changed) several nice dressed hooks and a pack of around 20 inline hooks. not sure of hook sizes. 50 shipped for everything. not splitting it up
  13. bump up for a really solid reel. line not included with the reel. will also trade for a 300 yd spool of 8# original fireline (new )
  14. GREAT post! This quote from your post above is so difficult to explain to people who have casted spinning their whole lives where a snappy cast has no real negative impact.. "A mistake a lot of guys make here is with their casting stroke. A herky-jerky stroke, opposed to a smooth, sharp acceleration will cause problems because,, if y our spool is spinning at a greater rate than the lure is traveling, then your line will get loose within the reel and you will end up with a backlash."
  15. Cary, I really appreciate the well thought out response. With the risk of sounding arrogant, which is not my intent, I'll say I've probably had 30 or 40 custom tweaked reels over the years, many I have done myself, some from Ryan at Hatteras Jacks (been going there since for over 40 years) and some from some of the best casters in the UK. While i absolutely agree with your comments about needing a light spool for lighter payloads, I've had no issues over the years keeping levelinds in tact and getting plenty of distance. I've been casting conventionals since for 43 years. I strongly prefer brake blocks for fishing over mags, assuming i can have a setup for the specific application. switching from a 1 oz tin to a 4 oz lead and bait makes mags very useful. to me, a reel for 4-6 oz and bait all the time, for example, i see no need for mags. To be clear, that is a personal preference thing, not saying brake blocks are better. The specific challenge I'm having right now is finding a factory conventional rod that has the action I'm looking for. I'm trying to find a really awesome rod, cheap. LOL