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  1. One piece or two?
  2. For Father's day she gave me scupper plugs, fishing gloves and a waterproof bag.
  3. I'm gonna pass, but thanks for the offer
  4. I'd consider it, depending on details, especially if spinning
  5. Thanks all. Just making sure I wasn't missing something
  6. Like that idea
  7. Ok. I know some water is supposed to come in through scupper holes. I understand the concept and why they are there. If I am fishing in a calm lake is there any negative to plugging the holes to keep boat dryer ?
  8. Ok. 115 shipped. Will consider some small custom plugs for freshwater and cash combo or might consider a nice 7' fw bass rod rated up to 1/2 oz or so. Probably medium action and some cash
  9. Btt.
  10. No sweat. I'll pass. Still looking for others.
  11. I'd do 17 shipped. Looks like I can order new for 25.
  12. Perhaps if you edited the title to communicate what it is, more people would look.
  13. Looking for pikies, dannies etc that will work in fw for lmb and spotted bass. Used is great. Not looking for collectors. Gonna fishem. 1oz or lighter. Specifically looking for metal lips not pencils or spooks. Would also consider gliders