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  1. 12#
  2. Got a used but new to me baitcaster today. It is spooled with 12# invizx fluorocarbon line. What do I need to know about this type line? I've only used fluorocarbon for leader. Are there things it's better or worse than mono for?
  3. If these were two piece of be very interested
  4. Btt. Price drop to 28 bucks shipped
  5. Three 17a's - black, blurple and wondrbread Two 15a's Don't want to separate 32 shipped. Will trade for 300 yd spool of 14# fireline or 2oz or smaller custom spook, popper or glider
  6. I’m thinking this forum is for wood plugs only. Moving these to general bst and combining with others.
  7. 25 shipped
  8. Three nip 17a bombers. 7" 1.5oz Black, blurple and wondrbread $30 shipped
  9. Correct, my 8+bait rod is a UK rod rated 4-6. But there that means 4-6 with a full blown pendulum cast which generates tons more power than how we cast in the USA. I could cast ten on it and wouldn't be afraid. Most of the UK rods also have a parallel butt, with no taper in the butt section. A friend and I were the original importers of the afaw lineup. The estuary and universal were very nice rods and very popular.
  10. Great rod!!!! Wish I was close!!
  11. Looking for a few smaller metal lips for stripers and smallmouth in a river and a couple poppers (not pencil) 2 oz or under for bluefish and stripers
  12. I have the 9'6 Suzuki and getting a 10' Rockaway next week. Stay tuned
  13. I think what he meant was it will cast further with braid of the same pound test as mono, which in general, is accurate
  14. Ok Dan... here goes... sparkies 2-3/4 oz white 2-3/4oz nuclear chicken wobbleheads (no hair) 3-5/8 oz pearl 3-1oz pearl swimbait heads 3- 3/4oz chartreuse 3- 1 oz white Bullet Head bucktails 2-1/2oz white