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  1. What years are the gen 4. And thanks for response!
  2. I'm hoping to get a 4wd forerunner this year to replace my 2002 highlander. It will be a daily driver but want something I can take on the beach. No major towing. Definitely will buy used and probably won't spend more than 20k. What year models and features should I look for and stay away from. Reliability is top priority as I tend to keep cars for a long time
  3. Deal. I'll message my payment info
  4. I purchased this phone new and it has worked perfectly. I had to change to a Samsung as I have gotten a hearing aid and unfortunately the MotoZ4 does not work with the software for the hearing aid. I love the phone (it was my second motoz4) and would have not changed except for the hearing aid. In excellent used condition. Sim Card removed and restored to factory resets and ready to go. includes box, paperwork and even the original charger and cable that was in the box and was never even used. Didn't realize it was in there as I used charger from previous motoZ4. 128GB storage Please let me know if there are questions. I'll answer any I can. $150 shipped
  5. yep. message on the way with payment info. thanks sol!
  6. Four excellent condition Smithwick Rogues. The redhead is a Super Rogue. $20 shipped for the lot. don't want to separate.
  7. if you are going to Sanibel I certainly hope you're taking a rod and some small poppers to get some giant trout and snook off the beach
  8. These are all in excellent condition. the redhead on top is a Super Rogue. $25 shipped for the lot. do not want to split
  9. Been used a couple of times in freshwater only. excellent condition. Looks near new. $45 shipped
  10. Will do. Thanks SOL
  11. Best i think i can do is $65 shipped.
  12. I have a 7' 2-piece tsunami trophy I would trade, but we will have to ship. I'm in NC. let me know if you are interested and i can supply pics.
  13. 4". used on one trip in freshwater. Excellent condition. pics don't do paintjob justice. scale pattern on sides green with sparkle on top.. awesome plug built by an awesome man. $75 shipped
  14. Have had this for a really long time. Only fished in freshwater. about 3.5" long No major marks. Swims great. $25 shipped
  15. sold to you. I'll pm payment information thanks sol!