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  1. This is what I've been doing for years. I'm lazy. Hoping for a better way
  2. Have you found this to be fairly accurate in practice? The engineer side of my brain likes it
  3. Good idea. Especially if you have a lot of reels with same line.
  4. I've always bought 300 yard spools of braid that I knew were more than enough to fill my spool. I put a small amount of mono backing and fill up the spool and have braid left over. I'm tired of wasting money and want to buy smaller size spools of braid that will only partially fill my reel but be enough to fish with and use mono backing. For reels that don't have a spare spool how can I do this without underfilling the spool or having braid leftover? Tips? Tricks?
  5. Shutting this one down.
  6. Might consider a nice low profile conventional reel or some 10 to 20 lb braid as partial trade
  7. That is very helpful.
  8. Great point. I've experienced this. Even more pronounced with braid
  9. Jigman
  10. Just down the street in North Carolina
  11. Back up. 90 shipped firm
  12. True
  13. I'm amphibious. I use both!
  14. Definitely a possibility if I decide to go spinning
  15. What's major difference between new sealine and emcast?