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  1. parents are down the shore till sunday morning, hopefully it holds out till then
  2. lots of heavy rain showing up in the forecast suddenly trying to ruin my vacation!
  3. I'll settle for some snapping blues chasing minnows here in CMC
  4. I at least can answer in that it can be. Biggest weakie I ever caught was one day when we had a good coastal storm come through. Usually I like to fish off the ocean more than the bay and stay dry so for that it's not ideal
  5. coastal flood advisory on the day my vacation starts
  6. CMC, ocean was just a mess so I decided to fish in the bay and enjoy less wind. I caught the same exact black seabass over and over and over, at least that's what it looked like. Tons of bait fish everywhere and nothing on any of it
  7. All the wind this coming week is making me sad. It's the week before I go down for vacation and it's going to make everything so muddy
  8. I remember seeing a green one with bright highlights in the bay once. Was very pretty, looked like it escaped from someone's aquarium
  9. My dad keeps telling me stories about the 9 pound bluefish he would catch around this time of year. I was out all sunday driving around to every spot looking for even just snapping bluefish.
  10. Cape May County: I am always happy just catching blues of any size and I couldn't even find those today.
  11. It will be nice just to have one day of low winds
  12. Stone Harbor/Avalon is Tog city and not much else.
  13. I was more shocked by the line lay on that reel in the first 5 seconds
  14. When I hear stories like this I wish the people could experience the montauk crowd and they would realize they were happier with what they had to deal with.
  15. Oh no, I was planning to stop in and pick a few things up, it's the day my shore rental starts. Now it's going to be a crowded nightmare