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  1. What up b? Have we had words? I can't remember.
  2. Hi skiddd, I hope the same for you. Merry thanksgiving.
  3. I'm also certain this thread is a troll. Shame on you if it is.
  4. I'm just posting like everyone else. Show me where I trolled anyone.
  5. German. What's canuck?
  6. I bet having the power to fire someone on the spot really boosts your ego. Y'all hiring?
  7. He was a liberal bastage. He won't be missed.
  8. Rav is avoiding simple questions. He's obviously hiding something.........
  9. Anyone playing this on the Xbox one?
  10. Cocaine is helluva the workplace.
  11. Great read. Good job guys.
  12. Is this still available? If so, I'll take it. Great work man!
  13. Word
  14. He wants you to know when I am gone. Should be very soon.
  15. Seriously? Never? Lol.